Mexican Pick Up Lines

    Mexican Pick Up Lines

    Mexicans are world-famous for their warmth and joy. This is reflected in all aspects of their daily lives, including, of course, flirting.

    Are you looking for a date and want to feel like Pancho Villa wooing the ladies? Feel free to use any of these Mexican pick up lines. So don’t shave that mustache, put on your sombrero, and serve some tequilas that, tonight, Pancho dines. 

    50 Of The Best Mexican Pick Up Lines

    Hey, señorita, don’t turn on the boiler if you won’t take a shower. 

    OMG, you really can hold up a piano. 

    I like it, Cacahuate.

    When do you go out for a piece of bread, Mamacita?

    You got me going after your little bones.

    Hey, pretty lady, you look like my next mistake.

    I like you to be my mom’s daughter-in-law.

    Would you like to be my sister’s sister-in-law?

    Angels! Angels are falling from heaven!

    I want to smear my Chile in that Torta!

    You smell like the love of my life.

    With that ass, dedicate me a fart.

    What candy store did you escape from, you, sweet marshmallow?

    What do little birds eat? Ma-macita!

    For someone like you, I could even work.

    Oh dear God, look at what you sent to us!

    You look tastier than Tacos!

    I would like to be the floor, so I can see you as you walk.

    Oh Lord, if hell is like this, I want the devil to take me with him.

    If you shake it the way you move it, what a tasty chocolate!

    For you, I become a mariachi to play you “La Cucaracha”.

    So much beef and me, toothless!

    What toy store did you escape from, you, baby doll?

    Is there a war in heaven? I see angels falling.

    What a sweet marshmallow! And me, diabetic.

    Miss, don’t walk in the sun, in this heat the chocolates melt.

    I would want to be cross-eyed to see you twice.

    God must be distracted because the angels are escaping him.

    The little angels must be jealous because I cannot stop dreaming of you.

    If beauty were a sin, you’d already be in hell.

    You’re an angel who escaped from heaven to come to Earth to steal my heart.

    Didn’t it hurt when you fell from heaven? Little angel!

    I’m looking for goddesses for a new religion and I just chose you.

    What’s a star doing flying so low?

    For the moon I give a kiss, for the sun I give a lot, for the light of your gaze I give my soul, life, and heart.

    I’m going to kill my astronomy teacher because not all the stars are in the sky.

    You’re the candy that sweetens every day of my life.

    The doctor told me no candies, but how to abstain from your kisses.

    You dropped the wrapper, you little marshmallow!

    Your mother must be a confectioner because a marshmallow like you can’t be made by just anyone.

    Would you like to make a Quesadilla with my Chorizo?

    I think your Chicharron would be perfect for my Tlacoyo.

    Girl, I would like to lick your Percherona!

    May I have a little bite of that Mazapan?

    I would love to be the Ajonjoli of your Mole.

    If you allow me to, I could be the perfect Chipilin of your Tamalito.

    My lovely lady, I want to be the chicken of your Chilaquiles.

    When everything is bad, Mezcal. When nothing looks good, just you.

    Let’s have some kisses and Margaritas, Chiquitita.

    I think I had too much Tequila, you look so perfect to be real.