The 30 Very Best Science Jokes

The 30 Very Best Science Jokes

Maybe you’re a science nerd. (Ahem, enthusiast) Maybe you’re trying to make science more interesting for yourself. Or maybe you’re hoping that one good joke will boost your grade for extra credit. No matter what tickles your fancy or funny bone, a few of these jokes might just make your skeleton rattle.

Humor and science have a history in psychology and biology. Laughter can be shown to reduce stress hormone levels, and boost those positive brain fuzzy hormones, like endorphins. Stress has been connected to a weakened immune response to disease. A good belly laugh a day might just keep the doctor away!


Funny Science Jokes


1. The yeast kept bullying the dough. It got a rise out of him.


2. How do you know if an egg is rotten? If it rolls all over the floor and throws a tantrum.


3.  It’s hard to date a carb when they are so complex.


4. It’s hard for trees to date ivy when they are so clingy. 


5. How many scientists does it take to screw in a lightbulb? The engineer already did it because the scientists were busy discussing the proper method and approach.


6. The egghead scientist didn’t do great at his first job because he cracked under pressure.


7. The Photon didn’t need a suitcase for the train; he was traveling light.


8. Meteorology jokes aren’t funny because they are so predictable.


9. Friend: “It’s really hot in this room.”
Me: “Oh, my bad, let me step outside.”


10. Simple machines always get dessert, they know how to say pulleys.


11. Scientist: A rogue planet is a planet untethered to any star.
Dating Expert: Nah, it sounds like she just needs to float around for a bit.


12. Pangea: There’s nothing that could ever separate us.
*continental drift occurs*
South America: Africa noooooooo!


13. Earth, pre-accurate astronomy in the 1500’s: I’m the center of the universe!
Sun: I have bad news for you.
Galaxy: Same


14. Vampires prefer warmer climates to avoid frostbite.


15. Why don’t plants buy candy? They make their own sugar.


16. Transformers hum to music because they don’t know the words.


17. If you plug your succulents into the wall, you get a power plant!


18.  An aeronaut’s head is often in the clouds.


19. The band of electronics did not know how to conduct itself.


20. A wasp, a bee, a hedgehog, and a mosquito all stab a fruitcake. It was a very sticky situation.


21. Fog is more likeable than a cloud because it’s just so down to earth.


22. One who is an expert in biology and cheese is a person of many cultures.


23. Plants prefer a light snack to a full meal.


24. I love my spouse who is an atmosphere scientist; I just wish they weren’t such an airhead.


25. Climate came to the 10-year reunion hotter and angrier. 
Bullies: It wasn’t our fault.
Politicians: They’re faking it
Scientists: Wow, you’ve changed. But it was pretty predictable.


26. As a student, Galileo was a star pupil.


27. The moon was really mad at the earth, but it was only a phase.


28. A worm who eats dead musicians is called a decomposer.


29. It’s hard for worms to speak up for themselves since they don’t have much of a backbone.


30. Mrs. Volcano blew up at the entire class from all the pressure she was under.


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