127 Very Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

127 Very Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

Whether with a devoted partner, a new love interest, or a group of flirty new faces you meet at a party, there’s always the potential to turn up the heat and make things a little more interesting. When I was backpacking through the Balkans of Europe, I often met interesting new people. We’d gather over a couple drinks to discuss our travels, and of course, to test the waters and see who had chemistry with who. 

One conversation game was perpetually popular: truth or dare. The simple middle school classic might feel a little bit silly at first, but no one can deny the pleasure of it. Decide: do you want to reveal an embarrassing truth or commit an embarrassing act in front of everyone? I eventually settled down with a man I met while traveling, and truth or dare continues to play its role in our relationship. A fun and refreshing way to learn more about your partner, this game stokes the fire of your passions together. 

So, here are 120 silly, sexy, and dirty truth or dare questions to share with your partner or potential boo. Whether you are looking for something playful and flirty, or downright dirty, this is the list for you!

Dirty Truth Questions

— 60 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

1. What’s the soonest after meeting someone you’ve slept with them? 

2. What’s the strangest adult film category you’ve ever searched for? 

3. Have you ever had sex in a public place? What was the most crowded?

4. Have you ever been in a threesome with a partner? 

5. What’s an “imperfection” on my body you find sexy? 

6. Have you ever used an embarrassing novelty condom (for example, that glows in the dark or has a picture of Darth Vader on it)? 

