The Very Best 40 Gen Z Slang

The Very Best 40 Gen Z Slang

What do you mean, bestie?

Have you ever felt lost while talking to Gen Z-ers? Can’t keep up with the newest internet slang? We’ve got the article just for you! 

Every young generation comes up with new ways to communicate and Gen Z isn’t the exception. With the rising popularity of the internet, innovative phrases spread like wildfire. Don’t worry, we’ll help you with avoiding the flames! Here are 40+ most common Gen Z Slang words to keep you in the know.

Gen Z Slang Words You Must Know


A phrase used to describe a public figure or company that had been caught taking part in unethical practices. When somebody is canceled, they are losing public support of their work. They are boycotted in various ways; people stop buying their products, unfollow them on social media, etc.

Example: Have you heard the allegations about James Charles? He is canceled!


A person who is taking care of their business (work-related or personal) in over the top manner, without caring about other people’s well-being. Used ironically in sarcastic response to people working in multi-level marketing schemes who use it in a serious manner to describe themselves.

Example: I cheated on my exam #girlboss!


A phrase used to confirm the seriousness and truthfulness of a situation or statement.

Cap?= really?

No cap= I am serious.


 -Robert bought a new Ferrari!

-You’re joking!

-No cap!

Hits different

When new information changes people’s perspective on a situation.

Example: Now that I know they’ve been in a relationship all along, their videos hit different.


To be a fan of somebody or to approve someone’s choices. 

Example: They broke up with her last week. Finally! We stan!

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Mood, energy, emotional state associated with a person, thing or place

Example: This club always has such a fun vibe! Everybody is so nice!

They had us in the first half

A phrase describing a moment of realization when circumstances are deceiving at first.

Example: I thought they won’t make it but they won! They had us in the first half!


Something provoking second-hand embarrassment. 

Example: These photos are so cringy! My outfit was awful back then!

Bruh moment

Moment of failure.


(when somebody falls from a skateboard)

-Bruh moment

To roast somebody 

To make fun of somebody. Most of the time it’s used in a friendly context.

Example: My haircut is so bad. Feel free to roast me.


Humorous way of making a negation by adding “n’t” at the end of the word in a grammatically incorrect way.

Example: This comedy is funnyn’t. (This comedy isn’t funny)


Something provoking unsettling feelings. Usually, it’s used to describe things belonging in the uncanny valley, inducing contradicting feelings.

Example: We took those photos at night. They are so cursed!


Short for suspicious. Describing something or somebody that doesn’t seem trustworthy. 

Example: This ad is sus. Don’t click it, it’s probably a scam.


Thinking two people look cute together, wanting them to be in a romantic relationship.


-What did you think of the Abby and Eddy scene in the last episode?

-It’s so obvious they are in love! I ship them!


Fake or performative awareness. It used to mean being conscious about worldwide problems. Now, it’s used ironically.

Example: He went to the protest not even knowing what it’s about. He’s so woke. 

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The act of completing a videogame as fast as possible.

Example: Mary is doing a Mario Odyssey speedrun, she’ll be busy for the rest of the day.


Participating in unethical ways, being offensive, causing lots of unnecessary drama.

Example: He’s in another scandal, he’s so problematic!


An adjective used to describe something cool.

Example: This shirt is lit! I have to buy it!


Openly ignoring somebody.

Example: I sent him a text a week ago and he still hadn’t replied. He is ghosting me again.


Short for video blogging. The act of recording your daily activities while they are happening. 

Example: Anna started vlogging! We are going to the beach to make her video more interesting.


Words of encouragement, approval, appreciation. Can describe a successful attempt.

Example: He is slaying the competition! I think he’s going to win!


Sound expressing sympathizing with difficult situations. 


-Monica didn’t pass the math test.



Somebody going through dramatic positive change, deliberately.

Example: She snapped, she quit her job and started her own business.


Another word for gossip.

Example: How was the party yesterday? Give me all the tea!


To brag about or show off one’s own accomplishments and wealth. 

Example: He is flexing his Lamborghini.


Partying, having fun. It frequently involves spending lots of money.

Example: We are going to Vegas this weekend. We’re balling!


A word describing something you appreciate. 

Example: New Ariana Grande’s song slaps!

Chef’s kiss

Something very good quality or very tasty.

Example: We tried this new coffee shop on the corner and their cakes are so good. Chef’s kiss!


A person who is overly desperate to gain somebody’s approval. Doing way too much for them, always putting them first, disregarding their own good.

Example: He wants to date Kai so badly, he bought that expensive watch for them. He’s such a simp.


Short for alternative. A member of an alternative subculture or fashion movement.

Example: Josh is alt. Recently he dyed his hair pink.

Pick me 

A person agreeing with somebody’s values or ideas just to gain their approval. Usually, those beliefs are damaging to the pick me.

Example: She said women belong in the kitchen just so Micheal would date her. She’s such a pick me.


A genre of short videos on Tiktok. For example, videos about books are on book Tiktok which is then shortened to booktok.

Example: I’m reading this new book I got recommended on booktok. It’s fascinating!

Swipe left/right 

To show appreciation or dislike of something. Swipe left = to disapprove somebody, swipe right = to approve of somebody. A system mostly used on online dating apps.


-Look, that’s Adrian, he’s 22…

-Is that a picture of him holding a fish? Swipe left!


Abbreviation of “best friend”. 

Example: Let’s get some ice cream, bestie!


To relate to somebody, most frequently a fictional character.

Example: I kin Crowley from Good Omens.


Another word for “throw” or sound accompanying the act of throwing something. 

Example: I yeeted the ball over the fence. I have to go get it now.


Style. Usually referring to fashionable outfit that looks expensive

Example: I bought new shoes. My drip is fire!


Really good, fashionable, tasteful. 

Example: Fiona’s bag is fire! I need to ask her where she bought it!


A word used to describe a catchy song. 

Example: Have you heard the new Lady Gaga’s song? It’s a bop!

Main character

Charismatic person, living an interesting life, like a main character of a movie.

Example: Sarah just won the concert tickets! She’s such a main character!

Glow up

Positive change in character, appearance or spiritual change. 

Example: Flora had a glow up this summer. She looks great!

Twitter thread 

A sequence of posts on Twitter, connected to each other, forming a longer text post about one topic.

Example: I saw this thread on Twitter about skincare. I’m adding this new cream to my routine now.


Another word for a close friend group.

Example: I’m hanging out with my squad today, I’ll be back home late.

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