60 Hilarious Chicken Puns to Make You Cluck

60 Hilarious Chicken Puns to Make You Cluck

We all have that love-hate relationship with puns; they are terrible, of course, yet sometimes fake
laughter is the second best medicine! These eggs-ceptional chicken puns may be painful to
read at first, but take the chance that your cringing may turn into a smile at some point! Enjoy

65 Funny Chicken Puns

What do you call a traveling chicken? An eggs-plorer

What is it called when a chicken has gut problems? Irritable fowl syndrome

How does a chicken play the guitar? Plucking

How do chickens stay so strong? Egg-cersise

How did the chicken get a job on wall street? It studied egg-onomics

What’s a hens favourite movie genre? Chick flicks

Why did the chicken drop out of school? It failed it’s eggs-ams

What do you call a funny chicken? A comedi-hen

What do you call people who take care of chickens? Chicken tenders

A chicken’s choice of drink is Hen-dricks gin

What happens when a chicken is possessed? You must perform an eggsorcism

What makes a chicken similar to an onion (and an ogre)? Layers

The KFC in my town is haunted. They say there’s a poultrygeist

It’s raining chickens and ducks! What fowl weather!

What is a chickens favourite tree? Y-oak

You must be yolking!

Why was the chicken depressed? It began to question its eggs-istence

Well you’re a very hen-some chicken!

How did the chicken get lost in IKEA? Couldn’t find the eggs-it

Beyonce once said, “if you like it then you should have put a wing on it!”

Why did the chicken go to the seance? To talk to the other side

Sorry I kicked you… It’s the restless egg syndrome

Beware of the chicken war! They use a lot of hen grenades

Why did the chicken go to prison? Poaching

What kind of eggs does an evil chicken lay? Deviled eggs

My alarm cluck doesn’t work

What kind of eggs does a drunk chicken lay? Scotch eggs

Just found a four leaf clover! I must be clucky

Why did Mozart hate chickens? Because they’re always saying bach bach bach!

What’s is a chickens favourite landmark? Stone Hen-ge

That is a great hen-semble

Why didn’t the chicken hit a home run? It was a fowl ball

I live in the same town as Chris Hens-worth!

Why don’t chickens need high paying jobs? Their living costs are cheep

These jokes are clucking ridiculous!

Why are roosters so unpopular? They’re cocky

Break a l-egg!

I’ve had eggs on toast but I am still peckish!

I’ve just finished reading Great Eggspectations! Charles Chickens is an amazing writer!

That chicken is a very good marathon runner, it has great hen-durance

I think that man over there is chicken me out.

Chicken little is a great peck-ture!

I like learning about the fowl of the Roman empire

My favourite actor is Egg Helms

That was a funny yolk!

I’m egg-cited to see my friends!

What the cluck?

Let’s get down to business! To defeat… The Hens!

My chickens are reenacting star wars. I love the romance between Princess Layer and
Hen Solo.

We have to wait till 3pm to chick in to our hotel.

I just saw the police hen-cuff a chicken!

My favourite musical is Chick-ago

I’m excited to see the new Barbie movie! Ry-hen Gosling does a great Hen!

My chickens birthday is coming up! I’m going to make coop-cakes

Enough with the fowl language!

I love the new Kylie Henner lip kits!

Chicken feeding time is 2 o’cluck

The best car company is Henda

That view is im-peck-able!

Like feather like son!

He’s too scared to fly! What a chicken

Gabrielle Orrock