7. Have you ever incorporated food in your lovemaking? 

8. Have you ever accidentally injured yourself trying something new in bed?

9. Have you ever had sex in costume? If you haven’t before, who or what would you dress up as? 

10. Have you ever been to a sex club? Would you go if you were invited?

11. Have you ever touched yourself at work? 

12. Do you own any toys? What’s your favorite? 

13. Have you ever had sex outside in nature? 

14. What about my body first turned you on? 

15. What’s one thing your ideal partner knows how to do in bed? 

16. Did you ever fantasize about me in your bed? Tell me about it. 

17. What’s something most people consider a turn-off, but that turns you on?

18. What’s the strangest sexy dream you’ve ever had? 

19. How often do you think couples should have sex to keep the relationship strong?

20. Who is the most surprising person you’ve ever had sex with (maybe someone much older or not your usual type)? 

21. What was our best kiss like? 

22. Have you ever been a sugar daddy/mommy? How about a sugar baby?

23. Which one of my friends would you like to have a fling with? 

24. Did you ever ghost someone because you embarrassed yourself in bed?

25. Did you ever get any noise complaints while between the sheets? 

26. How often do you touch yourself if you don’t have a partner? If you do have a partner?

27. Have you ever had a one night stand? 

28. What is the hottest thing someone has ever done with you in bed? 

29. What’s something that turns you on, but you’re a bit embarrassed by?

— 30th of 60 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions

30. Have you ever had a fling with a coworker? A boss? 

31. What’s something about me, besides my body, that turns you on every time?

32. Who’s the most inappropriate person you’ve ever had a fantasy about?

33. Have you ever run into an ex while out with your new partner? 

34. What’s the sexiest gift you’ve ever received? Given? 

35. If you could only have one romantic night every year, what would you do?

36. If you walked in on me watching a sexy movie, what would you do?

37. When was the last time you pleasured yourself? 

38. Do you prefer being dominant or submissive? 

39. What’s an embarrassing way you tried to impress someone you were interested in?

40. Have you ever forgotten the name of someone you had a fling with? Never known their name at all? 

41. Do you believe in soulmates? Or do people have many potential partners?

42. Have you ever been to a strip or burlesque club? 

43. Do you think most people are monogamous? 

44. Have you ever been in a threesome with two strangers? 

45. Have you ever written a love letter? 

46. What was your first kiss like? 

47. Have you ever had an affair? 

48. What would you do if I had an affair with someone you were attracted to?

49. Have you ever been caught making love? 

50. Are you a good wingman? Are any of your friends with their partner because of you?

51. Do you think it’s true that “opposites attract?” 

52. Have you ever dated someone after a one night stand? 

53. Do you prefer tongue or fingers? 

54. What’s your favorite position in bed? Out of bed? 

55. What’s the weirdest thing a partner has ever wanted to do in bed? 

56. Have you ever been handcuffed or tied up? 

57. Would you ever consider starring in an adult webcam show? 

58. Have you ever had a relationship you kept secret? Why? 

59. What kind of energy do you like when you make love? Fast and rough, hot and passionate, gentle and sentimental? 

60. Have you ever accidentally sent sexy pictures to the wrong person?.

Dirty Dares

In case you need 69 Dirty Dares Over Text


— 60 Dirty Dares for Truth or Dare

1. Pick out some of my underclothes to model for me. 

2. Put your mouth to my mouth and do anything BUT kiss. 

3. Let’s get in the shower, and slowly, sensually wash my hair for me. 

4. Let me blindfold you and wait patiently. 

5. Show me the last adult film you watched – no cheating!

6. Take a look in the pantry for any interesting spreads (peanut butter, honey, chocolate sauce) and lick it off me. 

7. Model for an intimate my-eyes-only photoshoot. Pick out three props to use as well.

8. Give me a scalp massage, or braid my long hair. 

9. Call a phone sex line and let me listen in. 

10. Give me a kiss on your favorite body part of mine. 

11. Write a short script for the sexy movie rewrite of our first date/first time meeting.

12. Dance a striptease to a song of my choosing. 

13. Play as my servant – get my slippers or a snack from the kitchen and bow deeply when you give them to me. 

14. Let me play with an ice cube in your belly button. 

15. Feed me strawberries, a piece of cake, or another treat bite by bite. 

16. Order some sensual massage oil online right now (think CBD for relaxation, edible oils, or cooling tingling oils). 

17. Raid our closets and put together a sexy outfit for me to wear. 

18. Let me pleasure you while you make a phone call. 

19. Sit right beside me and lean in like we will kiss. Instead, hold and wait. First one to go for the kiss loses. 

20. Lick a non-obvious body part, and maybe even suck (fingers, toes…).

21. Eat a strawberry in the most sensual way possible.

22. Write a dating profile for me and find me a potential match. 

23. Give me a deep tissue massage for thighs and glutes (warning! This might be quite painful as well as enjoyable, if muscles are tight). 

24. Show me some old intimate photos of yourself that I’ve never seen.

25. Let me tie you to the bed and tickle you. 

26. Give me a long, slow passionate kiss in a public place. 

27. Help me undress without using your hands 

28. Show me a toy you are curious about, but also a little nervous to try.

29. Send me a sexy home video from the bathroom at work. 

— 30th of 60 Dirty Truth or Dare Questions and Dares

30. Let me watch you touch yourself like no one is watching. 

31. Call a close friend to talk about our latest adventure in bed and let me listen in.

32. Find an adult film with some moves you’d like to try and show it to me.

33. Seductively whisper in my ear the cheesiest, most awful pick up line you can think of.

34. Impress me with your physical strength. Do as many sit-ups, push-ups, or pulls-ups as you can. Naked. 

35. Take me for a late night drive, while we are only partially dressed. 

36. Prepare my favorite meal or snack, and be creative about serving it.

37. Make love to me with our curtains open. 

38. Close your eyes and guess which body part I’m of mine about to press up against you.

39. Call an ex and tell them why I am a better partner. 

40. Let me drip some melted wax down your back (be sure to use non-toxic candles!)

41. Let me film us in bed. 

42. Let me spank you.

43. Write an explicit letter for me to read later (maybe on the bus or at work?).

44. I’ll put 5 small hearts somewhere on my body (use stickers or a skin-safe pen). Find them all and give them each a kiss.

45. Let me wax, shave, or trim some of your body hair. 

46. Take me to a lingerie boutique. 

47. Do a pole dance performance.

48. Give me a sensual foot massage, making sure to give attention to the erogenous zone (according to reflexology, this is the center of the heel). 

49. Find a karaoke version of your favorite romantic song and perform it for me.

50. Take me to a tattoo shop and get a small tattoo in my honor. 

51. Finish a household chore as my topless maid (or bottomless!). 

52. Count my teeth with your tongue. 

53. Hide my favorite candy somewhere in your clothes or on your body and let me find it.

54. Do your sexiest barnyard animal impressions. Moo like a cow, quack like a duck, meow like a cat. 

55. Close your eyes and open your mouth. 

56. Pick me up and throw me over your shoulder! (Well, at least carry me to bed)

57. Tickle my back with a feather, personal massager, or even your tongue.

58. Undress (I will too) and look into my eyes without touching me at all for 1 minute (or as long as we can). 

59. Help me fulfill a role play fantasy. Maybe you are my teacher, nurse, or childhood celebrity crush. 

60. Give me a kiss and pass me some gum or hard candy as you do.

Katherine Duggan