150 Best Pick Up Lines For Guys To Use On Girls

150 Best Pick Up Lines For Guys To Use On Girls

Everyone has there own way of doing things, yet sometimes we all need to change it up a bit. Let me introduce you to the three kind of pickup lines that will catch the attention of your person of interest.

If you feel awkward about approaching and chatting with your crush, try a few lines from the 50 Cheesy Pickup Line category to get a laugh. If you find yourself wondering what you should say, try working a few from the list of 50 Pickup Lines that are suitable for many situations. If you have a good deal of condfidence and need some new material, try and pull off a line or two from our list of Smooth Pickup Lines to catch their attention. I can assure you that you can succeed! One of these pickup lines was used by my husband and I have to say, I hadn’t heard that one before.

People like to be noticed in different ways, so choose the most suitable pickup line for your crush, and determine how you think you can best impress them. That is the secret to success!

50 Pick Up Lines for Guys

Your confidence is admirable. (What brings you here?)

I can only think of one way you could be more gorgeous than with that dress on. (Will you let me take a little of your time?)

The only thing you’re missing is a diamond on that pretty little hand. (What brings you here?)

How is it possible for you to need a dating app? I’m surprised you have not been swept away already. (Tell me, if you don’t mind, why wait when you could have anything or anyone?)

Beauty, brains, a killer tolerance for liquor, what more could a guy ask for? (The next round is on me. Would you mind if I join you?)

I noticed from your profile that you like traveling too. (Maybe you can show me your favorite places?)

I am almost speechless, but I had to take the opportunity to speak with you before someone else does. (Can I steal a little bit of your time?)

Your laugh is contagious, yet you still make me nervous. (Any chance I can take you out sometime?)

I’d hate to seem like I am staring at you, but to be honest, you are the only woman I have noticed all night. (If you wouldn’t mind, I would love to chat.)

Pardon me, but I cannot stop thinking about what those whiskey lips would taste like. (Will you allow me to take you to dinner?)

You already intrigue me and we have yet to even speak. (How about we change that?)

Is this seat taken? And if it is, please allow me to kick out whoever was here before because they should not have left you alone.

I’d say I would grab the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes, but your eyes already have me stargazing. (Would you like to go out sometime and get to know one another?)

I couldn’t help but notice you don’t have a ring on your finger. (Is there any chance you would strike up a conversation with a stranger?)

You seem to be enjoying that drink quite a bit. (Can I join you for another?)

I haven’t seen anybody here with you. (Would you mind if I changed that?)

I see your photos and I can only imagine you must be even more stunning in person. (Would you consider going out with me?)

I don’t see what a girl like you would see in me, but I could have sworn I saw you smile at me. (Any chance you’d be interested in getting to know one another?)

You had me at hell yeah! (What do you say we get this party started?)

The moment I saw your profile I knew it had to be you. (What do you say?)

I wish I wasn’t married because you are a sight for sore eyes. Just kidding about being married. I wanted to see what that cute face would do. (Let’s chat!)

The things you do to me are beyond my control. (What’s stopping you from spinning around on this floor?)

How in the world is a woman like you on a dating app? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were fake, but you’re not, right?

If you ran and circles my eyes would roll in circles to follow you. (Are you interested to chat?)

If a girl like you gives a guy like me a chance, there is hope for the world after all. (How about it?)

You’re profile pic is smokin’ hot, I’m surprised my phone didn’t catch fire. (Will you let me take you out?)

What is the worst pick up line you have heard? (Let her respond. If she says it is this one, say, “Well, at least I caught your attention.” If something else, “I tried my best! Can you give me one chance for a better one?”)

You seem so intruiging. I would like to get to know you better if you would like the same?

I noticed you enjoy (topic from profile) and would love to pick your brain. (What’s on your mind?)

I cannot believe my eyes. Your mother must be beautiful too. (Let’s talk!)

Do you smile everytime you look in the mirror? Because I can’t wipe the smile off my face from looking at you.

I feel like I am staring at the sun. You are so gorgeous but it pains me that I can’t pull you close to me. (Maybe one day you’ll let me?)

I thought I’d seen it all until I saw you. (How is a woman like you still available?)

My mind was spinning just watching you out there on the dance floor. (Any chance you want a dance partner for the next song?)

What is your favorite song? If I was any good at singing I would serenade you.

I hope I am not coming off too strong, but damn, you are one impressive gal! (You know that already, don’t you?)

Wow, I can’t say anything more. Just, wow. (Maybe you can open this conversation further?)

When you look in the mirror do you have to lift your jaw off the floor? If I was you I would.

If my mouth is agape I’m going to have to blame you. (Is that fair?)

What can I do to impress you? Because I have to catch your eye somehow.

If I was a pilot I’d fly you wherever you want. (Where would you want to go?)

If I could have you by my side, it would make my day. (I could settle for chatting if you’re interested?)

