The Very Best 60 Fun Facts About Me

The Very Best 60 Fun Facts About Me

Someone wise once said, “If I Try to Be Like Him, Who Will Be Like Me?”.

In situations where you have to introduce yourself as fun facts, do you think you’ll be like You, or like Him! Whether it’s a job interview, meeting new people, or simply passing by a talent show, the confusion, stress, and adrenaline rush will turn you into someone else who’s wearing a Nicky shirt to a Beethoven concert, in Belgium! Ready to put on a suit!

Consider the audience, because you will not always tell the same story in the same way, and here are 60 remarkable facts about yourself that are light enough to be forgotten but interesting enough to make an impact! Just use some of them anytime, and anywhere.

56 Fun Facts About Me Examples to Tell Others

1. Your childhood dream job, whether it was to be an astronaut, an opera singer, or even a member of the SNL cast (For me, when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a pianist, and I’ve ended up being a pharmacist with a head that must be shaken well after meals!).

2. Your favorite childhood memory, whether it’s a Christmas morning flashback or a favorite dish your mother used to make (Think of Anton Ego’s ratatouille flashbacks.).

3. Your trip to your dream city, which ended in disaster. I went to Rome, and I’ve got lost, so don’t believe anyone who says, “All roads lead to Rome!”

4. A bad habit that you couldn’t break. I failed to listen, and even though I trained well to cope, I ended up looking people in the eyes, and sleep!

5. An odd daily habit you have. “Not scary, please!”. Whether you tend to climb the stairs on your tiptoes, divide your McDonald’s sandwich into sections, or even writing to your friends on their dirty cars.

6. Don’t pretend to be a “The Godfather” movie fan unless you are, or you will end up answering, “How did Don Vito Corleone die!” and fail, as I did.

7. Things that scare you. You don’t have to mention your claustrophobia or Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia “Yes, it’s a word”, just stick to the more entertaining, less frightening facts (For me, the Nescafe foams and people with limited imagination scare me!).

8. Your favorite type of art. But remember, art is about what you feel rather than what you see, so unless you don’t know the story behind Mrs. Mona Lisa, don’t pretend you didn’t like her smile!

9. A real-life filming location you’ve always wanted to visit. Whether it’s a Kathleen Kelly bookstore in the New York suburbs, Central Park “to relive “Home Alone” memories,” or even Star Trek spacecraft!

10. Your favorite Disney character “believe me, It connects people”. So, unless it’s not Cruella or Scar, you can pick whatever you want.

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11. Be brave to declare your opinion “Please, no politics”. Just admit your independent opinion that Toy Story sequels are terrible!

12. Interesting and strange working habit. Whether it’s listening to a specific piece of music or being unable to begin any work until the angle of the clock hands turns to 15, 30, 45, etc. “Be creative, but not neglected”.

13. The movies you enjoy watching while everyone else may disagree “You may find your movies’ soulmate”. For me, Kill Bill “all parts” has never failed to impress me, despite the absurdity of the story and casts resembling cartoons, Well, this is not surprising for the great Quentin Tarantino!

14. You may have a hidden talent “or even a superpower!”, but please don’t start tasseography “cup reading” or your zodiac predictions. What if your brain starts playing a soundtrack in the background whenever you talk to someone you love? It sounds more acceptable, right, Mozart!

15. Your most outstanding accomplishment. You don’t have to be a member of NASA or go to Harvard, whether it is completing a marathon, organizing a charity event, or even making a waffle for your little brother, you did something great!

16. The strangest culture shock you experienced when visiting another country “Try to be respectful and courteous”. On my last trip, I was so pleased with my meal that I had to thank the chef only to discover it was chicken feet!

17. The weirdest job interview that ended up in you being hired. I once did so well in an interview that I exclaimed to the interviewer “You’ve gotta be kidding me!”. Instead of being expelled, I was hired for my enthusiasm!

18. A character you’ve always wanted to meet. Even if they’re not real or fictional. “We’d all like to have coffee with Dr. Frankenstein and Mrs. Black Widow.” Simply, be interesting to start a conversation or a debate!

19. Something you’ve always wanted to try but failed. I was about to become a vegetarian when I discovered that McDonald’s had doubled their Big Tasty!

20. What if you had to spend a day trapped inside a video game? Well, “Call of Duty” may make you sound responsible!

21. The book you’ve read a zillion times and each time feel like the first time. Believe me, Harry Potter books never get old, or bored!

