208 Very Best Ice Breaker Questions 

208 Very Best Ice Breaker Questions 

An ice breaker is one of the best tools in any setting to break the tension and get conversations going. Whether you are on a first date, in a workplace, or on a team and wanna get some conversations going, ice breakers can really help. Ice breakers come in many forms such as jokes or games and really help engage individuals. If you are looking for something to just get the conversation going here is a list of some of the best ice breakers questions.

In this article: Good, Best, Funny Ice Breaker Questions

Good Ice Breaker Questions

If you could join any band right now what band would that be? What would you do in the band?

If you had the ability to pause time or rewind time, which would you choose and why?

If you could move anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

What is the last book that you read?

Favorite show to binge?

Do you prefer reading or watching Movies/TV

What is the most random thing you carry with you?

Where do you spend most of your day?

Where is your favorite place that you have traveled to?

What are your favorite pizza toppings?

What is your favorite plant?

What is something that takes a substantial amount of time to complete but is always worth it in the end?

Which Web browser do you use on your computer?

What is your favorite search engine?

When you were a child what did you wanna do when you grew up?

When you get married or when you got married did you have or do you want a large wedding or a small wedding?

When you meet someone what is something that you would recommend to them?

What is your favorite animal? Have you or would you travel to go see it in person?

If you aren’t from here. Where are you from and what brought you here?

What is the #1 thing you would recommend doing in this town/city?

When you think of a product theme song what is the one that gets stuck in your head the most?

What is your favorite sport? What is your favorite Sports Team?

What is your favorite breakfast meal?

If you had to teach one subject. What are you teaching?

What is your favorite meal to cook?

What about growing up shocked you the most?

You are tossed onto an island with a broken ipod in your pocket. That Ipod can only play one song but has an unlimited battery. What is the song you hope it plays?

Have you ever left a one star rating on something? What did you review and why did you rate it that way?

You wake up and it is christmas morning what is the first thing you are going to do?

Would you say you are more of a cat person or a dog person?

What was the worst movie you have ever seen and why was it bad?

Would you rather cook or be cooked for?

How would you make your perfect sandwich?

What is your favorite form of takeout food?

What is your favorite part about working?

What is your favorite part about working at (blank) company/business/place of work?

What is the thing that most surprised you about working in (blank) industry?

If you could, would you bring your child to work or your pet?

Do you prefer working remotely or in an office?

What sort of things bring you joy in a workplace?

You suddenly are gifted with any skill of your choice. What is that skill?

Do you like live sports?

What famous people share your birthday? Do you think you are like them?

Are you more productive in the morning or at night?

What is the way in which you prefer to communicate?

Thinking back. What is the best event you have ever attended?

What are the things you do to motivate yourself to complete tasks?

Would you consider yourself to be artistic? What are things you do that are creative?

What is your favorite healthy food?

What are your favorite candies?

What are your favorite unhealthy foods?

What would you say is your favorite comfort food?

Someone put pineapple on the pizza. Are you happy?

You are on a team to make a tshirt design that will be worn by everyone at an upcoming party. What does the design look like?

Do you prefer meals with more meat or more vegetables?

Have you ever locked yourself out of your house or your car?

What are the things in your life that distract you from being productive?

What do you do to unwind after a long day of work?

You have a day off and have a list of chores. Which one is your least favorite?

Do you remember the first lie you ever told? What was it?

What is your favorite thing to spend money on?

What is your dream car?

What aspect of your life makes you the most confident?

Who in your life makes the best meals? What is your favorite thing that they make?

What is something you do every day that you wish you didn’t have to do?

What is one board game you can beat anyone at?

What charities do you know of that you think everyone should be aware of?

You are up next for karaoke. What song are you gonna sing?

What is your biggest fear?

You are fixing yourself a hotdog. What are you putting on it?

You are given a blank birth certificate for yourself. What is your name?

You are now the owner of a very successful store. What do you sell?

You have 24 hours to complete your bucket list. What are you going to do?

What quirks do you think you obtained from your parents? Do you think your kids will get them too?

During halloween, Do you aim to scare or impress?

Breakfast for dinner, or dinner for breakfast?

You get dressed for the day and find one hundred dollars in your pocket. What are you going to do with that money?

