100 Very Best NFL Trivia Questions

100 Very Best NFL Trivia Questions

On a chilly November morning, the two American colleges of Rutgers and New Jersey (later renamed to Princeton) faced off in what would later be known as the first official game of American Football ever to be played. The game took place in New Brunswick, New Jersey to an audience of about 100 spectators and ended with a Rutgers victory of 6-4. This was 1869. 100 years later and 61,946 fans would be in attendance to watch the Jets beat the Colts with 41 million more fans watching from home.

The once humble collage sport has seen a meteoric rise, becoming one of the most viewed sporting events in the world today. This growth can be attributed to the hard-work and dedication of one organisation… The N.F.L.

For over a century, the N.F.L has selected the most promising and exciting athletes to suit up and face off in a gruelling test of strength, speed and agility with a one clear goal in mind. To compete. With this in mind, have a go yourself at seeing just how much N.F.L trivia you know. Will you miss the playoffs, or start a dynasty they’ll remember for years to come!

General NFL Trivia

How many NFL teams are there?

32 teams

How many teams plays in the NFL’s inaugural season in 1922?


As of 2020, how many games are there in a regular NFL season?


How long should an NFL game last?
60 minutes

Who is credited with having created the game of American Football?

Walter Camp

In what year did the NFL require players to wear a helmet?


As of 2023, who is the oldest active NFL head coach?

Pete Carroll

How many officials are there in an NFL game?


How many rounds of drafting are there in the NFL Draft?


Who is the NFL Commissioner?

Roger Goodell

Player Trivia

In 2019, Lamar Jackson became the second player in NFL history to be named as the unanimous MVP. Who was the first?

Tom Brady

Which player was drafted 1st overall in the 2000 NFL Draft?
Courtney Brown

Which QB has the most career rushing yards with 6,109 yards?

Michael Vick

Which was the first NFL quarterback to throw 3000 pass completions?

Fran Tarkenton

Which NFL kicker was drafted the highest in the draft?

Charlie Gogolak

What was Jerry Rice’s nickname in the NFL


Which current active NFL player (2023) has the most games played?
Tom Brady

Emmitt Smith is remembered as one of the greatest running backs to play for Dallas. But which team did he finish his on field career with?

Arizona Cardinals

How many season did NFL wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald play in?

17 seasons

Before suiting up for Minnesota, which collage team did Justin Jefferson play for?


Who was the first quarterback to throw for 5000 yards in a season?

Dan Marino

Defensive Tackle Aaron Donald was drafted by which team in 2014?

St. Louis Rams

Who was picked 2nd overall after Peyton Manning in the 1998 NFL draft?

Ryan Leaf

Who was the number one draft pick in 2020?

Joe Burrow

Who was the first player from Kansas City to ever grace the cover of Madden NFL?
Patrick Mahomes

Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch does what as a pre-game ritual?

Takes a shot of Hennessy

Which quarterback did Aaron Rodgers replace at Green Bay?

Brett Farve

Which famous NFL quarterback ran a 5.28 40-yard dash in 2000?

Tom Brady

In 2022, which player led the league in sacks?

Nick Bosa

Which NFL quarterback goes by the nickname, A-Rod?

Aaron Rodgers

NFL Stadium Trivia

Which NFL teams share a stadium?

Los Angeles Chargers/ Los Angeles Rams and the New York Giants/ New York Jets

In which stadium do the Dallas Cowboys play in?

AT&T Stadium

Which NFL stadium has the largest standard capacity?

MetLife Stadium

Which is the first purpose-built NFL stadium to be built outside of the US?

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Which team has the smallest NFL stadium with a capacity of 61,500?
The Chicago Bears Soldier Field

When the NFL comes to the United Kingdom, in which city do they play?


Which NFL stadium has hosted the most Super Bowls?

The Superdome in New Orleans

Which state is home to the most NFL stadiums?


Which was the most expensive NFL stadium built at $5.5 billion (USD)?

SoFi Stadium

Which stadium saw the highest ever attendance for an NFL game?

AT&T Stadium (Cowboy Stadium)

In what year did the Raiders move to Las Vegas?


The Bengals play in which city?


Which team plays at Levi Stadium?

San Francisco 49ers

Which stadium has the lowest capacity at 61,500 seats?

