110 Very Best Geography Trivia Questions

110 Very Best Geography Trivia Questions

Try our one-of-a-kind Geography Trivia

If you’re tired of your run-of-the-mill Geography questions like: “What is the capital of France?” and you’re searching for something with more meat to it, you are in the right place. Our Geography Trivia will make you really think of the answers and we are sure you’ll learn at least a few new facts about our beautiful planet. To make it a little bit easier for you we divided the questions by region, but if you wanna spice it up you can mix everything up before you play it with your friends. Have fun with our Geographic mish-mash!


  1. What is the most tattooed country in the world? – Italy, 48% of the population
  2. Is Kosovo officially recognized as a country? – No, it’s not recognized by the UN
  3. What’s the most alcoholic country in the world? – Hungary
  4. Greenland is a part of which kingdom? – Denmark
  5. What is the country with the biggest amount of islands? – Sweden with 221 831 islands
  6. What is the spot on Earth with the least amount of Sun? – the Faroe Islands, Denmark
  7. Where is the tallest waterfall in Great Britain? – Scotland’s Eas a’ Chual Aluinn which is 3 times the height of Niagara Falls
  8. Is there any territory that is shared between the 2 countries upon mutual agreement? – Yes, the Faisanes Island, which belongs to Spain between the 1st of February and 31 of July and to France throughout the rest of the year
  9. Are Holland and Netherlands the same? – No. The Kingdom of Netherlands is the name of the whole country consisting of 12 provinces. Holland is just the name of 2 of them
  10. What country has the oldest flag in the world? – Denmark
  11. A unicorn is an official animal of what territory? – Scotland
  12. Where is the cleanest air on Earth? – Finland
  13. Where is the city with the shortest name in the world? – Norway, the city is simply called “Å”
  14. Where is the Sagrada Familia church located? – Barcelona, Spain
  15. Where is the last primeval forest of Europe? – Białowieża forest, lies between Poland and Belarus


  1. Where is the biggest harbor in the world? – Port of Shanghai, China
  2. Where were the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylonia? – today’s Iraq
  3. What is the coldest inhabited place on Earth? – Siberia, Russia
  4. What country has the biggest number of rivers? – Bangladesh, known as “The Country of Rivers”
  5. What is Japan’s main religion? – Shinto and Buddhism
  6. What’s the most mosquito-infested territory on Earth? – South-East Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia
  7. What’s the world’s biggest peninsula? – Arabian Peninsula
  8. What country is home to the deepest cave explored so far? – Georgia, Veryovkina Cave 
  9. Is Turkey considered a European or Asian country? – both, although most of its territory is in Asia
  10. What is the country that borders the biggest amount of other countries? – Both China and Russia border with 14 countries
  11. In which country you can travel 21 hours in time in a day? – In Russia between the Dimedas Islands
  12. What is the only city in the world that lies on two different continents? – Istanbul, Turkey
  13. Where’s the biggest bay in the world? – The Bay of Bengal 
  14. Are the Himalayan mountains growing or getting shorter? – Himalayan mountains are still growing
  15. Where is the most dangerously placed airport in the world? – Lukla, Nepal. Instead of the landing pass, this airport has an…abyss
  16. Where’s the biggest canyon in the world? – China,  Yarlung Tsangpo 
  17. What’s the world’s youngest capital? – Astana, Kazachstan
  18. What is the most visited country in the world? – Bangkok
  19. What is the world’s largest capital city? – Tokyo, Japan
  20. Where is the most isolated tribe on Earth to be found? – The Sentinelese. They live on the North Sentinel Island on the Indian Sea, India


  1. What is the most pristine country in Africa? – Namibia, the most sparsely populated and almost untouched by human hands
  2. Is Sahara the biggest desert on the planet? – No. The two biggest deserts lie in Antarctica and the Arctic
  3. How are the nationals of Coto d’Ivoire called? Ivorians
  4. What is the most touristic country in Africa? – Marrocco
  5. What’s the country with the biggest amount of official languages? – Zimbabwe with 16 languages
  6. What is the poorest country in the world – Burundi
  7. What is the principal African ecosystem? – Savanna
  8. Where is the oldest desert in the world? – Namib Dessert, Namibia
  9. Where does the famous Kilimanjaro mountain lies? – Tasmania
  10. What’s the average temperature in Africa during the summer? – 28 Celcius / 82 Fahrenheit
  11. Is there any region in the world that belongs to no country? – Yes, it is called Bir Tawil and lies between Sudan and Egypt
  12. Where was the largest gold reserve ever found? – Witwatersrand Basin, South Africa, which accounts for 30% of all the gold ever mined in the world
  13. What is the country with the biggest number of protected areas? – Seychelles


