21 Very Best Couple Games

21 Very Best Couple Games

There are several ways to spark up your relationship and your method would likely depend on your partner’s love language. There’s however one general widely acceptable and exciting way to spark up your relationship and get closer to your partner. This is through exciting couple games that are fun to play and easy to understand. 

There are several couple games you can choose from. You can go for either arcade games, card games, video games, board games, etc. The options are practically limitless so you get to pick a game that suits you and your partner’s taste. 

Below are some of the different games for couples you can choose from. 


— The Best Couple Games to Play in 2024


The Picture Game

The picture game is a Rubik’s cube of excitement. This game is a fun and romantic couple’s game that you can play with your partner and the rules can be bent to meet your taste. The picture game involves taking a cubical box and pasting pictures on all sides. The pictures can be as naughty as you like. 

Take turns to throw the box and you and your partner have to do what the picture displays. The picture can be kissing, singing, dancing, etc. This game is exciting and will have you and your partner laughing hard.


Romantic Scrabble

Scrabble is a popular game played by everyone as soon as they could spell. However, you might not know that scrabble can be a romantic game. Romantic scrabble is quite easy. You make up the rules such as only sexy or romantic, naughty words are allowed. 

You can spice it up by choosing to do whatever your partner spells. You may also choose to be rewarded with a kiss after scoring a certain point, or you can make it naughty by taking off a piece of clothing. Romantic scrapple is a must-play for every couple. 


Drinking Roulette

Everything is fun with some alcohol in the system and drinking roulette is all about fun. You will need some drinks to play this game, preferably an alcoholic drink. Or you can use a non-alcoholic beverage if you want. 

This game requires one of you to ask a question and the other to give a polar answer (Yes or No). If the answer is in the affirmative, the person being asked a question would have to take a drink. If the answer is No one has to drink. 

Drinking roulette can be a fun way to get to know more about your partner. You can customize the game with a drink of your choice and fun questions your partner is okay with. 


Never Have I Ever

The perfect game for couples.

Never have I Ever is a popular game that has been played for decades. You may have played it in High school and even in college, and it’s a game you should try with your partner. This game is simple and fun. It can be a nice way to pass the weekend and relieve the stress of the weekdays. 

You need a piece of paper on which you write ‘Never’ on one side and “I Have” on the other and you’re ready to go.  You start by asking questions which is either about something you think your partner has done before or has never done before. This game is a fun way to get to know your partner and you can spice it up with a box of pizza and a bottle of wine. 

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Truth Or Dare

Truth or Dare might be one of the most popular games on earth. It’s so popular, it’s the subject of Hollywood blockbusters. Truth or Dare can never grow old and is a fun game you should try with your partner. 

You and your boo and get a go at each other by daring one another or asking each other fun questions. This game is a way to get to know more about your partner or even get to do those naughty things in your head. You can come up with a couple of Truth or Dare questions and spice up your relationship with these fun questions. 


Romantic Scavenger Hunt

As kids, or even as an adult you might have enjoyed playing Treasure Hunt. You know the thrill that comes with following clues to uncover a hidden treasure and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with discovering the treasure. You can channel that thrilling feeling of an explorer in creating a romantic scavenger hunt. 

You can design a romantic hunt with clues for your partner to find a treasure. The treasure can be a gift that you can be creative about. Design the hunt and leave some romantic clues in form of notes or directions. The clues will lead your partner to a prize that can be a romantic dinner or a sexy dress for a night out.  


Cooking/Eating Challenge

I guess you enjoy walking up to your partner while they are in the kitchen and grabbing them from behind and covering them with kisses. Cooking with your partner is a romantic act so why not turn it into a romantic game. 

If you enjoy cooking with your partner, you can make it into a fun weekend couple’s game where you engage in a cooking or baking challenge. You can choose to bake or cook something both of you like and make it fun by setting a timer. 

You and your partner can engage in some sizzling couple romance while finding out who is the better chef. 

After cooking, you and your partner can engage in an eating competition, if you don’t enjoy cooking, you could just order and engage in an eating competition. This cooking/eating game can help you put some excitement in your relationship and is a nice way for couples to goof around. 


Deal Or No Deal

This exciting family game show can be made into a fun couples game. With some cash and a list of wishes, you and your partner can be up for a night of excitement. 

You can make this fun TV game show into a private love game by placing a bundle of cash next to a romantic wish. Your partner gets to decide if there’s a deal or no deal. Your partner could also make a counteroffer to make the game more exciting. 

