46 Funny Banana Puns

46 Funny Banana Puns

Let’s face it, some puns are corny. Others are kind of nuts. But the puns that make us split at the seams with laughter are absolutely bananas. Yet, it seems like there are only so many ways to peel a banana for a pun or a good joke. You can split it, it, peel it, or slip on it. And that’s as far as the banana pun usually travels. For this fresh bunch of banana puns, we took out our pop-culture blender, and threw in some current news, trends, movie trivia, a dictionary, pop-music cues, and a whole lot of bananas. Mushed them all up and set it on high speed, 

The following 45 banana puns are yours, ripe for the picking. And if this all sounds like nothing but monkey business to you, well, you are absolutely right. Now let’s start peeling some puns.

46 Of The Best Banana Puns

1. What do you call a Jedi Banana who will ultimately turn to the Dark Side?

Bananakin Skywalker.

2. Name the type of mind-body exercise that bananas use to find balance?


3. What does a banana sing when it starts Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It?

Ba-na-na, na, na, na-na-na-na, Ba na-na, na, na, na-na. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit it. Ba-na-na, na, na, na-na-na-na, Ba na-na, na, na, na-na.

4. How many bananas does it take to screw in a light build?

A bunch of them.

5. What do you call a banana that identifies as a third gender, more than one gender, no gender, or has a fluctuating gender identity?


6. A monkey moves into a new neighborhood and discovers there’s a family of bananas living next door. So naturally, he does the most neighborly monkey thing and has them over… for dinner.

7. What do you call a banana that watches other banana’s children?

A Bananny

8. An average-looking banana grows up in bunches. But what do extremely hot-looking Brazilian bananas grow up in?

Gisele Bündchens.

9. Where do bananas go to get frozen?


10. Did you hear about the banana who lost his job?

He was on the Dole, for a year.

11. What song kicked off the punk-rock revolution for British bananas?

Bananarchy in the UK.

12. What do you call a young parentless red-headed banana who likes to sing about tomorrow?

Little Orphan Banannie

13. What did the baby-banana call her mother’s mother and father’s mother?

Her Ba-Nanas.

14. What does every South American male banana want?

A Chiquita.

15. Why did the plantain break up with his girlfriend?

His family thought she was too bananas.

16. Why did the banana decide to strip its peel off in a bar?

To make some extra banana bread.

17. How long does it take for a banana to get naked?

A split second.

18. What do you call a banana who gets a monkey as a pet?


19. What happens to a banana that has a severe allergic reaction?

They fall into Bananaphylactic shock

20. Why couldn’t the young banana find a job after graduating university?

Too green.

21. Who did every banana vote for in the 1996 U.S. presidential elections?

Bob Dole

22. What did the banana’s psychiatrist diagnose him with?

A split personality

23. What do you call a banana who overthinks something?

Too Banana-lytical.

24. Why are some bananas so  good at taking criticism?

Thick skin.

25. What do you call a banana that looks like a snake and kills prey in its coils?


26. What does Borat the banana wear to the beach?

A banana hammock.

27. What is the term used to confirm that a banana’s body parts are accurately represented?

Bananatomically Correct.

28. When does a banana like to go out for ice cream?

Every Sundae.

29. How did the banana grow a following on social media?


30. What does a banana take when it gets a migraine?


31. What song did the banana sing in a duet with Barbara Streisand?

Peelings. Nothing more than peelings.

32. How do banana peels enter a building without anyone noticing?

They just slip in.

33. What team did the banana always play for in high-school gym class?


34. What does a banana use to get ripped?

Banana-bolic Steroids

35. What is a banana’s favorite Coldplay song?


36. What do you call 3 female bananas that sang in a brit-pop trio in the 80s?


37. What does the sight of a blood orange do to a squeamish banana? 

It makes its skin crawl.

38. Did you hear about the banana who was abandoned by its family?

It felt desserted.

39. What do you call a dummy used by bananas to display fashionable outer-layerings?

A Banannequin

40. Why did the neurotic cavendish and the bipolar plantain get along so well?

They were both bananas.

41. What does one banana say to another banana to show a gesture of solidarity? 

Yo, give me some skin!

42. What does a physician use to make a banana go numb?


43. And what happens to a banana when it goes numb?

It can’t peel a thing.

44. What did the over ambitious banana make of itself?


45. Where do good bananas go when they die? 


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