190 Very Best Q&A Questions

190 Very Best Q&A Questions

A lot of people feel really confused when it comes to initiating a conversation or even keep one going, if you are reading this and nodding then you are in the perfect place. These are different q and a questions for YouTubers looking for a rich topic, creative writers searching for a story to tell, and most importantly those who stutter in conversations and feel an empty-headed kid still developing speech ability.

Q&A Questions about Food

1. What was one type of food you spent your life hating and find out you were wrong?

2. What is your weirdest food mix?

3. What is your top 5 chips flavors?

4. What is an overrated snack?

5. What is an underrated snack?

6. What are some types of food people think of as health but is not?

7. What is 5 things you eat and you could simply spend your fortune on?

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Q and A Questions about Friends, Crushes, Love, and Family

8. Who was you first celebrity crush?

9. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done to tell a guy/girl you are crushing on?

10. How can you tell a person is crushing on you?

11. What is the weirdest ice-cream flavor you have ever tasted?

12. What is your favorite appetizer?

13. Who is the closest family member to your heart?

14. When was the last time you felt really precious to your family?

15. Have you ever got lost in a public place?

16. How do you know your best friend is loyal?

17. Do you have a box of secret objects in your room?

18. Has anyone ever trusted you with their darkest secret?

19. What are top 10 qualities preferably any good friend should have?

20. Have you ever had a big fight with your parents? About what?

21. Do you believe in a strong friendship relationship between a boy and a girl?

22. Who is your craziest family member?

23. Love comes after marriage or before?

24. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Q n A Questions about Songs, Movies, Binge-watching

25. What is the longest time you binge-watched something?

26. Do you believe in love at first episode?

27. What are 5 horror films people shouldn’t watch alone?

28. What is one movie with an ending that literally blew your mind?

29. What are 5 of your favorite limited series?

30. What is an underrated series on Netflix?

31. What is an overrated series on Netflix?

32. Name 5 of your favorite show on Netflix.

33. Who is your favourite actor/ actress?

34. How many episodes can you finish in a day?

35. A famous movie you have given more than one chance but still hates?

36. One movie that brings sweet memories?

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Q&A Questions about Life

37. Have you ever committed a felony?

38. What are things that make you happy?

39. Do you consider yourself confident?

40. Do you have care and empathy to other people around you?

41. Have you ever been beaten up?

42. What is one embarrassing situation you will never forget?

43. One habit you wish you could let go?

44. Are you satisfied with your life?

45. What is your dream job?

46. When was the last time you cried? Why?

47. What was your best time at school? Primary? Prep? Or high?

48. Have you ever been bullied?

49. Do you think marriage is an important part of life?

50. One quote/ wisdom you think it has changed your life?

Q&A Questions about Books

51. A book you think it was wrong to turn into a movie?

52. A movie you think it is more successful than the original book?

53. What is your favorite book?

54. Do you sometimes judge a book by its cover?

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Characteristics, Random Questions