Deal or No Deal is a fun way for you and your boo to take the stress of your decision-making while also getting closer as a couple. 


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Wheel Of Fortune

You can probably remember sitting with your family with everyone glued to the TV Screen watching one of America’s most famous game shows. Wheel of Fortune might still be one of your favorite shows as an adult because of the excitement that comes with the unpredictability. 

Have you imagined playing a romantic and sexy wheel of fortune with your partner? You could turn the famous game show into an exciting couple games. All you need to do is to construct a wheel and print out different exciting things you and your partner can do. 

The options on the wheel could be fun, romantic, and even naughty options. Your partner gets to roll and do whatever is on where the wheel stops. 

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Building Bricks

Some couples are handy and they enjoy doing fun things together. You’re one of such couples, you can try the brick game. The brick game is a popular game amongst kids because it’s a fun way to pass the time. 

You and your partner could use the brick game as a way of spending tangible time together. You can build different things that appeal to your fancy and let your creative juices flow.



Puzzles are fun and exciting. There are different forms of puzzles to choose from so there’s always one puzzle that appeals to your sense of excitement. If your partner enjoys intellectually stimulating games, then puzzles are a good way for you guys to have some fun. 

You can either compete against one another or you can both solve a puzzle. Both are exciting and fun ways to get into a little couple competition.



Trivia and fun facts are always exciting. You and your boo could set up a couple of fun facts that can cover that can be both funny and also be a good way to bring some nostalgia into your relationship. You can come up with some fun and obscure facts that your partner will enjoy. 

The fact can be about yourselves, your favorite, TV shows, artists, places you’ve both visited, the facts of your first date, etc.


Staring Contest

Couples should always find ways to goof around and bring some childlike excitement into their relationship. A staring competition is one of the goofiest couple games you and your partner can try. 

Staring competition doesn’t require much planning and its spontaneity makes it exciting. You can simply lock eyes with your partner’s especially when they’re least expecting it. This is a sure way to get a laugh out of your partner and also reminds yourself what it feels like to stare into the eyes of the person you love.


Two Truths And A Lie

If your relationship is new and you’re trying to come up with new ways to know each other better, Two Truths and a Lie is a perfect game. Your partner gets to say three things out of which one is false and you have to detect the false. 

You can make the game more exciting by taking a drink whenever you or your partner guess wrong. You can also make it naughty by taking off a piece of clothing.

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Video Games

Video games are considered a masculine affair, however, they can be an exciting way to get close to your partner. Try handing your girl the second pad while playing  Call of Duty, Fifa, Need For Speed, Mortal Kombat, etc. 

Teaching your girl how to play video games is one of the best ways for couples to have fun. Watching her serious face and her efforts to win can be adorable and quite attractive. 

You will never understand the feeling until you try. Try this out and you might never be able to stop.


Board Games

There’re countless board games you can choose from. These games can be a nice way to take you and your partner on a nostalgic journey back to your childhood. From Snake and Ladders to Forbidden Island down to Warcraft, the options are limitless. 

You can try out some of these games and choose the one that is the most fun for you and your partner.


Card Games

Having your disco lights on, some music, and a couple of shots while dealing out cards brings Las Vegas to mind. You can bring the feeling of Vegas straight to your living room on a romantic game night. 

You can choose from Monopoly, Crowns, Five, etc to give you and your partner a traditional couple fun night.



Although this is usually a team game, you and your partner can still enjoy a fun game. You can set up clues that are exclusively known to you guys. This can be fun and also bring back the memories of fun times.


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Ping Pong

Some couples enjoy exhausting games and ping pong is an exciting indoor game. You and your partner can engage in a fun head-to-head while also using it as a medium for work out.


Hide and Seek

This childhood game can take a romantic form which you can and your partner can try out. One of you can hide while the one trying to find the other. You can make it more fun by dropping clues and it could even take a naughty twist when you leave a trail of clothes that can lead your partner to your hiding spot.

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This Or That

This is a fun bonding game for couples. This game allows you to learn more about your partner while enjoying yourselves. This or That allows you to ask your partners fun questions about what they would rather do or have. 

For those in a new relationship, this game is a fun way to know more about one another. If you’ve been in a relationship for a long time, it is a way to get your partner to tell you things you’ve been wanting to learn about them. 

Games are fun ways to spend quality time with your partner while also getting to know each other more. If you think your relationship needs a little more excitement, or you’re looking for a way to reignite the spark in your relationship, these fun games can be the answer you seek.


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