The 64 Best Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines

    The 64 Best Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines

    Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to get together and eat until they cannot possibly eat anymore.

    A time to give thanks and share recipes and watch football. But with these pickup lines, you can make Thanksgiving into a time to find love. Worst case, you can give your love interest plenty of time to get a restraining order in the mail just in time for Christmas!

    So grab a pen, take a screen shot, share this site with your single friends, and get ready for the chaotic holiday of your dreams. 

    64 Funny, Corny and The Best Thanksgiving Pick Up Lines 2024

    Are you a Thanksgiving feast? Cause I love everything about you, but especially that cake.

    Are you a cornucopia? Cause I wanna fill you up.

    You know what you have in common with this pie? I want you all over my lips.

    You know what I’m thankful for? Look at the first word.

    Is that a turkey baster in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

    Do you know what you and crumbs have in common? You’ll both be on my face by the end of the night.

    Everyone is fighting over turkey legs, but I want yours.

    I want to be the cream on your cherry pie.

    You and I go together better than turkey and stuffing.

    Well call me a necrophiliac because I wanna stuff your turkey carcass.

    I don’t need to bless this meal because you already blessed this day with your presence.

    Let’s roll play. You be the turkey, I’ll be the stuffing.

    Your cherries look good enough for pie.

    Were you planning to make a cobbler because your peach is sure looking juicy.

    You know what cranberry sauce and I have in common? At the end of the night we’ll both be all over the table.

    Your cherries look good enough for pie.

    I know your parents couldn’t make it, but I can be your daddy.

    You know what me and your leftovers have in common? We could both use some heat.

    What’s the difference between me and your creepy uncle? Only one of us has been in your pants but I’d like to change that.

    Are you the Macy’s Day Parade turkey? Because I’ve always been curious what its like inside of you.

    You know what me and your drunk uncle have in common? We will both end up in your bed at some point tonight.

    I wanna throw some butter on those buns.

    Are you a football game? Because I could watch you all night long.

    Let’s make like a turkey and get BASTED!

    I’ll baste YOUR turkey.

    If things go well tonight, I think I’ll be licking my fingers clean more than once.

    Is that gravy on your pants or are you just happy to see me?

    Let me know when you’re ready for dessert.

    Are you a scavenger hunt because I’d walk into oncoming traffic to find you.

    The only thing hotter than the oven is you.

    Can I put my meat thermometer in your turkey?

    Thank god you’re not vegan because I brought some meat for you.

    *tell a funny joke when they’re eating* *when they start choking* I wasn’t supposed to make you choke until later.

    I saw you put a napkin on your lap. I use protection for dessert too.

    Girl you look like a pecan pie because I want to cover you in nuts.

    I’m skipping dessert. You’re sweet enough.

    That macaroni made me think of two things: You and that Cardi B song.

    Do you know what you and leftovers have in common? I’m hoping to bring you both home tonight.

    I’m going to a Thanksgiving potluck and can bring a dish and a plus one. If I bring you, I’ve got the food and the guest covered because you’re a whole snack.

    You only need three things to make a good Thanksgiving: a slice of pie, a turkey thigh, and THIS GUY.

    Roses are red, violets are blue, I want to spend my Thanksgiving with you.

    I like the way you pour that gravy girl

    Hey girl do you like turkey? ‘Cause I’ve got a drumstick for you.

    You want to pull on MY wishbone?

    Forget the pie, I’m having you for dessert.

    I’d like to gobble your corn on the cob.

    You wanna do a little of our own mashed potatoes and gravy later?

    Happy Thanksgforgivingmeyournumber

    If you’re a sweet potato pie and you are what you eat, I guess I Yam what I Yam.

    You’re sweeter than pie.

    My grandma said she would only give me her pumpkin pie recipe if I found a wife tonight. So here’s the recipe. Hi I’m your new wife/husband [insert your name here]

    A big dinner isn’t the only thing making me want to take my pants off tonight!

    I know something else we could do with all that whipped cream.

    I think it’s so awesome that you wore your angel Halloween costume for Thanksgiving.

    My pants are already getting tight and we haven’t even started eating yet.

    You bring the tarp, I’ll bring the gravy.

    What does the horny hen say? Any cock’ll do.

    Thanksgiving is all about giving and being thankful. So I’m GIVING you my number and you should be THANKFUL.

    You wanna go roll around in a pumpkin patch?

    You are a feast to my eyes, who needs a turkey?

    Taylor Thompson