The Best Graduation Party Ideas

The Best Graduation Party Ideas

Your graduation is one of the most memorable occasions in your entire life. It’s a symbol of all you’ve achieved so far! Whether you’re graduating High School or College, you deserve to celebrate this momentous occasion.

Finding unique and fun graduation party ideas can be difficult. You want your grad party to stand out and be memorable for your guests and fellow graduates.

We know that graduation can be a stressful time. As much as it’s a celebration of what you’ve achieved, it can also be daunting to think about what’s coming next.

Understandably, many people become stressed and worried surrounding the prospect

of throwing a big graduation party.

Tensions are high at graduation time!

For this reason, we’ve put together the ultimate Graduation Party Ideas guide on how you can throw a fun and unforgettable graduation party. These ideas are all easy to do, so provide high levels of entertainment with minimal stress.

Happy graduating!


DIY Photo Booth

A DIY photo booth is a cheap and easy way to create high-quality pictures at your graduation party. Using any spare space you have, hang curtains or drapes with a banner, and you’ve got the perfect insta-worthy photo backdrop! Another way to do this is to make a large polaroid frame from white card and have your guests hold it up as you snap their pic. Super cute!


Balloons For Decoration

Balloons are an easy way to liven up your graduation party. You can get balloons in all different shapes, sizes, and colours. Adding an assortment of balloons to your party adds interest and helps you nail your desired aesthetic. If your party theme matches your school colours, get a load of balloons in these colours too. Nothing says party like balloons floating around!


Gold/Silver YearBalloons

Another balloon decoration idea is to get oversized year balloons. Oversized number balloons are essential to any insta-girls feed. This is a hugely popular trend and a must-have for any graduation party! Get your 2021 balloons and snap away until you have that perfect Instagram image.


Make Origami Graduation Caps

If you’re feeling creative and want to try something new, you can make origami graduation caps. Using a piece of black card, you can fold yourself the perfect grad hat whilst teaching yourself the ancient Japanese art of origami.

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Have a Chalk Board People Can Write On

Set up a chalkboard and chalk for people to write their good luck messages on to all the graduates at your party. Not only will this look super cute on display, but it is a great way to remind your graduates how much they’ve achieved and how proud everyone is of them.


Bake Themed Cupcakes

Bake your guests tasty cupcakes in the theme of your school or college. Add your school logo or simply match the colours. Cupcakes can provide a tasty treat whilst perfectly matching your party’s theme.


Have an Instagram Filter Or Hashtag

Make your day extra special by transitioning it to the digital world. Share your special day online with a unique hashtag or filter. You can play around with the filter at the party, and access all your images via the hashtag later on. Having a hashtag for your graduation party is like curating your own photo album of the day that you can look back and reminisce over at a later date.


Pin up old school photos

There’s nothing more hilarious or cringe-worthy than looking at old school photos. Make your guests squirm and their families coo over their childhood photos. Pin these up on a decorative board at the centre of the party, or line them along the front lawn to greet your guests as they arrive. The more nostalgic your party is, the better!


Have A Balloon Arch In Your School/University’s Colours

Another fun way to decorate using balloons is to have a balloon arch in your school’s colours. Have this at the entranceway of your party as people walk through to the main event. Your balloon arch can even double up as a photo location once everyone has arrived!

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Have A Words Of Wisdom Jar

A words of wisdom jar can be a sentimental and meaningful touch to your otherwise

high-energy occasion. Allow people to slow down and write out a few words of wisdom. These messages could be by graduates writing down what they’ve learnt over their time in education, or parents and family writing advice for recent graduates. Either way, it’s a great opportunity for your guests to slow down and reflect on all they’ve learnt and share this wisdom with others who may need it.


Set Up A S’mores Making Station

Something super fun to have at your party is a s’mores making station. This is perfect for later in the day when games start to wind down, and pictures have been taken. Your guests can treat themselves to a s’more and have fun making it!


Have A Candy Shop

Set up a candy shop using mason jars and paper bags. Let your guests help themselves with any sweet treats they desire and don’t forget to snap a cute pic for insta before all the colourful candies get eaten!


Create Big Punch Bowls

Depending on your age, you can create big alcoholic or alcohol-free punch bowls. Fill these with fruit for extra flavour and put up a cute rustic sign telling people to help themselves to some delicious punch!


Bake A Grad Themed Cake

As well as cupcakes, you can bake a big grad themed cake for the centre of your table. You could have the cake to match your school’s colours or be in the shape of a graduation cap. Set aside a time in the party where you’ll cut the cake together and reminisce on your achievement. Nothing is more celebratory than sharing a tasty cake!