55. What are the worst 10 qualities you hate in a human being?

56. Are you a controlling person?

57. Do you think hell and heaven are for eternity?

58. What is your idea about life after death?

59. Are your dreams simple or they need miracles to come true?

60. Who as the most influential preson in your life?

61. Say one thing about you that no one knows?

62. One thing that not a lot of people might know?

63. What is your highest level of anger?

64. What do you do you are extremely happy?

65. What is the first thing you would do if you won a million dollars?

66. What is your favorite clothing brand?

67. What is an expensive thing you can not afford but really wish to have?

68. What type of music do you like listening to while driving?

69. Who is one singer you would never listen to?

70. Do like gifting or receiving flowers?

71. Do you manage your time well?

72. Do you consider yourself influential in someone’s life?

73. What was your covid19 experience?

74. Have you been vaccinated?

75. What is one funny childhood memory of yours?

76. What is your favourite restaurant?

77. What is a thing that everyone must try at least once?

78. How would your prefect vacation look like?

79. Are you a night or a morning person?

80. What are two of unreplaceable precious objects?

81. What do you do to relax?

82. What is your most hated housework?

83. What are your worst fears?

84. What is your favourite smart phone app?

85. What was the weirdest place you ever visited?

86. Do you have any weird talents?

87. What is the most beautiful natural scene you ever seen?

88. What are things you like but are ashamed to admit?

89. How do you initiate a conversation with someone?

90. What things that make you feel you are popular?

91. What the funniest joke you know?

92. Are you a pineapple on pizza club fan?

93. What is the worst name you could come up with for a child?

94. What is the most embarrassing clothes you have ever worn?

95. What is the weirdest thing a guest ever done in your house?

96. What the last random thing you have done?

97. What are two normal activities that become weird if you did them more often?

98. A fictional character you wish it was real?

99. If you had a time machine, where would you prefer to go? Why?

100. What is one thing you would love to change about yourself?

101. Do you consider yourself a religious person?

102. When do you believe you might be ready to get married?

103. What is your most regrets?

104. Are you still having friendship with your exes?

105. Do you believe in second chances?

106. If you had only 3 wishes, what will they be?

107. Why did your last love relationship end?

108. What is the hardest thing you had to overcome?  

109. What were some of your wrong assumptions about some people?

110. When do you feel insecure?

111. What are the first impressions people have about you?

112. If you were a marketing brand, what would be your logo?

113. What is the hardest decision you ever had to make?

114. Which one do you prefer? Zombies or vampires? Why?

115. How often do you go shopping?

116. How often do you eat outside?

117. What the last ear worm advertising song that really stuck there for days?

118. What is the nickname people call you with?

119. If your clothes would be in one color, what would you choose?

120. What is your favorite pickup line?

121. what is the tv family that reminds you of your family?

122. How are your table manor different from other countries?

123. If you could hack into someone’s account, who would it be?

124. If you were a candy, what would you choose to be?

125. What celebrity you would ask for dinner?

126. What celebrity you would have a deep conversation with?

127. What is a strange talent you have?

128. Are you an overthinker? What do you think about the most?

129. When was the last time you had to lie?

130. Do you love your name? what other names would you change it into?

131. Has anyone ever told they hate you?

132. What is the ugliest word someone said to you?

133. What is a subject you failed at school?

134. What are the last 5 things you searched on google?

135. What are the last 5 videos you watched on YouTube?

136. Who is your life mentor?

137. To whom do you say. ‘I will never leave you’?

138. How much was your first payment?

139. What is the most expensive thing you broke?

140. Do you apologize when make a mistake?

141. Are you fast in realizing how much you missed up?

142. Who is the first person you turn to for advice?

143. What is the strangest sport you have ever watched?

144. How often do you train at the gym?

145. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

146. Have you ever used violence toward someone?

147. What is one sound that really annoys you?

148. When did you invite yourself to a dinner?

149. If you could give one advice to your parents, what could it be? And who would you choose?

150. What lyrics of a song you used to sing wrong?

151. If you were dying, what would be your last wish?

152. Have you ever experienced Deja-vu?

153. Have you ever visited a haunted house?

154. Who is someone you would never help even if they were in a problem?

155. If you woke up and found out your sex has changed, what is the first thing you will do?

156. Are you afraid of getting old?

157. If you had the power to bring one person back to life, who could it be?

158. Are you addicted to coffee?

159. What are things you think you have addiction to?

160. What is one thing about your partner that really turns you on?

161. Do you think you have a pollical opinion that really matters?

162. Give one advice to your former president?

163. If you have ever become president, what is first conflict you would work on?

164. What is your favorite smell?

165. How often do you look at the mirror?

166. Do you look more similar to your father or mother?

167. When was the last time you watched cartoon?

168. What stuffed animal you may want to sleep next?

169. Do you believe in your instinct?

170. Can you easily make friends?

171. How often do you take care of your nails?

172. What is a pet you don’t mind taking care of?

173. What is a color you don’t like but get complimented a lot when wearing?

174. What are the 3 songs in your recently played playlist?

175. Who are the first 3 in your no kissing list?

176. What is one thing you love about your body?

177. Do you suffer any specific kind od phobia?

178. What type is your dream car?

179. Have you ever had a tattoo?

180. Do you have fake accounts on Facebook?

181. What is supernatural power you wish to have?

182. Who is the person you really are jealous of?

183. Have you ever cried in public?

184. How good are you in lying?

185. Can you dance in public?

186. How often do you take care of your skin?

187. What is you number one skincare product?

188. What is in your bag?

189. What is in your travel bag?

190. What is one thing your fridge can never run out of?

191. Are you an optimist or a pessimist person?

192. When was the last time you had a haircut?

193. Who is your favorite football player?

194. Where was your first kiss?

195. How many children are you planning to have in the future?

196. What is one memory you want to erase forever?

197. Have you ever had a car accident?

198. Have you ever been hurt in a fight?

199. Was there a time when you decided to say the truth no matter what but things went wrong?

200. Have you ever faced troubles in your sleep? Why?

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