The 52 Very Best Fart Jokes

The 52 Very Best Fart Jokes

Toilet humour is a common part of daily life, even though some hate those fart jokes, nobody can’t deny that they are one of the best things that happened in this world full of laughter. No matter what age you are, the only thing that matters is feeling again like a kid reading these funny fart jokes we have made for you.

I love to help

1- Every time you fart you help etiopia bi killing 10 flies when the winds carry you smell there

Mom, I have a question?

2- Mom, are farts heavy? No son, why?

So don’t make it to the bathroom on time

Call the doctor

3- If i had a quarter for every time i farted in my life i would have two. Which is not a lot but im worried it only happened twice

Smelly cut

4- How are a cut and a fart alike?

in which the bad feeling lasts a while


5- Wanna get an instant permanent completely free?

Get face first into someone’s smelly spray of hair fixer. Even your roots will get curly

Intellectuals say

6- According to an intellectual: The fart is the sigh of the soul

A horrible date

7-  This date was the worst, BYE

Nothing good happened to me tonight, (Fart), Well something good came out …

It’s how you say it

8- Listen I have something very important to tell you

What?    (Fart)    Ok I understand you


9- You’re a piece of shit

Normal, we were all born of a fart

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The killer fart

10- Once upon a time there was a man who had ass hair so long that he once farted and was whipped to death.

Lessons from a teacher

11- Students pay attention, everything you say will go to the test.

(Fart)  That too teacher?

IOS or windows

12- Why can’t Bill Gates fart at home?

Because they had no windows

The wisdom of a father

13- Dad, what are the clouds?

God’s farts, son

Ammo shortage

14- Soldier, why is he eating so many beans !?

Because you have to recharge the flamethrower, Sir

Cows not only give milk

15-  What is it called cow farts?

Dairy air.

Money for gas

16- I farted in my wallet

Now I have the money for gas


17- What did the burp say to the other burp?

Let’s be bad and come out the other side

Father’s day

18-What did the bean say to his father on Father’s Day?

The best fart in the world

The real terror

19- Do you know what is scary?

Trying to fart after having diarrhoea

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Bad jokes

20- When is it an acceptable fart joke?

When it doesn’t suck.

A new band

21- An eye, a nose, an ear and an ass want to form a band

And the nose says: If the ass sings I’ll go

Emergency call

22- if you are afraid whistle

(fart) Sorry i did it on the other side

Dad the Zoologist

23- Dad, why do baboons have red asses?

Because they farted very hard

Daddy’s fart

24- Dad you are very fat

No son, this is a fart that never came out

Natural gas

25- What happens when you fart in nature?

It is natural gas

The fart of life

26- How do we know if you are alive?

(Fart)  Ahh, that sucks friend… Yes it’s alive

Origin of thunder

27- Dad, why do lightning strike?

It’s thor’s farts, son

The bad foods of the god of thunder

28- Dad, what are thunderstorms?

Thor with gases, son

The german sausage

29- How do you call a gassy sausage?

A frank-farter

Consequences of plastic surgery

30- When a woman who had her ass made at the plastic surgeon farts it sounds like a clown trying to make a ballon figure of a poodle with all the details

Class difference

31- What is the difference between a noble gas and a fart?

That the nobleman threw it a rich man and a poor man farted

Like in the opera

32- Your ass will not be part of an orchestra, right?

because your farts sound like a trumpet

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Dragon breath

33- If farts are flammable, and dragons breath fire……. Does that mean they have ass breath?

Or does it mean dragon breath is actually when your breath smells like ass?

Blind location

34- Why do blind people fart?

To know where they are

Big scares

35- Hospital, I think I’m going to give birth!

false alarm, it was a fart

Dirty money

36- Hey, why do you have a disgusted face if you withdrew money from the bank?

someone farted there

And I win by a fart

37- They ask a car racer how he won the race

And he say: I farted that propelled me to victory


38- What does the face say to the butt?

Get out first, you got a horn

A horrible musical career

39- Why did the butt band fail?

Because his music sounded like shit

Odorous propellant

40- How did the diver save from drowning?

He powered himself up with his own farts

A gas leak

41- My grandfather repairs a gas leak in my house, but I fart so hard that I don’t know whether to call him again.

They tell me old car

42- Mom at school call me the exhaust pipe. why son?

‘Cause I fart like I’m an old car


43- Farts are like books, we all prefer them if we are alone

Love and hate

44- Farts are like cats, sometimes they are good and soft and other times they hurt you

Farts and dogs

45- Los perros y los pedos se parecen mucho, son ruidosos, inesperados y a veces duele sacarlos

Math farts

46- Farts are like math, many of you hate them but they are necessary

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Reflections of gassy thought

47- When you laugh at your own farts you have a beautiful soul, if you fart and get a boner you are a creep

Plumbing jobs

48- I once hired a plumber who farted in the water pipes to increase the pressure

Happily married

49- Once I saw a beautiful brown design on my dress, a week later I found out that it was a fart from my husband

The true inner voice

50- The fart is a way for the body to say “Hear me Out” when the others say “Use your inner voice”

Mating season

51- Once I farted on a megaphone, 8 birds came thinking that I wanted to mate

Like the birds

52- Many times I am afraid of farting and realizing that something in the shape of an egg came out

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