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22. Something you realized far too late, like finding that the planets are no longer nine since 2006, poor Pluto!

23. An interesting superstition that you wish was true (for me, the phoenix born from the ashes of his burning body has been my favorite superstition, even though I am not a GOT fan).

24. The languages you speak. Keep in mind that it is not a parade for your abilities, it’s just an intro to express yourself kindly, so next time just say “Bonjour mesdames et messieurs” instead of “Watch me, I’m French!”.

25. Mention your bucket lists. Be inspiring, yet simple and easy-going, like going on a spontaneous road trip or even signing up for yoga.

26. Your favorite cuisines, whether French, Middle Eastern, Chinese, or even your recent visit to the three-Michelin-star restaurant.

27. The trip you’ve always wanted to take but haven’t yet. (For me, Switzerland for the landscapes, Norway for the aurora viewing, and Morocco as a “Casablanca” movie fan).

28. Your favorite vocabularies. Try to pick simple, yet unique ones that reflect your genuine personality (exquisite instead of wonderful).

29. Your choice if you were reincarnated to something (For me, I’d be a daisy flower, fragile but the most innocent, kind, and delightful flower).

30. A movie line that you always recall, because as Mr. Forrest Gump once said” ‘Life was like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.’”

31. A secret recipe you master. For me, my Mango cake recipe could change the world, and I never share it!

32. Share a trait that you admire in others (and wish that the listener has it).

33. Contradictory, yet interesting behaviors of you. For example, you may hate flying but enjoy the airports, enjoy gift wrapping more than the gifts themselves, or even setting your alarm at weird times and never wake up on time.

34. The most unusual illness you’ve ever encountered. I had smallpox when I was 9 years old and disregarded advice to stay away from people; days later, a nation caught it “metaphorically!”

35. Your drink of choice, whether coffee or tea, reveals a lot about you!

36. Share a funny medical fact that you thought was true (For me, I thought you could donate your body parts to your loved ones and their bodies would never reject you!

37. Your guilty pleasure. Whether it’s bingeing on chocolate at night or watching reality shows.

38. Talk about your pet, cause people love animals. Next time, remember to mention the story behind your dog’s name.

39. Talk about your first car and how you decorated it funnily, recall your first car scratch, and your first solo road trip.

40. Your favorite color. Don’t be a black or White kind, be colorful!

41. Talk about your friends, and what made your friendships so strong “No specifics, just hints”

42. Your favorite sports team (don’t be a fanatic!), recall your team’s recent accomplishments and the reason why you love them.

43. A time period you’d like to live in. Perhaps an ice age or the era of The Great Gatsby would be interesting!

44. Your most prized collection. For me, Resident Evil PlayStation CDs are my unique treasure.

45. The most embarrassing thing that happened to you at work. For example, I once had a vision impairment “and obviously mental” that prevented me from distinguishing the male sign on the toilet!

46. Your famous crushes. Whether it’s a celebrity crush or a Disney character crush (As a child, I had a crush on Simba and wished to marry a lion!)

47. The most unusual item in your backpack, whether it’s tarot cards or ketchup, just tell the story behind it (Briefly!).

48. Your favorite ice cream flavor can say a lot about you!

49. What did you learn from your biggest mistake? Some people learn to forgive, others to forget, and still, others to do both or vice versa.

50. Your personality type. Whether ENTJ, INFJ, or even, your psychological preferences could make an impact!

51. Your shopping habits. Whether it is your discount secrets, or even how to buy high-end products with lower prices!

52.Your biggest adrenaline rush. Whether it is the last horror movie you’ve watched or cage diving with sharks.

53. Your weirdest allergy (I’m allergic to bees!).

54. The most boring sport you’ve ever seen (For me, I have a bad relationship with golf and cricket!).

55. The one thing you always take on your travels (For me, a good book and a bar of chocolate!).

56. Your favorite smell. Whether it is the freshly baked bread, vanilla, or even your mom’s hair.

57. Your favorite life quotes may reveal a lot about you.

58. The best trait people think you have. It could be your cute little smile or your quiet nodding.

59. The things you want to be remembered for. Do you want to be remembered as someone who made a difference in the world, as someone kind, compassionate, helpful, or even famous? Simply be yourself and be sincere.

60. Lastly, I studied biostatistics at Harvard, and I can assure you with a 95% confidence interval that, in real life, all previous facts are statistically significant!

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