16 Very Best Stag Do Ideas

16 Very Best Stag Do Ideas

Being the one to plan a long ancient tradition deeply rooted in many cultures is a great honor. Stag do activities have evolved over the years owing to so many factors. The world is now more connected, giving you more opportunities to have friends from different countries and cultural backgrounds. So there’s a need for thinking more outside the box!

In this article, we will be discussing 16 once-in-a-lifetime, and trending Stag do ideas. But before the list, let’s discuss how to plan one.


How to plan a stag do

There are some critical steps to be considered to successfully plan a stag do. This event has evolved to not just last a day but usually a weekend-long.  Some of the things to be prepared for are listed below:


  • Get a theme 

You need to discuss with the Stag to know what his preferences are. This will help you develop a theme for the event and the kind of costumes you will be considering. It will help you to give the correct information to every member of the group. 


  • Get a guest list

Get a comprehensive list of the guests; make sure to consult with the Stag. Your theme for the party will also let you know who can be added to the list.


  • Effective communication with the group

Determine a suitable way to communicate effectively with every member of the group. Different social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., offer such services.


  • Budgeting

Discuss your plans in the group and let everyone contribute to eventually come up with a budget. Your location, accommodation, feeding, and every other thing involved should be open for discussion. This will help you to conclude on what amount each member has to pay.


  • Have a To-do List

This will highlight all your activities and the itinerary. It will also give room for checks and balances to have a smooth event.


  • Consult with experts

Considering the amount of time and effort that has to be put into planning and executing this event, there may be a need to consult with experts. The Stag do industry is vast, and many companies help to make these things very easy. Consult with experts as they will help to make things easier and well put together. 


Having talked about how to go about your planning, here are some extraordinary, exciting, and trending, once-in-a-lifetime events for you. 


1. Mud Wrestling

Mud Wrestling is a trending activity in Budapest. Two trained female wrestlers will fight to entertain the stag and his team while drinking. It’s not a fight per se but an erotic show. Depending on what you want, You can pick from various other things to fill the wrestling arena—things like Chocolate or foam. The exciting part of the game is seeing the ladies fight to ‘death,’ meaning they end up face down in the mud. 


2. Motor Paintballing

Paintballing is an excellent sporting option for the event. It helps to bring a mix of entertainment and adrenaline rush. Motor paintballing, also called drive-by paintball, takes the fun level higher. To enjoy this fun game, plan to spend nothing short of two hours. Some places offer you a military-like experience based on the location and setting. You can have a thrilling adventure in a place like Tallinn, Belgrade, etc.


3. Tank Battle

Tank Battle Painting is another exciting variation of the paintballing game that you can explore with the crew. The game also simulates the military experience with machines looking like the military tank. And you will engage in a battle with your opponents firing paintball cannons. You’ll also experience driving with a periscope, radio headset, and helmet. The time spent will be so memorable. Leicestershire, UK

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4. Dog sledding

You can go a level higher by dog sledding instead of skiing. And who says Dog sledding can only be done during Winter? Some places offer this experience all year round with a bit of tweak here and there. You and the crew can opt for this kind of fun activity. If you’re a dog lover, you get to see huskies at work. You can add this as part of your activities when signing up with the stag company.


5. Shooting Range

The shooting range offers you an action-packed and thrilling experience. This will give everyone (newbies and professionals) the opportunity to shoot at firing walls and different directions in a controlled environment. You will have a trainer who will show you what to do. There are usually various packages that you can pick from. This will enable you to experiment with varying models of guns. Some even have special packages where the groom will be allowed to shoot for free.


6. Off-Road Driving Experience

This option offers you and the stag crew an opportunity to experience Driving on a whole new level. This activity will test your driving capabilities by completing different tasks. You will also have guides assigned to you so that you don’t miss your way. This can be explored in places like Serbia, Riga, etc.



7. Quad Bike Safari

Quad Biking is a fun game that challenges you and keeps the adrenaline pumping. It also doesn’t need expertise. All it takes is a set of instructions on how to use the bikes some minutes before take-off. The safari experience enables you to get to beaches and forests, taking the quad bike trip to a whole new level. This is a fun and engaging activity for everyone involved.


8. The Unusual Prison Experience

This very unusual activity takes place in a deserted Military Base. If you and the crew wish to have a once-in-a-lifetime mixed with crazy experience, this is it. You and the team will be made to go through real-life procedures, including photographs for your prisoners’ cards. All these photographs will be mailed to you. This is not an option for timid people because you will go through many drills such as jogging, push-ups, etc. Afterwards, you will be locked in the prison rooms or roam about. If you’re up for an out-of-the-ordinary experience, this is it. 

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9. Ice Fishing

If you’re looking for an unusual and thrilling experience, ice fishing fills the gap. This method of fishing is unique and is exclusive to the Baltic regions. It’s totally different from finishing in flowing water. This activity is seasonal (During Winter), and your session can last up to four hours. You will learn techniques used by Latvian fishermen to catch fishes in frozen lakes. Both expert and novice fishing pros can engage in the game. 


10. Fly in a Military Fighter Jet

This once-in-a-lifetime experience avails you the opportunity to fly in a Military Fighter Jet. Isn’t that cool? Another high point in this experience is the jet itself. The history and what these jets have been used for in times past. This experience will definitely be worth your time. 


11. Beer cycling

If you and the crew are beer lovers, you can enjoy your drinking activities in this unusual manner. You and your fun-loving friends can tour the city, crack jokes and drink while at it. You’ll have a driver taking you around the town, but you’ll also pedal with him. A bike usually holds up to fourteen (14) people.  


12. Bubble Football

Bubble Football is a recreational sport like football. The only difference is that half of the body, the upper part, is enclosed in a see-through bubble. The main objective of the competition is to score goals against the other team. There are different variations of the game, though. This depends on the package you’ll be picking. You can opt for this because it’s a very hilarious game.

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13. General Grooming

One activity that can also be done in preparation for the big day with the team is this grooming session at Barbershop Co. You can have your hair cuts, beards trimmed, etc. This activity can be planned if the stag do is happening the same week as the wedding.


14.Boat Party

A boat party allows you to party while touring beautiful sights. It can be done during the day or at night; this depends on the package you opt for. Cities that offer this kind of experience include Prague, Bournemouth, Berlin, London, Newcastle, etc.


15. PoolParty

Poolparty is a fun stag do activity. It’s the recreation of a nightclub in the daytime, in water. It will be packed full of many activities. You can party in the day or at night, depending on the time you have planned it on your itinerary. 


16. Indoor Rock Climbing

Also called Indoor Bouldering is a fun recreational activity that will leave everyone with lots of excitement. Security measures have been put in place, and guides are on standby to give the necessary instructions. These activities are available in Berlin, Paris, etc.


In Summary

Having listed out these ideas, an important thing you should note is that you can have a mixture of two or more of these ideas to make the event worthwhile. We understand that a lot of stress and difficulty comes with planning a Stag Do. But the joy, excitement, and ultimately the feeling of a great accomplishment that comes at the end (for everyone involved) can’t be quantified? We will be glad to hear about your Stag Dos in the comment section below. 


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