100 Very Best Things To Do On a Rainy Day

100 Very Best Things To Do On a Rainy Day

What to do on a rainy day? Rain May Be a Good Thing for Luke Bryan, but rain for most of us is a nuisance. It ruins plans and makes us stay inside while drenching the outside and making mud. Below is a list of just a few rainy day activities you can do to make a rainy day feel a little less dreary.

Things To Do On a Rainy Day

— Best Rainy Day Activities 2024

1. Read a book.
Take a breath, curl up with a nice blanket, and read as the rain falls outside.

2. Clean the house.
Get down and dirty scrubbing those floors and giving the stove a much-needed clean. As the earth gives itself a nice wash, take the time to cleanse your space.

3. Organize your digital files.
No one wants to spend hours organizing their digital files on a nice day, so take time on a dreary day to get tasks like this done.

4. Bake something sweet.
Satisfy that sweet tooth and use the oven to warm the house as the rain comes down.

5. Try a new recipe.
Take the time to try that complicated recipe with twenty different steps. What else are you going to do?

6. Watch a movie.
You don’t have to feel judged for watching the entire Harry Potter Series on a rainy day.

7. Take a nap or two.
Spend the day in bed relaxing, taking naps, or watching Netflix with nothing to do.

8. Call a friend.
A good long conversation with a friend or someone you love can be just what you need on a rainy day. Take the time to connect with someone while watching the rainfall outside.

9. Try a new hair or makeup look.
It can feel risky to try a new look when you have to leave the house, so try something new on a rainy day to take the anxiety out of it.

10. Start a blog.

11. Catch up on someone else’s blog.

12. Invite friends over for a get-together.

13. Do a puzzle.

14. Experiment with making cocktails.
You don’t have anywhere to be. The rain has canceled your plans, so why not make a few drinks and have fun experimenting. Maybe you’ll discover your new favorite drink.

15. Dive deep into a Reddit thread.

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16. Play a card game.

17. Paint your nails.

18. Color in coloring books

19. Go to the movies.

Take time to see the newest blockbuster you’ve been dying to see but haven’t had time. Make it a double showing to kill more time.

20. Go bowling or to an arcade.
Maybe you haven’t been to a bowling alley for years. Now’s your time to relive your childhood and play a few rounds.

21. Try ax throwing.
Ax throwing can be a fun way to test your throwing skills in a fun, casual environment. Channel your inner lumberjack and start a friendly competition.

22. Start writing a book.
Do you have a story inside of you that’s just dying to come out? Or maybe you know people would love to read your memoir. Just start writing and see what happens.

23. Start that business you’ve been dreaming about.

24. Go to a rage room.

25. Play video games.

26. Build a fort in your living room.

Relive your childhood and build an epic fort in your living room. Grab all the blankets and pillows in your house and crawl in. Spend your day reading books or watching movies in your fort, hiding away from the rain.

27. Go to the gym.

Spend a few hours in the gym working up a sweat or taking a new workout class you’ve meant to try.

28. Take a yoga class.

29. Meditate.

30. Build a lego set.

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31. Explore Pinterest DIY projects

32. Organize your schedule and to-do lists for the next few weeks.

33. Create a bucket list or life plan.

34. Create a collage from old magazines.

35. Unsubscribe from email lists and throw away junk mail.

We all know our inbox has become a trash bin for spam and promotional emails. Spend the day cleaning it up and unsubscribing from email lists.

36. Create a vision board.

37. Light candles around the house.

38. Do a crossword puzzle.

39. Learn about something new.

Take the time to explore a new topic and dive deeper into a subject you may not know anything about. Spend time on Wikipedia or reading non-fiction books.

40. Rainy day photoshoot.

41. Go to your favorite restaurant.

42. Try a new restaurant.

43. Binge a TV Series

You know you’ve been dying to catch up on all the seasons of Brooklyn-nine-nine.

44. Take a bath.

Draw a warm bubble bath, sprinkle in a few drops of essential oil, and slip into deep relaxation.

45. Watch the rain.

Slow down and just watch as the rain falls.

46. Play twenty questions with a loved one.

47. Visit someone close by.

48. Go to a museum.

49. Go on a scavenger hunt around the house or at a store.

50. Wash your bedsheets.

51. Paint your room.

Push all your furniture to the middle of your room, take a trip to the local hardware store, and spend the day painting your space a new color. Painting your room can take a while, and we often put it off until another day, but on a rainy day, you’ve got all the time to get it done.

52. Rearrange your house, living room, or bedroom.

Use the rain as an excuse to redesign your space. Move your bed to a new wall or change up where you put your couch in your living room. Shift the furniture around a couple of times and try multiple different arrangements.

53. Spend the day online shopping.

54. Go to the mall.

55. Have a solo dance party.

56. Start journaling.

57. Make slime.

58. Try a science experiment.

59. Take up painting.

Whatever you create doesn’t need to be good; it’s all about exploring something new or something that scares you even to try.

60. Discover a new hobby.

Have you tried knitting yet? Why not pick it up today?

61. Make bead jewelry or friendship bracelets.

62. Try origami.

63. Visit an escape room.

64. Explore an indoor trampoline park.

65. Go Ice Skating at an indoor rink.

66. See a local play.

67. Go to the library.

68. Visit a local bookstore.

69. Go to a Roller Rink.

70. Plan a fun day at an indoor water park.

71. Visit a history museum or children’s science museum.

72. Decorate cookies.

73. Complete a few number puzzles.

74. Make a tie blanket.

75. Watch a documentary.

76. Sing to all your favorite songs.

Karaoke party for one? Yes, please! Sing to all your favorite songs loud and proud while the rain falls outside.

77. Start listening to a new podcast.

78. Start your own podcast.

79. Go down a Youtube rabbit hole.

80. Volunteer at an animal shelter.

81. Help make food for a soup kitchen in your area.

82. Go through old photos.

83. Create a time capsule.

84. Spend the day on Instagram.

Don’t feel ashamed; we all need a day of mindless scrolling sometimes.

85. Play board games.

Maybe you haven’t played Clue since elementary school, or Sorry has sat on your shelf for years. Pull ’em out and start a friendly game.

86. Fix things around the house.

The house is often a little neglected during nice days. The sink has been dripping for a few weeks, or maybe more than one door creaks every time it opens. Spend a rainy day fixing those things.

87. Deep dive into a new subject.

88. Sort through your closet.

89. Start learning a new language.

90. Detox from social media for the day.

91. Cancel unused subscriptions.

92. Try your hand at floral arrangements.

Go to the local flower shop and pick up a few different bunches of flowers. Spend the day making floral arrangements to brighten up your house.

93. Unfollow and unfriend people on social media.

94. Plan a trip.

Start planning your dream trip and build your itinerary. Look up hotels and plane tickets while exploring what excursions you could take.

95. Try a MasterClass course.

Take a course in a subject you want to explore taught by a master. Explore screenwriting with Aaron Sorkin or cooking with Gordon Ramsay.

96. Work on self-development.

Read a few self-help books or dive into a business development book from the New York Times Bestselling list. Spend the day working on yourself and growing towards something new.

97. Create a Spotify playlist.

98. Make some hot tea and relax.

99. Go outside.

Feeling the cool water pelt your skin softly can be very rejuvenating. Try it; we dare you.

100. Jump in the puddles.

Why stop at just standing there. Channel your inner child and jump in those puddles.

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