The 50 Very Best Bear Puns

The 50 Very Best Bear Puns

Bears can be cute, cuddly, and even naughty.  I’ve always been a fan of bears, but I never knew how many puns there were until now. Besides stealing picnic lunches, they have a few other ways to entertain. The bear puns you’re about to read will make your day so much sweeter than honey from the hive of bees. Why not share them with your loved one? Puns are an integral part of life that we should not take for granted.  They are the bread and butter of human existence and not be taken for granted or wasted, they need to spread like wildfire post-haste. To honor my love of bears, here is my list of the 50 bear-iest puns I could think of!  


bear Jokes

1. What would you call a toothless bear?

It’s a gummy bear.


2. What kind of bears would there be without bees?

You’ve got ears.


3. How did the bear react when his date showed up early?

I’m going out in a minute, I’m dressed in a teddy bear style.


4. If a bear is a dentist, what do you call him?

The molar bear.


5. If the bear did not have a pole, how would it fish?

They use their b-e-are hands.


6. Which soda is a bear’s favorite?

Coca Koala.


7. Why do pandas like to watch classic films?

This is because they are black and white.


8. What inspired God to create Yogi Bear?

His first time was a Boo-Boo.


9. How does the bear react to too much rain?

He turns into a misty bear.


10. Why do polar bears get fed so cheaply?

They live only on ice.


11. What is the bear’s preferred method of self-care?

Black bearee pie for dinner.


12. Is there a proper way to apologize to a koala?

Bring your soul and heart to them.


13. Fast food is avoided by bears for a reason, right?

They have a hard time catching it.


14. Koalas lost their jobs because of what?

Due to his limited capacity to do bears.


15. When the bear applied to the movies, what happened?

There was a statement made about him not being a koala.

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16. Why did Teddy refuse dessert?

By this time, he was already drunk.


17. What led to the two bears separating at the North Pole?

In many ways, they were opposites.


18. What do you call a bear who sings “Skinny Love”?



19. Grizzlies walk in snow, but how?

Bear on the feet.

Bear puns & Jokes

20. What would make Daddy Bear not use a navigation system in his truck?

His bearings were never lost.


21. Can any animal hibernate standing up?

The yoga bear.


22. What university do bears graduate from?

Be-a-rkley U.


23. How does a bear interrupt a movie?

The paw button was pressed.


24. What do grizzly bears use in the shower?

The bear conditioner.


25. Do you remember any time you dreamed about a bear eating you?

They’re known as bitten mares to me.


26. Can you tell me which polar bears’ top musician is?

The seal.


27. How do koalas like to spend their time?

It’s all about Beerobics.


28. How can a bear get from one place to another?

The bear plane.


29. What do polar bears call themselves in Florida?

I am a solar bear.


30. The polar bear loves what?

The salad should include iceberg lettuce and snow peas.

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31. Can you tell me what kind of cereal polar bears enjoy?

Crispy ice cream.


32. Can you tell me any differences between Panda bears and polar bears?

Approximately 1,000 miles.


33. Why did the bear borrowed money?

He had bearely enough money.


34. What do polar bears do with their money?

They keep it in a snowbank.


35. What did the bear say to her baby?

I love you very much.


36. Is there a name for a bear holding a flag?

A flag-bearer.


37. What did the bears do when their chief died?

They gave him a proper Bear-ial.


38. Where do bears go if they want to join the army?

Special Bear Service.


39. Why has the baby not left its mother?

Because he barely stands it!

Bear Jokes

40. How do you refer to a bear specializing in courtroom advocacy and litigation?

A Barrister


41. What do you get if you cross a teddy bear with a pig?

The stuffed boar.


42. If Bel-air was filled with bears, what show would we have?

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Bear


43. What type of car does Yogi Bear drive?

A hot  Fuurrari.


44. Pooh Bear’s girlfriend is called what?

She is the one and only pretty Hunny.


45. What does poop eat at parties?

Blue bear pie.

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46. Is there a reason the bear dissolved in water?

It was polar.


47. What is the best way to prevent a bear from charging?

Obtain his credit cards.


48. What do you call a bear working at a coffeeshop?

A bearista


49. How do bears celebrate the th of July?

They start a bear BQ


50. What do bears say when surprised !


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