82 Funny Cat Names

82 Funny Cat Names

If you have ever owned a cat, you know how special they are, from their big personalities to their tiny but sharp claws. If you haven’t owned a cat, you are certainly missing out! Feline independence is fantastic, and each cat has his or her own special, unique personality.

Throughout history, cats have been revered by humans for their independence, cleanliness, and loyalty. Today, we are lucky enough to be able to enjoy cats as companions, whether they want to snuggle on your lap or keep their distance! But whether you are in charge of your cat is, there is no doubt you get to choose their name. Use our quick tips to try your hand at coming up with your own creative name, or use our fun list of funny cat names to choose a name for your furry pal!


Tips For Naming Your Cat

Given how individualistic cats can be, their name can give everyone a hint to their true personality! Spend a few days with your new cat before choosing a name. Their personality is sure to come out. Take note of how they behave around you. Are they aloof? Silly? A troublemaker? You also might want to take their physical appearance into consideration. Fur color and size can play just as big a roll as attitude when selecting a name. Check our lists below for some creative and funny cat names to get started!


Best Funny Cat Names For…


Aloof Cats 

Is your cat too cool for school? (Or too cool for everything?) If the only attention your cat will give is the side eye, consider one of these names!

— Funny Cat Names for Aloof Cats

  1. Archibald
  2. Aristocat
  3. Atlas
  4. Chloe
  5. Cleopawtra
  6. Crookshanks
  7. Duchess
  8. Duke Meows-A-Lot
  9. Gatsby
  10. Hera
  11. King
  12. Louis (Vuitton)
  13. Majesty
  14. Maximus
  15. Mew Mew (Miu Miu)
  16. Miss Kitty
  17. Purrberry
  18. Queenie
  19. Ruby
  20. Stella
  21. Winston Furchill


Tough Guy 

Got a feisty kitty on your hands? One who really knows how to use their claws? Maybe one of these “tough” names will fit their fighting personality!

— Funny Cat Names for Tough Cats

  1. Bruiser
  2. Catiator Gladiator
  3. Crusher
  4. Daredevil
  5. Furrminator
  6. Hissy Fit
  7. Ivan (the Terrible)
  8. Killer
  9. Mr. Claw
  10. Mr./Mrs. Meowscles
  11. Ninja
  12. Purrcules
  13. Rocky Balboa
  14. Scorpius
  15. Sir/Princess Hiss
  16. Spike
  17. Switch(blade)
  18. Thanos
  19. Thor
  20. Zeus
  21. Zelda


Silly Kitties 

Sometimes cats are just funny and can’t help but make us smile. We love these fun names that will fit a lot of big personalities!

— Funny Cat Names for Silly Cats

  1. Applejack
  2. Catnip Everdeen
  3. Catrick Swayze 
  4. Cheeto
  5. Dolly Purrton
  6. Flounder
  7. Fluffernutter
  8. Fuzz Aldrin
  9. Hashbrown
  10. Henrietta
  11. KitKat
  12. Latke
  13. LeClaw James
  14. Leo La Tuna
  15. Meowallry
  16. Mochi
  17. Moose
  18. Mr./Ms. Clawsome
  19. Oliver Hiss
  20. Pawl Rudd
  21. Pawty Animal
  22. Pawtsy Cline
  23. Pickles
  24. Skittles
  25. Snickers
  26. Stubbs (For those tiny-tailed kitties!)
  27. Tater Tot


Cat . . . or dog? 

We all know that one cat. The one who thinks it’s the same size as the Labrador down the street and guards your house day and night. Instead of trying to teach kitty differently, why not go with it and give them a more canine-friendly moniker?

  1. Bark Twain
  2. Fido
  3. Fluffy (Like Hagrid’s 3-headed dog!)
  4. Indiana Bones
  5. Milo
  6. Nacho (Average Cat!)
  7. Perro
  8. Pongo (For black and white cats!)
  9. Perdita (For black and white cats!)
  10. Spot
  11. Wolfgang


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