  1. A kiwi is an animal that gave a nickname for the citizens of which country? – New Zealand
  2. How many countries does Oceania have? – 14
  3. Is “Tuvalu” a real country? – Yes, one of the smallest in the world, Oceania
  4. Which country’s name means “South” – Australia. “Australis” means “south” in Latin
  5. What nationality discovered New Zealand? – The Dutch
  6. What is the only country in the world without capital? – Nauru
  7. What was the first country in the Pacific to gain independence? – Samoa
  8. True or false – in Australia, there are more kangaroos than people. – True
  9. What is the southernmost placed capital in the world? – Wellington, New Zealand
  10. Is there any tropical forest in Oceania? – Yes, one of the least explored in the world, Papua and New Guinea
  11. What is the country with the biggest problem with obesity in the world? – Nauru
  12. What is the most remote inhabited island in the world? – Pitcairn Island on the Pacific Ocean, populated by less than 50 people
  13. Where’s the biggest marine reserve in the world? – The Great Barrier Reef Reserve, Australia
  14. What country has the biggest amount of mammal species in the world? – Indonesia


  1. In what part of the US do people drive on the left side? – Virgin Islands
  2. Who were the native people of the Caribbean? – Taino tribe of the Arawak people
  3. What’s the least populated country in the world? – Greenland
  4. Where is the biggest pyramid in the world? – Cholula, Mexico
  5. What is the capital city of the New York state? – Albany
  6. What is the country with the biggest amount of active volcanos in the world? – The United States of America with 162 volcanos
  7. What is the biggest city in North America? – The Mexico City, Mexico
  8. What is the world’s highest cliff? – Half Dome, Yosemite National Park, USA
  9. How many time zones will you cross while traveling from Florida to California? – 4, so you will go 3 hours back in time 
  10. What country is home to the tallest tree in the world? – Redwood National Park, USA
  11. What is the country with the longest coast on the planet? – Canada
  12. What was the first country that freed itself from slavery? – Haiti
  13. Where’s the biggest volcano in the world? – Mauna Loa, Hawaii, USA
  14. Where is the Chichên Itzâ pyramid, one of the new 7 wonders of the world? – Mêxico, Yucatân
  15. What was the last state to join the USA? – Hawaii


  1. Which country has 2 capitals? – Bolivia, La Paz and Sucre
  2. Which South American countries don’t border Brasil? – Ecuador and Chile
  3. Where is a point that’s the closest to the Sune? – Chimborazo volcano in Ecuador. It’s also the highest mountain counting from the Earth’s center
  4. Where is the longest beach in the world? – Praia Cassino, Brasil
  5. Which country has the biggest freshwater resources? – Brasil
  6. Where do the biggest tortoise on Earth live? – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador
  7. Most of the Patagonian territory lies in Chile or in Argentina? – 90% of it lies in Argentina
  8. Where is the biggest salt sea on the planet? – Bolivia, Salar de Uyuni
  9. What country do Eastern Islands belong to? – Chile
  10. Where is the widest river on the planet? – Rio de la Plata, Argentina
  11. The Amazon Forest lies on the territory of how many countries? – 8
  12. Where do tomatoes come from? – Andean mountains cover the countries of Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, and Chile
  13. What’s Belize’s native language? – English
  14. What is the currency of Ecuador? – The American Dollar $


  1. Name a country that is completely surrounded by another country. – Vatican, San Marino, and Lesotho
  2. What’s the windiest place on Earth? – Antarctica
  3. How many different dialects of Spanish is out there? – 10
  4. Which language has more speakers worldwide, Spanish or English? – Spanish
  5. What’s the biggest lake in the world? – The Caspian Sea, nearly the size of Japan
  6. What is the most popular animal used on flags? – Lion
  7. Which continent is Djibouti located in? – Africa
  8. Name at least one country that is at risk of disappearing due to global warming. – The Oceanian island countries of Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, and The Maldives
  9. Which continent lies on all four hemispheres of the Earth? – Africa
  10. How many kingdoms are there in the world? – 44
  11. Where are most of the uncontacted tribes of the world to be found? – Amazon, Brasil
  12. What is the region of the world where people smoke the most? – South-East Asia
  13. What is bigger, the country of Monaco or The Central Park of New York? – The Central Park
  14. What country has a square-shaped flag? – Switzerland and Vatican City
  15. What is the longest mountain range in the world? – The Andes is the longest land mountain range but the longest overall is The Mid-Ocean Ridge which lies mostly underwater
  16. In which hemisphere is 90% of the world population living? – In the Northern hemisphere
  17. What is the warmest ocean on the planet? – The Indian Ocean
  18. How many countries end with “stan” – 7: Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan
  19. What was Christopher Columbus trying to find? – the route to India

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