4th Of July Puns

4th Of July Puns

The Fourth of July, Independence Day, the Birthday of America. No matter what you call it, most of us celebrate the same way – barbecues, family time, and the occasional trip to the beach over a long weekend. While there are plenty of serious commemorative events for the 4th of July, fun plays an important role in enjoying the holiday and punning around with loved ones is a great way to add a little extra joy to whatever event you’re attending.

So I’ve included a list of fifty holiday-themed puns for a fun and pun-triotic Fourth of July.

Happy 4th Of July Puns and Happy Punning!

The best thing about being a beekeeper on the Fourth of July is that you get to see all the original colonies.

Summer’s halfway over? July-ing!

Instead of my button-down today, I think I’ll wear my liber-tee.

Fire crackers? They don’t sound too safe to eat! Do you have any regular crackers instead?

Lots of cars are sold today because people want more revolutions per minute.

We need to keep Uncle John away from the banner this year. Last year, he décor-ate-it.

The best part about the 4th of July is the long free-kend.

Are allergies so bad this year that we need God to bless all of America?

What are balloons? A perfect alternative to a pool on a hot day.

Water balloons? You should know already, we had them at your birthday party.

When you told me you had pool, I thought I’d need my bathing suit, not a cue stick.

You should try out the kitty pool – it’s su-purr-b.

I hear the food’s ready. Looks like I showed up right on ‘cue.

Why do we need a brass section at this parade? Don’t we have enough horns from the holiday traffic?

At the parade, I told my Dad that I would love to be on a float, and he said “Sorry, bud. I think you’re too big to fit in my cup!”.

Why are we having a parade for Independence Day? I thought all the parades were in March.

Happy In-tea-pendence Day!

How’s your holiday? Spill the tea!

I love golfing on the FORE-th!

What a great day to liber-tee up.

I can’t believe the radio hasn’t played the red-and-White Stripes.

Soon we will celebrate America’s birthday! I bet the results will be pretty explosive!

This is the most patriotic day to get into a fight, because then all you see are stars.

Fire works?? I sure hope it does or we’ll have an empty sky!

Fire works? That’s a shame. Glad I’m off today!

Let’s do as the Romans do and light this candle!

Beat The Heat?! But I can’t even play basketball!

The beach reminds me of the flag – it always waves.

Sure is hot, dog!

Whenever I tell jokes at BBQ’s, I’m told I’m too corny.

Mesquite-noooo! I got all bitten up at the barbecue.

Hot dogs and hamburgers? Give me a bun-ch!

Let’s ring out the 4th with a boom!

My friend decided to propose today because freedom rings.

I haven’t knocked on any doors today because freedom rings.

I’m going golfing on the 4th of July! Sure hope I get an Eagle.

Our teams will meet at the park for food and baseball later today. Luckily, we’ll get to pick Nick.

You’re adding an awful lot of seasoning at that grill. What are you, salt bae-B-Q?

You’re looking really nice today! A regular B-B-cutie!

They’ve got their floaties on and they’re pumped to go swimming.

Grandpa, come outside and get some sun before that air conditioning turns you into a pop-sicle.

I love fireworks so much, I can never re-fuse.

This is my favorite holiday, so when it’s all over, I’ll be feeling red, white, and blue.

We stayed home this year but these crowds are all the beach I can handle.

Spring-klers? But I thought it was summer!

Morning golf went great, I even made the par-ade.

I don’t mind the heat because my plans are going swimmingly.

I’m so excited for fireworks tonight that I could just explode!

The best sounds are shared by my breakfast bowl and the night sky: snap, crackle, pop!

When you leave home for your 4th of July festivities, don’t forget your Yan-keys.

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