The 100 Very Best Christmas Pick Up Lines

    The 100 Very Best Christmas Pick Up Lines

    Give the gift of romance this holiday season with 100 Christmas Pickup Lines! Whether you’re looking for love or just a quick egg-snog, there’s something for everyone on this list. So grab a pen and some paper, and make sure to write down your favorites before all the holiday parties you’re bound to go to this Christmas!

    The Best Christmas Pick Up Lines

    I want to make like Santa and squeeze down your chimney.

    You, me, mistletoe.

    Is that a candy cane in your pocket or are you just excited to see me?

    Have you met Candice? *Candice who?* Can dis Santa slide down your chimney tonight.

    If you were one of Santa’s reindeer, you’d be Vixen for sure.

    Is your name Rudolf? Because you light up the room.

    It may be Jesus’s birthday, but I’m the one receiving the gift of your presence.

    Baby I’m going to Jingle Bell Rock your world tonight.

    I’d like to be the Santa to your Mrs. Claus.

    Let’s role-play. You be mommy, I’ll be Santa.

    If I were a snowman, I’d melt into a puddle because you’re so hot.

    Roses are red, Santa is too, I want to spend my Christmas with you.

    I’d like to make your sleigh bells ring.

    I’m gonna make you glisten like the snow.

    Wanna hang out under the mistletoe while we wait for Santa?

    Are your legs Christmas presents because I want to open them.

    Do you know why Santa only comes once a year? Because after Christmas his sack is empty.

    I’d like to try YOUR Christmas cookies.

    You know what Santa and I have in common? We both love a good ho-ho-ho.

    Well call me the grinch because my heart’s not the only thing growing three sizes this Christmas.

    You know what elves and I have in common? We’re both good with our hands.

    I’ve got a special toy from Santa’s workshop just for you.

    Why don’t we make like the Little Drummer Boy and start banking?

    I’ve got a one-way ticket to the naughty list if you’re interested.

    Are you on the nice list? Because you’re looking mighty nice tonight.

    I’ll be the Christmas tree and you can be the star on top.

    I’ll leave milk and cookies out for Santa. YOUR late night snack is ME.

    If you come over tonight I’ll show you a white Christmas.

    I’d like to put my partridge in your pear tree.

    So do your bells jingle?

    I’d like to see what’s in YOUR stocking.

    Sup tinsel tits, you want a magic sleigh ride?

    You can unwrap me like a gift.

    You make me want to get coal in my stocking.

    Seeing you makes me realize I’m probably on the naughty list this year.

    I’ve got five gold rings in my pocket for you if ya know what I’m sayin.

    Is your name Holly? Because you make me feel Jolly.

    Let’s make this gingerbread house a gingerbread HOME.

    You know what Santa and I have in common? We both see you when you’re sleeping and know when you’re awake.

    You know there’s a second tier naughty list. You wanna be on it?

    Do you want me to ice your cookies?

    If I were Santa, what would you leave me as a treat.

    Your eyes shine brighter than the lights on the tree.

    I’m like a snowman because you’ve got me frozen in my tracks.

    Baby it’s cold outside, but I’ll keep you warm.

    The postman’s not the only thing that’s gonna be late this month.

    Are you a candy cane? Because I’m hooked.

    Mrs. Claus got nothing on you.

    Let me deck your halls with my balls.

    Are you looking for a tree topper? Because I’ve been told I’m a star on top.

    I’m not Santa, but you can still sit on my lap.

    I’ve got some reindeer games we can play later.

    The name’s Feliz Navi-daddy.

    Let’s make like some Christmas lights and get lit.

    Do you sit on Christmas trees? Because you look like an angel.

    I hope you liked dinner because I’ll be feeding you leftovers in the morning.

    Well slap a star on your head and call me garland because you’re as tall as a Christmas tree and I want to wrap myself around you.

    I’ll be waiting under the tree for you in the morning.

    I used my advent calendar to count down the days til I see you.

    Tonight definitely won’t be a silent night.

    I’ll be Santa and you can whisper what you want in my ear.

    I’d like to be the elf on YOUR shelf.

    Watch out Jesus, there’s about to be another immaculate conception tonight.

    You know what they say about finding love at Christmas? You’ll find yourself becoming a parent come September.

    You wanna take a ride in my sleigh?

    Well call me the Grinch because you just made my heart grow three sizes.

    I’d like to be the best ting you got on Christmas.

    Babbo Natale, Father Christmas, Santa…I don’t care what you call me as long as you call me.

    Let’s start a new Christmas tradition and spend every Christmas together from now on.

    I’m glad I saved room for dessert because you are serving LOOKS.

    My favorite reindeer is Cupid because I feel lovestruck seeing you this Christmas.

    Well call me the mall Santa because my beard is fake and I’m just trying to get to know your kids.

    I’d pay good money to see you dance on that North Pole.

    Unlike the snow, I promise I won’t FLAKE on our date.

    I think we have great chemis-TREE.

    Let’s get elf-ed up.

    Let’s make baby snowmen and call them our chill-dren.

    Do you want to make a Christmas jingle with me or are you single all the way?

    After we deck the halls, we can deck the kitchen, the laundry room, the whole house.

    Come take a sit on Santa’s lap.

    You are the hottest of cocoas.

    I brought you a gift. You can wear the bow and be my gift later.

    Would you fancy a quick egg-snog?

    Santa won’t be the only one visiting your house tonight.

    Mistletoe’s not the only thing you’re getting under tonight.

    Who needs a sled when you could just ride me?

    Wanna Scrooge?

    The milk and cookies at my place taste good for breakfast, too.

    You’re the only reindeer for me.

    If a big man puts you in a bag tonight, don’t worry. I told Santa I wanted you for Christmas.

    You are what I want for Christmas.

    I’ve been baking all day, and I want to WHISK you a Merry Christmas.

    Know what I want for Christmas? You.

    Hi, I’m Advent. You must be Christmas, cause I’ve been waiting for you for what feels like forever..

    Do you like the song “Jingle Bells”? Because we could go all the way.

    Let’s pretend to be presents and get laid under the tree.

    Are you sitting on a candle? Because you are on fire.

    Good tidings aren’t the only thing I can give you.

    If I dress up as Santa, will you sit on my lap?

    Hey. I’m spreading Christmas cheer. What drink can I get you?

    Let’s make this a not-so-silent night.

    If you were a tree, you’d be an evergreen, because I bet you look this good all year round.

    Let me help you out of that ugly Christmas sweater.

    When we met, it was love at frost sight.

    Let’s both be naughty this year and save Santa the trip.

    I just got some mistletoe; how about we go back to my place and try it out?

    I’ve checked twice and I’m sure you’re on my naughty list.

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