I’m so excited to see someone as unique as you here. (What would be your top favorite thing to do among all of your interests?)

If you could see my face from knowing you swiped right too, you’d see I am stupified.

I was about to delete my account until I saw you. (Now I’d love to give it another go and see if we can get to know one another. Would you?)

I feel crazy saying this, but would you give me a chance to prove we could be perfect together?

I feel like I got tased because your beauty shocks me. Can you blame me?

Has anybody told you that you’re perfect?

You seem wise beyond your years. I love that in a woman. (Will you let me get to know you?)

I love a woman who knows what she wants. Do I qualify?

50 Cheesy Pick Up Lines for Guys

I’d give anything to be that Budlight pressed against your lovely lips. (Would you think about making that dream come true?)

A couple screws came lose when you popped up. (Will you tighten them for me?)

Watching you sip that wine gets me everytime. (I’d love to buy you another if you are interested?)

Are you from National Geographic? Because you are driving me wild.

Don’t think, just let me buy you a drink. (What do you say?)

I vow to meet your every expectation, because a girl like you should be deserves to be a number one priority.

I don’t mean to interupt, but you’ve been interupting my eyes all night. (Is this seat free? I would love a close up).

I am sure you hear this all the time, but a woman as beautiful as you should be displayed in a botanical garden. (Would you settle for letting me take you there?)

I don’t want to come across too strong, but you are making it really hard. (What’s in that pretty little head of yours?)

I’d hate to be that barstool, because I know you will eventually walk away. (Maybe I can convince you to stay?)

Love at first sight is a bit farfetched, but I have to admit that I would love to wake up with you every morning. (I would kill to get to know you if you will allow it?)

(Please tell me you’re not a figment of my imagination?)

Are you a spy? Because you have infiltrated my mind.

If I knew your dad, I’d be asking for your hand already. (Are you going to slap me?)

You can’t knock me down because I am already head over heels for you. (Would you be interested in seeing where this could lead?)

I thought I was being catfished, but it turns out I am just hooked on you. (Let’s go out sometime! Anywhere you desire.)

I can’t help but want any attention I can get from you. (Are you going to slap me? Because even that will mean you are touching me).

I may be going crazy, but is there a chance I have a shot with you?

You could shoot me down every day and I’d still keep chasing you. (What do you say we make it easier and you give me at least one try to impress you?)

Mm, I could have you for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and a midnight snack! (Which do you want to be?)

If I could pack you in a box and bring you home like a toy, I totally would. (Is that too forward of me? I simply cannot take my eyes off you.)

My heart stopped and I had to swipe right. If you respond I may just survive!

Roses are red and violets are blue, my heart skipped a beat the moment that I saw you. (Too cheesy? I wanted to see you laugh.)

HOW are YOU still seeking love? Every single person on here must swipe right for you. (What do you seek in a partner?)

I’m going to plant myself in this seat next to you and compliment you. Feel free to water me if I offend you, but you are simply lovely.

Your radient like the sun, yet cool like the moon. You’re eyes shine like starts and your stride is as if you are walking on a cloud. Tell me, how can I capture the universe?

You come accross as an independent woman. May I still ask if I can take you out?

Roses are red and violets are blue. Without you in my arms I’ll soon be dead, its true. (I hope I caught your eye?)

Roses are red, violets are blue. I have a thought in my head, can I say it to you?

I want to be the person to make you smile everyday. What do you say?

I hope this isn’t too corny, but I’d love to take you to the fair for a corndog if you’re in?

Do you like carrots? Because I’d love to put a couple carats on your hand.

If looks could really kill, I’d be dead. (Can you tell me how I’m still alive after seeing you?)

I would love to see you out of that dress and in some cute fuzzy pajamas. (Why don’t we literally Netflix and chill? No expectations, I just want to see that smile).

I know you can buy yourself flowers, but I want to be the one to impress you everyday if you’ll let me?

You clearly know what you’re looking for. Is that me by chance?

You surely know how to reel in the line. I feel like a baited fish ready to be eaten. How long have you been fishing for?

What is your timeframe on love? Mine is now because I found you.

I don’t believe in fate, but we could be so perfect. (Wouldn’t you agree?)

Do you believe in fate? I didn’t until I saw you.

I’d kill to watch you drop that dress. Am I coming on too strong? Because I just want to stand out so you will give me a shot.

You took a dagger to my heart. Will you hold my heart so it won’t bleed out?

You’re sharp as a knife and know how to get to me in seconds. This is fate, right?

I wondered if you’d look at me sometime tonight, and when you turned around, I almost dropped to the floor. If I had, would you help me up?

I bet if we kissed on the dance floor this whole place would light up in flames. I get the feeling you’re up for anything. Hm?)

I’d buy this whole place to keep it open late just for you and I to talk. Would you stay?

I have some bad habits, but for you I’d quit it all. (What can I do to win you over?)

How is it that you are so radiant and I am not dying from too much radiation?

