50 Funny Batman Jokes

50 Funny Batman Jokes

Holy puns, Batman! If you’re a fan of the Bat of Gotham, the Dark Knight, The Bat-Man, The Gotham Guardian (you know them all, call it how you prefer), then get ready to laugh your bat-socks off with this hilarious collection of the 50 best Batman jokes. Batman is a popular cultural icon known for his dark, mysterious personality and amazing crime-fighting abilities. However, under his tough facade lies a character with a rich background story and a wide range of humorous turns that make him the perfect superhero candidate for jokes and puns. And whether you prefer the dark and brooding Batman of the comics, the campy Adam West version from the ’60s TV show, or the recent gritty movies, we’ve got something for every Bat-fan.

So, buckle up your utility belt, grab your batarang, and get ready to have a really bat-tastic time. From poor Robin’s terrible puns to the Joker’s twisted and evil sense of humor, we’ve got all the Bat-humor you could ever imagine, all of it in the same list! And hey, even if you’re not a Batman fan, these jokes are sure to make you Bat-smile even if you are a Superman hooligan! So, without further ado, let’s dive into the hilarious and dark world of Batman jokes!

50 BEST BATMAN JOKES! (Don’t laugh too loud, or he will come after you…)

What is Batman’s rapper name? Lil Wayne.

My girlfriend said I’m starting to annoy her because I only talk about Batman. What a Joker.

Why does Batman ride a Tesla? Because they run with bat-teries.

Why did Batman never get Covid? Because he was always wearing his mask.

How does Batman order whiskey? “One whiskey please, just-ice”.

How do you tell Batman is Jewish? Because he is celebrating his Bat-Mitzvah

How does Batman like his coffee? Black.

What is Batman’s favorite holiday destination? Cape Town.

What kind of humor does Batman like? Dark humor.

What do you call a blind Batman? Christian Braille.

What would Batman be if he was poor? He would be Robin.

What did Batman get at the store? He only got-ham.

Why does Batman hate Superman? Because he got adopted.

Why does Batman’s Calendar have 2 days less? Because there is no Mother’s or Father’s Day.

What is Batman’s toughest challenge? Making his parents proud.

Why does Batman never play cards? Because he doesn’t like The Joker.

Why does Batman never go shopping? He doesn’t like supermarkets.

What kind of sports Batman does? Aero-batics.

Why does Batman always brush his teeth? To avoid bat-breath.

Why is Batman so good at baseball? He has a batting cage.

How do you call Batman’s friends who never call him? Bat friends.

Batman doesn’t make New Year’s Resolutions. He enforces them.

A girl asked me today if she is wearing too much make-up. I told her it depends on whether she wants to kill Batman.

What does Batman say when he swears? Goth-am-it!

Why did Batman join the army? He likes being at the bat-tlefront.

Batman never laughs. He is not much of a Joker.

What do you call it when Bruce Wayne gets hurt? Bruised Wayne.

Batman’s favorite Chinese dish? Kung POW chicken.

What are Batman and Robin after being run over by a steamroller? Flatman and Ribbon!

What did Batman say to Robin before getting in the car? Robin, get in the car.

Why did Alfred grab his umbrella? Because it was a Wayne-y day.

What did Batman say to his coworker after coming back from holiday? Welcome bat!

Robin: “Where are you, Batman?”

Batman: “On my way, I was in the bathroom.”

Robin: “What’s a Hroom?”

How many Dark Knights do you need to change a lightbulb? None, they like it dark.

What do you get from mixing Batman and a tree? Spruce Wayne.

What does Batman order at the cocktail bar? A Fruit Punch.

What is a French Batman called? The Creped Crusader.

Why couldn’t Batman go to the cinema? Because it was a “PG” rated movie.

What’s the worst part of going to the opera? When your parents die at the end.

Why does Batman not get along with Mr. Freeze? He keeps giving him the cold shoulder.

What is the Dark Knight Returns? Batman’s insurance policies.

What is Batman when someone ditches him? Christian Bailed.

Why does Batman have super vision? Because his parents died.

Where does Batman relax after fighting crime? In the Bat-tube.

How can you tell you spent the night with Batman? Because the next morning you wake up in a cave.

What happens after Batman drinks too much water? He rushes to the Bat Room.

Why are Batman jokes so funny? Because they always have a punchline.

Batman and a set of false teeth have a lot in common; they both only come out at night.

What is Batman ‘s favorite tea? Vigilan-tea.

Why did Batman never date an anti-vaxxer? Because they are against masked-man dates.