7 Very Best Halloween Party Games

7 Very Best Halloween Party Games

Halloween is a public holiday loved by millions. This is the only time when children can dress up and trick or treating. Another way to celebrate this spookiest day of the year is having a party. One way to make sure your party is a success is to organize some traditional Halloween party games. To make this holiday, even more, fun for your kids (if it is a party for the small ones), or for your friends, let them assist in planning the party.

Here are some interesting games for Halloween party that will surely heat up the atmosphere and provide unforgettable entertainment:


Best Halloween Party Games:


Pumpkin bowling

This game is very easy to play and to prepare. You can use rolls of toilet paper, plastic bottles or towel rolls. You can decide. The easiest way is to use paper rolls. This game can be played both kids and adults.

Make several groups or teams of players. The number of players in the group, of course, depends on the number of guests at a party. So, the game is to win one of the teams. Bowling balls are actually small pumpkins. When a player gets hit, has the right to one more attempt to bowl a strike. And if then he/she scores another hit, receives a small prize. The grand prize conquers the winning team.


Wrap the mummy

Most children have trouble playing with toilet paper, but not in the traditional Halloween game called wrap the mummy. To play it, you will need many rolls of toilet paper. Group them all in a team of two. The idea of this game is that everyone has to wrap his partner or teammate comfortably from head to toe in toilet paper as quickly as possible. Make sure you leave the exposed faces to breathe more easily.


Create a scary story

Items needed for the preparation of the game

  1. Creativity
  2. Predisposition
  3. Imagination

Game instructions

Make everyone sit in a circle and tell them you’re going to tell a story and that the best is to help create it. Select an extroverted child to start or write some ideas and start ourselves. For example: “It was a rainy, cold night when I walked down the road, and I saw a big, creepy house from the distance.” The story then moves to the next player who must add his/her own intrigue or surprise; this continues until all guests have participated and completed the story. Without the knowing of participants, record the narration of the story and then play it at the end. For fun: Turn off the lights and put a flashlight under the face of narrator while the narrator has its share of a ghost story.

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Frightening food

Serve snacks that will look completely unpleasant. The food should look super scary and realistic to impress young people. Serve some crunchy nuts inserting cockroaches abundantly covered with cottage cheese disheartened dates. To make false worms, you can cut sausages into long, thin strips and put them in a pan of boiling water until they begin to curl. Remove from the water and cover with ketchup to make them look like worms with blood. You can also buy a brain-shaped mold pineapple chunks and mix gelatin in it to create the sandwich brains.


Sticky face

A “Sticky face” is a messy but entertaining game, which children will especially enjoy. To play this game, tie some long ropes around donuts and hang them from the ceiling. The players have to stand or sit under the donut and see who can eat the donut faster without using their hands. This game is very messy, so if dirtying the face is not your thing, you better sit and participate only as an observer in this particular game. And even that can be quite fun.

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The spiderweb

Halloween party games

Halloween party games

For this game is needed a lot of rope in various colors. Each player or team should have one colored rope. The rope must be distributed around the room, passing beneath the tables, around chairs, tangling in furniture or floors above the door, etc. Each player will have one end of the rope and will have to untangle this spider web in the shortest time possible. The first who solve this mess will be the winner and will get his reward.


Musical tombs

This is a scarier version of the game of musical chairs. Group a several chairs in the circle, one less than the number of players, and they shall represent the tombs with bags of black or gray plastic, painted white crosses, or signs R.I.P. Music should also be terrifying, for example, soundtracks of horror films. When the music stops, the players have to take a grave. Whoever stays without a chair, he or she will be eliminated from the game.

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