100 Rizz Names

100 Rizz Names

If you look up “Rizz” on Urban Dictionary (which I would only recommend to adult audiences!), you will find something similar to this definition: 

“NYC Slang created by a Twitch streamer and YouTuber named Kai Cenat. This means that you have game and can attract women”.

It also tells us that:

“Rizz” actually comes from the word charisma; where in southern Baltimore, they’ve started to shorten it to “rizzma” through Twitch live streamer Kai Cenat editor, a resident of south Baltimore, started putting rizz in the compilation thumbnails, and the word was adopted all over the United States.”

If you are a TikTok user, and in 2023 aren’t we all, you will have heard of this phrase and know its origins. Rizz is about being charming, having a confident attitude and using that to your advantage. We all know a friend full of “game”, a Master of Rizz if you will.

So here is a list of nicknames for your favourite, full of Rizz, friend…

Rizztorical Names (for the historians):

  • Queen Errizabeth
  • Adolf Rizzler
  • Rizztopher Columbus
  • Theodore Rizzevelt
  • Abrizzham Lincoln
  • Osama Rizz Laden
  • J.K Rizzling
  • Sir Rizz-a-Lot
  • Arizztotle
  • Florizz Nightingale

Theatrizzcal Names (for the film and tv buffs):

  • Lord of the Rizz
  • Mike Rizzowski
  • Walt Rizzney
  • The Rizzard of Oz
  • You’re a Rizzard Harry
  • Stuart Rizzle
  • Anakin Rizzwalker
  • Wolverizz
  • The Nightmare before Rizzmas
  • Avengers: Rizzgame
  • Rizzards of Waverley Place
  • Rizzie McGuire
  • Rizz and Morty
  • Star Wars: The Rizz of Skywalker
  • The Shawshank Rizzdemption
  • The Rizzfather
  • Forrizz Gump
  • The Matrizz
  • Parizzite
  • Severizz Snape

Rizzmical names (for music lovers):

  • Rizz Khalifa
  • Rizzy Stardust
  • Chrizz Brown
  • Elvis Prizzley
  • Harizz Styles
  • Rizzo
  • Dizzee Rizzcal
  • Ed Sheerizz
  • Katy Perizz
  • Brizzney Spears

Rizz of the Planet of the Apes Names (for the animal lovers):

  • T-Rizz
  • Rizzly Bear
  • Rizzatouille
  • Rizzard
  • Rizzlesnake
  • Rizzweiler
  • Alvin and The Rizzmunks
  • Sonic the Rizzhog
  • Rizzie the Pooh
  • White Rizzbit

Chrizzmass Names (for the holiday parties):

  • Rudolph the Rizz-nosed reindeer
  • Frosty the Rizzman
  • The Grinch who stole Rizzmas
  • Rizzmas eve
  • The Polar Rizzpress
  • A Partrizz in a Pear Tree
  • Gingerbrizz Man
  • Rizzus Christ
  • Holly Jolly Rizzmas
  • Father Rizzmas

Let’s Get Rizzical Names (for the gym fanatics):

  • Crizztiano Ronaldo
  • Rizzeree
  • Boston Rizz Sox
  • Mo Farizz
  • Lionel Rizzi
  • LeBrizz James
  • Roger Federizz
  • American Rizzball
  • Connor McGrizzor
  • Texas Rizzers

Rizzspectful Names (for your college friend):

  • Quantum Rizzics
  • Rizzilionaire
  • William Rizzpear 
  • The Wolf of Rizz Street
  • Charles Rizzckens
  • Rizzchelangelo
  • Johann Rizzgang
  • Elon Rizz
  • Sherlock Rizz
  • Rizzcasso

Magic Rizzdom Names (for your Disney fan):

  • Pirates of the Carrizzbean
  • Mickey Mouse Rizzhouse
  • Rizz Lightyear
  • The Little Rizzmaid
  • Cinderizza
  • Rizzpunzel
  • Rizzney World
  • Spider-Rizz
  • Thor: Rizznarok
  • The Incrizzables

Rizzarding World (for the Harry Potter geeks):

  • Severizz Snape
  • Rubeus Hagrizz
  • Cedric Diggorizz
  • Dolorizz Umbridge
  • Prisoner of Rizzkaban
  • Ron Rizzley
  • Grizzindor
  • Rizzenclaw
  • Hogwarts School of Witchcrizz and Wizardrizz
  • The Hogwarts Exprizz

So, there you have it, 100 “Rizz” names for each person in your life! But remember, be careful, with great Rizz comes great Rizzsponsibility.  😄😄

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