55 Moon Jokes

55 Moon Jokes

Surely, we all, at least once in our lives, have looked at the moon and lost ourselves in its magical light. Apart from the fact that the moon is fascinating, it can also be funny. You don’t believe it? Read our jokes that will make your laughter power a spaceship! Buckle up; we are flying!

Read these 55 Moon Jokes that will knuckle you off your feet.

What does the moon do when it gets dirty?
It is going to take a moon shower.

What does Saturn say to the moon when it wants to propose?
Would you take my ring?

What does the moon say when asked what time it is? 

I don’t know, let me check my  LunarTick.

Why don’t people live on the moon?
The cost of living there is astronomical!

What does the moon eat when it is hungry?

A satellite dish!

Moon, why does your stomach hurt?

I’m hungry, I’m full only once a month!

What type of money is used on the moon?

A star bucks.

What does the moon say when asked why it is sad?

I’ll be better, I’m going through a phase.

How did the moon throw such a good party? 

It planet.

Why is the restaurant on the moon empty? 

The food is amazing, but there is no atmosphere.

What is the name of the fashion show on the moon?

A moonwalk.

Why did the moon go to the hairdresser?

To eclipse his ‘air.

What is the moon’s favorite snack? 

An Astro – Nut.

Is the moon landing real? 

No, obviously the moon is still there.

What to do if the moon is angry with you?

Only Apollo-gise and he will forgive you.

We wanted to go on vacation to the moon, but it is impossible to book a hotel, everything is full!

What do the moon and the dollar have in common?
They both have four quarters.

What does the moon like to read?
A comet book!

Where does the moon bathe in summer?
In Luna-Sea.

Why did the moon run out of money?
It’s down to one quarter.

Who owns the cow that jumped over the moon?
Neil Farmstrong.

What does the moon do when the power goes out? 

It lights a moonlight.

Which is the moon’s favorite candy?
A moon pie!

What does the sun do when it sees the passing moon?
It heatwaves.

What does a man wonder when his dog disappears during the full moon?

Where wolf?

What does a cow say when it comes to the moon?

What is the name of the daisy growing on the moon?

Where do astronauts go for coffee when they get to the moon?

On which social network did the moon open a profile?
On spacebook.

Why does no one trust the moon?
Because it has a dark side.

Where do the astronauts keep their stuff when they come to the moon?
In the warehouse.

What is the name of the main superhero on the moon?

What phone does the moon use?
Samsung Galaxy.

What does the moon say when he likes something?
Wow, that’s so Sate-Lit!

What happens to the moon when it falls in love?
It becomes moonstruck.

What is the moon’s favorite cocktail?

What is the moon’s favorite movie?

Why is the moon in prison?

Because it was constantly mooning people.

What does the moon say when it burps?

Oh, sorry, I’m full!

What are the moon’s favorite gums?


What does the werewolf do in the dressing room during the full moon?

He needs to change.

What does the moon eat on its birthday?

A moonquake.

Why is the moon no longer emo?
It turns out it was just a phase.

Why does the moon have to clean?
Because there’s a lot of stardust.

What does the moon who loves food study?


What do you have to have on the moon to be able to pay?

Which way did the cow go to visit the moon?
A Milky Way.

What does the moon say when it wants to be alone?
I need some space.

Why do the asteroids taste better than the moon?
They’re a little meteor.

Why is the astronaut stuck in orbit?
He stepped on the gum.

Why is Dracula looking at the sky?
Because it’s a Blood Moon.


What is the name of Dwayne Jonson on the moon?
A moon rock.

What is the name of the psychiatrist on the moon?


What did the cow jump over?
The moooon!

Where do the moon rabbits go when they get married?
On the bunnymoon. 

Sofija Vujosevic