Soldiers Field

Which is the largest covered NFL stadium?
AT&T Stadium

Who plays at the Caesars Superdome?

New Orleans Saints

Which NFL Stadium was the first built using only money from private investors?

Hard Rock Stadium

Which NFL stadium charges the most with an average ticket costing $153?

The Las Vegas Raiders

Which stadium has seen the highest ever attendance for a game?

AT&T Stadium (Cowboy Stadium)

Which team plays at Arrowhead Stadium?

The Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Awards/ Record Trivia

Which undefeated team did The Miami Dolphins beat to keep their ‘undefeated season’ intact in 1985?
The Chicago Bears

Which team has a 20-straight winning season?
The Dallas Cowboys

In 2002, which quarterback achieved the season record for most sacks?

David Carr

Who was the first player to ever rush for over 2,000 yards a season?

O.J Simpson

In which year did Jerry Rice become the first player in NFL history to score 200 career touchdowns?


Which team holds the record for the longest consecutive losing streak in the NFL with 26 consecutive games lost?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Which player holds the record for most regular season games played?

Morten Andersen

Who is the sole member of the prestigious 6000 completion club?

Brett Favre

Who is the youngest NFL Hall of Fame inductee?

Gale Sayers

Jamal Lewis, Chris Johnson, Barry Sanders, Terrell Davis, O.J Simpson, Adrian Peterson, Eric Dickerson and Derrick Henry belong to which exclusive NFL club?

The 2,000 yard club

Which player holds the fastest 40-yard dash at the combine?

John Ross III

Payton Manning holds the record for winning the NFL MVP award the most times, how many times has he won it?

Five times

Who is the only special teams player in NFL history to win an MVP?

Mark Moseley

Which two players hold the record for the longest time spent with the same franchise at 21seasons?

Lou Groza and Jason Hanson

At 7”0’ who was the tallest NFL player ever to play the game?

Richard Sligh

Which family has had the most players play in the NFL?
The Matthews Family

Which NFL team holds the record for having the most Hall of Famers?

The Chicago Bears

Which NFL team has the longest regular season winning streak ever at 23 straight games?

The Indianapolis Colts

Which NFL team has the best regular season record, with a record of 550-408-6?

The Dallas Cowboys

As of 2022, which NFL player has been sacked the most times in his career?

Tom Brady

Super bowl Trivia

Which team won the first Super Bowl in 1967?

The Green Bay Packers

Which four current NFL teams have NEVER appeared in a Super Bowl, in its modern iteration?

The Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Jacksonville Jaguars and the Houston Texans

Which two NFL teams have won the most Super Bowls, in its modern iteration?

The New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers

Which NFL teams have lost the most Super Bowl Finals?

The Denver Broncos and New England Patriots

The 2007 Patriots had a perfect regular season, going 16-0. To which team did they lose the Super Bowl final too?

The Ne York Jets

Who is the youngest Super Bowl MVP?
Marcus Allen

Who is the oldest Super Bowl MVP?

Tom Brady

In 2022, what was the Super Bowl’s viewership?

99.18 million

In what year was the first Super Bowl played?


Which two teams played in the 2022 Super Bowl?

Cincinnati Bengals and Los Angeles Rams

Places and Cities Trivia

Which city did the Redskins play in before they moved to Washington in 1937?


Which city are the Seahawks from?


In which State are the Green Bay Packers from?


The Chiefs play in which city?
Kansas City

In which city did the Detroit Lions originally play in?


Which current NFL team has never beaten the Philadelphia Eagles?

The New York Jets

Which NFL team is the only non-profit and community owned team in the NFL?

The Green Bay Packers

Which is the northern-most NFL team?

The Seattle Seahawks

Which team plays in Denver Colorado?

Denver Broncos

The Bengals play in which city?


Which is the only NFL team to play in New York?

Buffalo Bills

The Arizona Cardinals, Los Angeles Rams, San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks play in which National Conference?

The NFC West

How many NFL teams play in the state of Texas?


How many States don’t have an NFL team?

28 states

Which NFL team plays in New Orleans?
The New Orleans Saints

Which is the southern-most NFL team?

The Miami Dolphins

Which NFL team plays in Foxborough, Massachusetts?

The New England Patriots

Which city earned the enduring nickname, ‘The City of Brotherly Hate’?


The Nissan Stadium is located in which city?


Which state has produced the most active NFL players?


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