Create Floral Centerpieces For the tables

Create a bright and beautiful floral centrepiece for your tables. Once the party is over and the guests are leaving, you can give each graduate a selection of flowers to go home with.


Create Lawn Boards

Lawn boards are great decorations. Place a lawn board on your front garden as a party entrance sign so guests know where they’re going. You can use lawn boards for an array of things: signage, quotes, photographs. Lawn boards are the perfect party aesthetic as well as being functional!


Set Up Garden Games

Garden games are a brilliant way to entertain your guests. Get people mingling and having fun with outdoor games. You could have oversized Jenga or Connect 4, or even set up a ping pong or tennis tournament.

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Give Your Guests A ‘Real World’ Survival Kit

Give your guests a party favour in the form of a ‘real-world survival kit’. In here, you can give your fellow graduates gifts that will help them as they transition into the real world, or for high school grads, for when they start college. In their survival kit, you can give them practical gifts such as pens and planners. You can also give them quotes and words of affirmation to encourage and support them as they transition to a new stage of life.


Play Guess Who With The Guests At Your Party

You can play a big game of Guess Who using those at the party as the characters in the game. A game like this is a fun way to involve everyone and is sure to provide some laughter from outlandish guesses!


Give Out ‘Most Likely’ Awards

Most likely awards are a great opportunity to reminisce on how well you know your fellow graduates. It also means you can poke fun and have a giggle at one and other. For example, ‘most likely to embarrass themselves on a first date’ or ‘most likely to drink too much at the party’.


Have A PolaroidStation

Set up a polaroid station for your guests to use. Put your polaroid camera on a decorative table with a sign that encourages them to have fun taking their photos. You can provide silly props for them to use in their photographs. When they’ve taken their polaroid, have them pin it up on a pinboard. By doing this, when the party’s over, you have an album or board full of funny guest photos to look back on.


Make Your Party Decorations Match Your Schools Colours

Run with the school theme and make your decorations match your school’s colours. Take this even further by pinning up the school’s logo or putting up the school flag as decoration around the party.


Decoration Your Own T-shirt Station

Set up a T-shirt decorating station with coloured markers or fabric paint. Your guests can create T-shirts for their future colleges, or you could collectively come up with a phrase where you each wear a letter. Customising T-shirts is a super fun activity and gives your guest a memento they can treasure forever.


Have A Cookie Or Cupcake Decorating Station

Get your guests to decorate their own cupcakes or cookies using all the icing and sprinkles they desire. People love being creative, and when paired with scrummy treats, you can’t go wrong!


Have A Graduation Hat Decoration Station

Encourage your guests to decorate the top of their grad hats. Set out an assortment of arts and crafts supplies and watch people’s inner artist take over. If people don’t want to decorate their actual grad hat, you could make card cut out graduation hats for them to draw, doodle, and decorate. These will also be super cute props for a photoshoot!


Give Out School Awards

Alongside giving out funny most likely to awards, you can give out more sincere awards. These certificates could acknowledge real achievement your fellow graduates have succeeded in. For example, celebrate who got the highest grade or who never missed a class (even when they probably should have). Make sure you make your guests feel as special as they can on this once in a lifetime occasion!

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Have A GuestBooks

Place a guest book at the party’s exit so guests can write a message before they leave.

Tip: put a large board/sign above the guest book so people don’t pass by and forget to write in it.


Have A DJ

Hiring a DJ can give your graduation party a luxury feel. By having a DJ your party will stand out and be truly unforgettable! It also means you don’t have to worry about the music. This means you can get on with your night and celebrate with your friends!


Have A Big Projector Screen Showing Home Movies

Set up a slideshow of home movies and photographs from your school/college days. Present these on a big projector for everyone to see. People will love reminiscing on their school days. Remind them of all the amazing times they’ve had and all the experiences they have to be thankful for!


Have A Class Photo Banner

Hang a class banner up as a decoration. This could be in the form of a photo collage, or elegant typography that reads ‘Class Of 2021’. Remind people what they’re there to celebrate! Once the party is over, you get to keep the banner as a reminder of the incredible graduation party you had with the people you love.

Whether you’re graduating from college or high school, this is your time to celebrate! Make sure you make the most out of your graduations because they’ll only happen once.

These are definitive moments in your adolescence and your life. Take this opportunity to celebrate with your fellow grads, have fun, and reminisce on all you’ve achieved.

These graduation party ideas are guaranteed to keep your party lively, stress-free, and make sure it’s unforgettable!


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