This place is like an iceburg, how can I break it for you?

There’s something about you that is different from any girl I have met. Take a guess?

I’d be honored to hold you in my arms. Would you be happy if I never let you go?

You are like Elsa, but I can’t let this go.

50 Smooth Pick Up Lines for Guys

I’ve traveled the globe and I’ve never seen anything as quite as spectacular as you. (Where are you from?)

As soon as I saw you, I knew I needed to catch your attention before someone else did. (What do you say?)

May I join you? It is impossible to believe you are here alone.

Looking at you I can’t imagine needing anything more. (How does that make you feel?)

It is my pleasure to meet you. Would you do me the honors of letting me take you on a date?

Love at first sight is a bit farfetched, but I have to admit that I would love to wake up with you every morning. (I hope this won’t scare you off?)

I’ve always wanted to see the world, but looking at you, I know I’ve seen the most stunning sight I could ever see. (May I take you out to dinner?)

You caught my eyes the moment I saw you and I haven’t been able to stop staring at that stunning smile. (Can I buy your next round?)

If you are here alone, I’ll be changing that for you. (That is if you’ll allow me?)

I simply cannot take my eyes off you. (Would you do me the honor of joining me for dinner?)

None of the girls here have anything on you. (Will you dance with me?)

I see you dancing like nobody is watching and I can’t take my eyes off you. (I am no dancer, but I have to ask, will you dance with me?)

I couldn’t help but notice we are drinking the same thing. I’d love to find out what else we have in common. (How about you?)

Your independence is refreshing. I would really like to get to know you better. (Shall we go to a quieter location to talk?)

I’ve never seen anyone or anything more ravishing in my life. (Please extend me the opportunity to treat you like a queen.)

I am curious as to why you’re not already taken. (What do you look for in a partner?)

May I just say you are the most ravishingly fascinating person I have met. (Can I take you out so we can meet in person?)

Hear me out, I have three words for you; Charming, alluring, seductive. (I couldn’t pass you by without making sure you knew that. (I have so much more to say that I would love to share on our first date.)

I am stunned by your pulchiritudinous. (When she asks what it means, reply with [your incredible beauty]) A word so commonly used does not suit someone like you.

I know you have heard you are strikingly gorgeous your whole life, but may I say that you are brilliantly clever too. (If she asks how do you know she is clever, respond [You lured me over here with less than one glance]).

Can you ask your mother what she put in your lips to make them so sweet? [A pick up line my husband used – clearly it worked].

I vow to meet every expectation you have, because a girl like you should not be here alone. (May I join you?)

What do you look for in a partner? (Me, I looked and saw you.)

Your beauty is astonishing. (What are you seeking?)

I’d kill to see that smile on purpose and know I caused it. (Any chance you’d let me if we get to know each other?)

My heart skipped a few beats when your photo popped up. I can only imagine what it would do if we were to meet. (What do you think?)

I’ve never wanted anything so badly without even thinking twice. (How do you do that?)

You could drive any man insane. (What is going on inside your brain?)

I saw we matched and would really like to see where this might lead. I’ll even let you take the lead if you want?)

It’s unbelievable how ridiculously gorgeous you are. You can’t deny we would look great together, can you?)

I am impressed by everything you have shared on your profile. (Would you be willing to share more with me?)

I love how bold you are. It is uncommon and brilliant. Wouldn’t you agree?

You have the cutest smile! (What are you up to?)

I wouldn’t blame you if you hit me, but I’d still enjoy your hand on my face, and I have to say you are the sexiest woman alive.

Your strength is sexier than anything I’ve encountered. Can I buy you a drink? Anything you like.

You had me before hello. I bet we could have an amazing conversation followed by a perfect date. (So, tell me, what’s your perfect date?)

To be honest, I have no idea what to say to you to stand out from the crowd. Maybe you could tell me what you look for in a man?

My God, you are a sight for sore eyes. (What are you doing on this beautiful evening?)

I’ve been wracking my brain on how to impress you, but I think honesty is the most important aspect of any kind of relationship. (I only hope you’re interested in more than just friendship?)

Can I take you out? I would far rather get to know you in person. (Are you interested in meeting?)

How can I tell you how lovely you are when so many people have beat me to it?

What do you dream of when you close your eyes? Me, I will be dreaming of you tonight.

Tell me your dreams and I’ll do everything in my power to make them come true.

Imagine you have one year to do anything you want with no responsibilities. What is the top five things you would do first?

You look like a dream and I hope that our dreams will match. (I bet we have a lot in common. What do you think?)

Hello, based on your profile you seem like the woman I’ve been seeking. Are you interested in something serious?

I thought about what to say for 20 minutes, but I am going to start with something simple. Would you like to go out for coffee and get to know one another?

A girl like you makes the world spin. Just like a snowstorm; a beautiful sin.

I have to know more about you, but I want to ensure we take things at your pace. What are you thinking?

Hello! What are you thinking about right now?

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