The 50 Very Best Thanksgiving Jokes

The 50 Very Best Thanksgiving Jokes

Who doesn’t love Thanksgiving! The food, the fun, time with family and of course the jokes! Thanksgiving is one of the funniest times of the year. So sit back, put your feet up, grab a turkey leg and laugh at fifty of the funniest, rib-tickling jokes about this very special holiday.

Thanksgiving Jokes

1- What do dictators do at Thanksgiving?
They give tanks.

2- What song did they sing at the first Thanksgiving?
A-maize-ing Grace.

3- How do we know Fred Flinstone celebrated Thanksgiving?
Yam A Dam A Do.

4- Why are mothers so busy at Thanksgiving?
There is never enough thyme.

5- What is Paul Simon’s favorite thing about Thanksgiving?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.

6- Why does Frankenstein love Thanksgiving?
He loves Monster Mash.

7- What did Picasso love about Thanksgiving?

8- What Australian animal loves Thanksgiving?
The Platter-pus.

9- What holiday does Stephan Hawking celebrate in November?

10- How do we know Miley Cyrus loves Thanksgiving?
She loves Twerkey.

11- Why do mathematicians love Thanksgiving?
Pumpkin Pi.

12- What German city appears on every Thanksgiving table?

13- What does mom’s wedding ring and Thanksgiving soup have in common?
They are both 24 carrots.


Thanksgiving Jokes

1.What did the turkey say to the president?
I beg your pardon.

2. What noise does a hungry turkey make?
Grumble Grumble.

3- What does G.I Joe do at thanksgiving?
He gives tanks.

4- How are humans like turkeys at Thanksgiving?
We gobble-gobble.

5- Why do turkeys make great musicians?
They have their own drum sticks.

6- Why did the Turkey join a band?
He had his own drum sticks?

7- What dance was invented at Thanksgiving?
the Turkey Trot.

8- How does mum get the pies out of the oven?
She uses a Tur-key.

9- What did the Turkey say to the salt and pepper?
Seasons Greetings.

10- Why do turkeys make great comedians?
They love to roast.

11- Why did the turkey cross the road?
To escape the pilgrims.

12- How do turkeys search the internet?
Google Google.

13- Why is the day after thanksgiving the best day to quit smoking?
You can go cold turkey.

14- Why did the turkey get sent off the farm?
He committed a fowl.

15- What do Turkeys and humans have in common at Thanksgiving?
They both get stuffed.

16- Why are turkeys hard to catch?
Because they are fast food.

17- What happened when the turkey sat on a sweet potato?

18- Why should you never give a turkey a drink?
He will Gobbler-let.

19- What does a turkey and the French Revolution have in common?
Off with their heads!

20- How did the Turkey know he was about to get the chop?
He was Pe-can.

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Thanksgiving Jokes

1- What kind of car does a pilgrim drive?

2- Who are pilgrims afraid of in death?
The Pil-Grim reaper.

3- How do we know the pilgrims were good bakers?
They arrived on the May-Flour.

4- What do pilgrims call a marathon?
A Pilgrimage.

5- Who really invented the metric system?


Thanksgiving Jokes

1- How did the scarecrow fix his pants?
With a pumpkin patch.

2- Where does corn go when it dies?

3- What’s a scarecrow’s favorite piece of clothing?
Their Har-vest.

4- What do you get when you cross a cow and a corn field?
Creamed corn.

5- What do you get when you cross an apple tree and a shoe maker?
An apple cobbler.

6- Why did the scarecrow win an award?
For being outstanding in his field.

7- What is a scarecrow’s favorite pet?
A corn dog.

8- Which corn is always number one?
The A-corn.

9- What is a potato’s favorite TV show?

10- Why did people enjoy a corn maze?
It’s a-maizing.

11- Why are raspberries so popular?
Because they are a little tart.

12- How did the butter get to where it was going?
It was on a roll.

Nicholas Thomas