You have to eliminate one food from existence. What food is it that you ban?

You have to read a book to a group of people who are trying to learn your language, but you have to already own the book. What are you reading?

You are given the opportunity for your life to be a reality tv show. Do you accept the opportunity?

You have to cut your monthly budget. What is the first thing you are going to cut from your expenses?

What are some of the nicknames you call your pets?

What volume do you like to have your radio or tv set to?

You have ten tasks to complete for the day but two of the tasks take more than an hour to complete. How do you go about completing everything?

What piece do you play as in monopoly? Do you think that piece aligns with you as a person?

What holiday would you choose to live every single day if you could?

You get any ingredients you want to make a sandwich. What is on it?

Tomorrow you find out that aliens are real. How do you react?

Your boss gives you a gift for being an amazing employee. It is not a raise or cash. What do you think they are going to give you?

Best Ice Breaker Questions

What is your go to hype song?

Do you have any annual family traditions?

You can have an unlimited supply of anything, what is that thing?

All the books in the world disappear except for the three that you choose. Which books are you keeping?

You are being sent to a different planet to live for a while but are only allowed to bring three personal items. What are those items?

You are the Leader of a new country. What are you naming it?

What is something that you have done in your life that no one would expect?

What is something you think you would really enjoy doing but haven’t tried doing yet?

What is something that you have recently learned about yourself?

You are going on vacation across the country. Are you buying the next plane ticket or are you hoping in a car and going on a road trip?

You just received a backhanded compliment. What was said to you?

What is the coolest thing you have within arms reach of your desk?

You become famous overnight. What is the first thing you are going to do with your fame?

You can only live in one season for the rest of your life. Summer, winter, spring, or fall. Which are you choosing?

You can have one superpower. What is it and why?

If you were to take all of the events in your life and make it into a movie or show. What would the genre of that movie or show be?

Would you rather become super successful by accident or modestly successful on purpose?

A genie appears. You get three wishes and cannot wish for more wishes. What are you wishing for?

You are granted the opportunity to send a letter to your past self or receive a letter from your future self. Which do you prefer?

If you could have any mythical creature as a pet what would you choose?

If you could go on a road trip with someone alive or dead, who would it be and where would you go?

Are there skills in your life that you stopped working on that you would like to revisit? What are they?

Would you rather put an end to war or to world hunger?

Would you rather be able to speak every language in existence or have the ability to speak to animals?

What is your favorite memory with your best friend?

Would you rather win the lottery or land the job of your dreams?

You wake up and look around to find that you are on a beach stranded somewhere. What is the first thing that you do?

You are given a check for a million dollars. In the memo it states that it can only be cashed if you give up your phone forever. Are you cashing the check?

What is something that is wildly popular that you can’t get into?

You are running for President of the United States. What are you going to use for your campaign slogan?

You are given a billion dollars to make changes in your work or team environment. What is the first thing you would do with the money?

Someone is going to make a movie about your life. Who would you want to play you?

Do you think you were born in the wrong decade? When would you want to be born instead?

When a number you don’t know calls, do you answer the phone?

A casting director calls and you get to be the star in a movie that has already been made. What movie are you gonna be in?

You are a critically acclaimed author. What is your next book about?

Would you rather be the richest person in the world, or be the smartest?

What is the best thing you have ever done that you would never do again?

Your dream car is on sale for the exact amount you have in your account. Are you buying it?

Someone in this room or on this call is a secret agent. Who is it?

Congratulations you won a lifetime supply of one thing! What is that thing?

What aspect of your life do you think you know the most about? What are you confident in teaching someone else?

You have a free opportunity to go to another planet. It is completely uninhabited yet. Are you going

Grab the nearest object that you think describes you the most. Why does it describe you?

What was the coolest thing you accomplished as part of a team?

You wake up in a video game. What video game is your new life?

What one person in all of history, Family or otherwise, has influenced you the most?

You are banned from the internet for two months. What are some things you will do?

You are on a team to design a new never seen or used emoji. What should it be?

You receive the biggest grand prize in history but it isn’t cash. What is it?

You get to design the zoo of your choice with any creatures real or fake. What are the five largest exhibits?

You wake up in a comic book as a superhero. Who are you?

