50 Cute Names for Plant

50 Cute Names for Plant

House plants are a great way to add some colour, and life into your home. Nowadays we see adorable pictures all over the internet on social media of our friends, and family, decorating their house with a new, leafy baby. It’s a huge trend, and what’s not to love about it! 💗

During the pandemic, when most of the outside world stopped, and we were left to entertain ourselves, many people turned to home comforts. Some people started baking, and other people started collecting plants…

If you’re one of those people who started a little plant family during the pandemic, or you already have a collection of plants, then this post is for you!🌵

Just like a new puppy, or kitten, a plant quickly becomes a prominent part of our homes and lives. So, just like anything valuable in our lives, we need to give plants a name. Don’t you think so?

That’s why in this post we’re going to give some cute, and funny names for your plants…

Ready? Let’s start with our list of cute plant names for your plant baby! 

Name Your Plant After Your Favourite Star! 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️

1- Amy Vinehouse

2- Britney Spearsmint 

3- Elvis Prickly

4- Ozzy Olivebourne

5- Ron Parsley

6- Bilbo Basil

7- Lord Of The Thyme

8- Ronald Oreagano

9- Bonnie and Chive

10-  Bob Dillon

11- Philodendron Collins

12- Spiderman Plant

13- Aloha Vera!

14- Dragonball Tree

15- Mr Spike

16- Mrs Cactus

17- Sweetie

18- Tree Friend


20- Ash

21- Pikachu

22-Harry Potter

23- Lizzie

24- Verde


Do you like our quirky, celebrity-inspired names? Clever, right?! 😆

It’s important to have some fun with picking a plant name, so we hope that these names give you some inspiration…

Before we go onto our next list of plant names, let’s cover the basics of plant care. This section is for all those newbie plant parents out there who are looking for some tips, and tricks of looking after house plants.

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Plant Care Survival Kit 💌

The first part is, picking your plant. There are SO many options! But, it ultimately comes down to what style, and colour you’re looking for. Maybe you want a prickly cactus? Or, perhaps, you want something more romantic like a string or hearts? You might also want a money tree for good fortune?

The choice is completely yours! Once you’ve decided what plant you would like, then it comes to the next step. Potting your plant. 

Potting is an important part of caring for your plant. You need to make sure you have the right size, and sufficient draining holes. You don’t want your plant getting thirsty…🥵

After you’ve potted your plant, pick a spot in your home, and leave the plant to settle into their new home! 

You should make sure to water your plant regularly if it needs it. Depending on the plant, this will differ from each plant. Just make sure to do your research when buying your plant!

Because some plants need a little extra nutrition. Again, just make sure to do your research and you’ll be able to find out easily what fertiliser your plant might need…

The last, and best part of looking after a plant is caring for it every day. As mentioned before, having a plant is like adopting a puppy. You need to look after it, clean its home, and check in on it every so often. 🧐

It’s all about TLC.

If you look after it, it will continue to thrive and grow in your home! 

Now, we’ve covered plant care basics. Let’s get back to plant names, shall we?

Cozy Names For Your Plant Babies!

1- Lil Lily

2- Lovely Lavender

3- Rose

4- Baby Basil

5- Cozy

6- Ollie


8- Olive


10- Luna

11- Fleur

12- Blossom Baby

13- Petal

14- Leafy

15- Anthurium Leviosa

16- Ginseng Weasley 

17- Bonsai Jovi

18- Jade Plant Z

19- Dandelionel Ritchie 

20- Bridget Begonia

21-Ho Ho Ho Cactus!

22- Snape Plant

23-Succulent Suzie

24- Chris Cress

25-Ivy be back

We hope that gives you some creative ideas on what to call your existing plant children or future little plant babies! 

Remember: look after your plants, and make sure they are getting everything they need! 

Happy Planting! 🌱😍

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