50 Bread Puns

There’s nothing like the taste of freshly baked bread. But if you’re looking for a way to laugh some calories away rather than pack them on, these half-baked bread puns may be just what you knead.

If you’re looking for gluten-enriched humor, this collection of jokes should at yeast raise a smile. Think of them as bread for the head – enjoyable but only recommended in moderation.

Those with a rye sense of humor should read on. These carb-heavy puns won’t get stale, so let’s raise a toast to bread-based comedy and share these jokes with a baker’s dozen of your friends and family. Even if they’re on the keto diet. If they don’t laugh along with you, you’ll probably at least get a rise out of them.


Your daily bread puns

What did the public say when they invented the toaster?

That’s the best thing since sliced bread


What did the piece of toast say when he discovered his fate?

You butter be kidding me


What’s the only bin you’d throw something delicious into?

A bread bin


Why didn’t the person on a gluten-free diet stay at the B&B?

It was a bread and breakfast


Which loaf do you call when you need a super-hero?

Wonder Bread


The United Nations of Crumby Jokes

Why have Spanish people been baking lots of bread?

Because of the pan-demic


Who is the most powerful baker in Russia?

Vladimir Gluten


What are the chances of finding a loaf of bread in India?

Naan existent


How much do you get paid for bread puns in the US?

A pun-per-nickel


What do you say when an Italian guy leaves without his bread loaf?

Hey! You focaccia bread


What is France’s favorite dance hit?

Baguette Lucky by Daft Pain-k


What is France’s favorite rock song?

Crepe by Radiobread


What is France’s favorite reggae song?

Baguette Up, Stand Up by Bob Barley

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A Baker’s Dozen of Baker Jokes

Why did the baker put 1000 loaves in the oven?

He was trying to bake a record


What happened after the baker set a new record for baking the most loaves?

He became the breadwinner


Why did the baker take on a second job?

He kneaded dough


Why did the baker quit his job?

He didn’t get a raise


Who is the meanest cowboy in the bakery?

Clint Yeastwood


How did the detective find the bad bun in the bakery?

He left no scone unturned


What did the bakers do when their bakery was under attack?

They came out buns glazing


What’s a baker’s favorite martial art?

Tae Kwon Dough


Have you heard the one about the kleptomaniac baker?

It really takes the cake


What advice did Jesus give the bakers?

Let he who is without sin cast the first scone


How do they say hello at a German bakery?

Gluten tach


I asked the baker if it’s hard cutting a cake into equal slices.

“No”, he said. “It’s a piece of cake”


If the B in Cardi B stood for Baker, what WAP would you want to taste?

Her Wonderfully Appetizing Pastry


Romantic Bread Puns

When two bread loaves like each other, what do they do?

Go on a carbo-hi-date


What did the hamburger bun get the hot dog roll on a carbo-hi-date?

A bunch of flour


Why did the hamburger roll refuse to go on a carbo-hi-date with Mr. Sourdough?

She loaved him


Why did Mr. Sourdough ask for another date after the hamburger roll refused him?

He was a gluten for punishment


Why did Mr. Sourdough stop asking the hamburger roll for dates?

He didn’t feel kneaded any more


Why wouldn’t the muffin go on a carbo-hi-date with the gingerbread man?

She didn’t like bread-heads


Why did the hamburger bun and the hotdog roll break up?

There wasn’t enough crust in their relationship

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Steamy Bread Puns

What do bakers read for excitement?

50 Shades of Grain


What exciting news did the baker tell her husband?

She had a bun in the oven


What did the hamburger bun say to the hot dog roll?

Don’t get fresh with me


Why did the roll like to be in control?

She wasn’t a sub


Bread Puns About Bread Puns

Why doesn’t everyone like puns about hero sandwiches?

They are sub-par

What does making too many bread puns lead to?



Just Loafing Around

Why did the rolls hang out on a street corner?

They were just loafing around


Why don’t the upper crust loaf around?

They are well bread


What did mother loaf tell her son when he went out to a nightclub?

Ciabatta be back by midnight


Why didn’t the mother loaf want her son going to the nightclub?

It was too seedy


Woke Jokes – The Bread Edition

What did the radical roll tell her fellow rolls to do?

To rise up against the pastry-archy


What do people who play a roll in the civil rights movement do?

Fight for equality between white, brown and wholewheat

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Rising Music

What is a baker’s favorite style of music?

Rock n roll


What is a baker’s favorite rock n roll song?

Bake, rattle and roll


These Bread Jokes Are Sick

Why did the raisin get sick all the time?

He was in-bread


Why did the bread loaf end up in hospital?

She had a yeast infection


What is the cure for a yeast infection?

Grain surgery


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