You are trying to plan a really fun day of many activities for next to no money. What are things you will do?

What is the idea that you think you had first?

You have to design the flag for a country you just inherited. What colors are you reaching for?

What children’s game would you play to compete for money?

What cartoon character do you wish you could talk to?

A person from the 1600s shows up in your house randomly and you have to teach them how to live in modern society. What is the first thing you show them?

You are asked to sing one song from memory and get all the words right for the chance to win a million dollars. What is that song?

You have to play one retro game to show off to a new friend. What game do you choose?

You are in charge of making the next best phone. What features do you need?

You get to create a candle. What scents do you wanna combine to create it?

Funny Ice Breaker Questions

You are in the best air band in the world. What is your air instrument?

What is your favorite dinosaur?

What is the worst smell in the world?

A wizard just turned you into the vegetable of your choice. What is that vegetable?

What is your worst dance move? Feel free to demonstrate

You become a sorcerer for a day but the only thing you can do is change the ocean into a different liquid. What is that liquid?

You are cursed with having to either eat candy every day for a year or no candy at all for that year which are you choosing?

If your pets could talk, what would they tell us about you?

What is your most used emoji on your phone?

You are cursed! Would you rather be stuck with really bad breath or bad body odor?

A wizard comes into your life and changes you into a dog. What is your breed?

You open your mailbox and to your surprise you receive a letter. In that letter you are given a choice between inventing a time machine or being given a book of magic spells. Which are you choosing?

Surprise you get to wear a costume to work! What are you dressing as?

Which would be cooler or more useful talking pets or talking babies

There is a comet racing towards Earth. It is not going to crash into the planet but it will be a major news event and you have the opportunity to name it. What are you going to name the comet?

Zombies are coming! What in the room are you using to defend yourself?

You are cursed to have to deal with either snow or sand outside your house everyday. Which are you choosing?

What do you think the parallel universe version of yourself is doing?

Oops your hairdresser messed up your hair. Did they mess up the cut or the dye?

You are a lawyer defending the title of best animal in the world. What animal are you representing?

You were just assigned to display your best talent to a group of aliens so that they can study us. What talent do you perform?

An alien offers to show you their planet. Do you go?

A sealed box is at the bottom of a large pool of really dark water. You can keep whatever is in the box if you go to retrieve the box. Will you go get it?

There is a button in the middle of the room you are in. You do not know what it does. Do you push it?

The person you are talking to keeps passing gas. Do you say something?

What is something in your life that you just learned that should have been obvious?

If you had to choose a crazy hairstyle to have, what would you choose?

Would you rather fight one large rat or 50 really small rats?

Would you rather grow an extra arm or an extra leg?

You have to choose someone to follow you around everyday for the rest of your life. Who is that person?

You have known a few friends online for years. They have never seen you. You have to tell them that you are actually a shark. How do you tell them?

Your best friend is now a bird. What kind of bird are they?

What slang word are you glad is gone for good?

A dinosaur breaks into your house and you have to feed it one of your favorite belongings to make it go away. What are you feeding it?

You have to combine two savory foods for a new cereal. What foods are you gonna combine?

You wake up and you no longer have a voice. You have to give a presentation in front of a large crowd. How are you going to communicate?

You have to lose one body part. What are you getting rid of?

Pirates start taking over your city but you and you alone can stop them. How do you stop them?

A dragon possessing all knowledge of everything says that it will share one piece of knowledge with you. What do you want to know?

They show you on the kiss cam at a sporting event but there is nobody sitting near you. What do you do to entertain the crowd?

You have to eat 100 pies but they all have to be the same flavor. What pie are you eating?

You have to plan a date with a significant other but this date has to be called a “Super Date” what makes it a super date?

You get to name 50 pet chickens that all look exactly the same. What are their names and what do you do to tell them apart?

You are the first person to see a new color but you have to describe it to others. What steps would you take to try to describe it to people?

You either have to walk up 1000 flights of stairs or sled down a 1000 foot dangerous path. Which do you choose?

Would you rather be covered in hair or completely bald everywhere?

You are the actor for a juice commercial. The juice tastes horrible. Can you play it off?

It is your friend’s birthday and you forgot to get a gift. What do you grab near you to give them?

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