All Batman Riddler’s Riddles

All Batman Riddler’s Riddles

If you are a comic book enthusiast, your attention is likely drawn by the Riddler since we are speaking about one of the most iconic villains in comic book history. Created by Bill Finger, Dick Sprang, and Edward Nigma, this character first appeared in Detective Comics #140 in 1948. Ever since, he has been portrayed in movie and television adaptations by Frank Gorshin, John Astin, Jim Carrey, Cory Michael Smith, and Paul Dano.

As his name suggests, the Riddler keeps making deadly riddles to Batman since he sees him as a suitable opponent. His main motive is his obsession with proving himself as the most intelligent person, triggered by his childhood trauma. Those riddles are often the biggest and the most entertaining plot twists to readers and viewers. If you are also intrigued by his enigmas, below you can read the list of all Batman Riddler’s Riddles with the explanation of what they mean.

15 Best Batman Riddles

Riddle #15: What Does A Liar Do When He’s Dead?

The Riddle: What does a liar do when he’s dead?

The Answer: He lies still.

The explanation: This enigma about the dead major from the newest Batman movie has a double meaning. The first one is obvious: the dead body will not move. And the second means that his lies are not over but will continue till others find out the truth. Creepy but smart!

Riddle #14: Follow The Maze Until You Find The Rat

The Riddle: Follow the maze until you find the rat. Bring him into the light, and you will find where I am at.

The Answer:  The Riddler wants everyone to find out who the police informant is and, in exchange, will reveal his own location.

The explanation: Again in the newest movie, the Riddler asks Batman to look for the mastermind of many of Gotham’s corruption cases, and Batman follows his instruction. Although Batman plans to turn him over to the police, Riddler has another plan to murder him. These two see a bit differently “bringing to the light”.

Riddle #13: You Are El Rata Alada

The Riddle: You are el rata alada.

The Answer: www.rataalada.com

The explanation: Occasionally, the Riddler used codes as well, in this case, cryptology which is an algorithm for encrypting and decrypting data. After long trouble and misleading, Batman, played by Robert Pattinson, figures that “You are el” is a homophone for URL. So, he adds the rest to it and ends up with a website, www.rataalada.com, and chats with the Riddler. Pro tip: type this website into your web search! Sadly, you will not get a chance to chat with the Riddler. But you will not be that disappointed either!

Riddle #12: If You Are Justice, Please Do Not Lie

The Riddle: If you are justice, please do not lie. What is the price for your blind eye?

The Answer: Bribe.

The explanation: If you wish someone to close their eyes on what you do, you bribe them. In this 2022 movie, thanks to this mystery, we find out that someone super wealthy paid to hide the identity of the police informant. So, Batman should thank his rival for bringing him closer to the truth and the goal. One would think they were fighting on the same side!

Riddle #11: Which Vermin You’re Paid to Protect?

The Riddle: Since your justice is so select, please tell us, which vermin you’re paid to protect?

The Answer: The rat.

The explanation: Selected justice means being fair only to those who offer you something in return – in this case, the police informant. This riddle will go without an answer. Thus the Riddler, played by Paul Dano, will attack again to punish them for not standing up to his intelligence.

Riddle #10: What am I?

The Riddle: I can be cracked. I can be made. I can be told. I can be played. What am I?

The Answer: A joke.

The explanation: The Riddler and Joker are rivals. Although, the Riddler does not see him much as a rival since he believes that Joker is inferior to him in every possible way. In a comic book from 2017, the Riddler uses the enigma to make fun of the Joker, indirectly saying he can be beaten and fooled.

Riddle #9: The Less of Them You Have, the More One is Worth?

The Riddle: The less of them you have, the more one is worth?

The Answer: A friend.

The explanation: The answer to this riddle might be the easiest: the more lonely you are, the happier you are to have at least one friend. At the end of the latest movie, all the plans from the Riddler are ruined. Therefore he is ready to team up with anyone. We do not know yet who this “friend” might be, and we will have to wait for the sequel to find out. Are bet is on Joker!

Riddle #8: I Can Start A War Or End One…

The Riddle: I Can Start A War Or End One. I Can Give You The Strength Of Heroes Or Leave You Powerless. I Might Be Snared With A Glance, But No Force Can Compel Me To Stay. What Am I?

The Answer: Love

The explanation: Love is in the air! The adaptation of the Riddler from the TV series Gotham is the most loved one by most of the fandom. No one sees him as a villain there! And this romantic riddle reveals that our villain has a soft side: he is in love with the woman he cannot have, Kristen Kringle.

Riddle #7: When Is a Rumor Suddenly a Fact?

The Riddle: When is a secret suddenly a rumor? When is a rumor suddenly a fact?

The Answer: If the question is properly asked, a secret will be a rumor, and a rumor a fact.

The explanation: This riddle from a 1995 comic is straightforward: any facts are available if you ask the question adequately. And this is a good summary of the relation between Batman and the Riddler, where they communicate through questions – riddles.

Riddle #6: Which President Wore The Biggest Hat?

The Riddle: Which President Wore The Biggest Hat?

The Answer: The person with the biggest head will wear the biggest hat.

The explanation: The adaptation of the Riddler from the 60s is indeed the funniest one. Even this riddle is not a mystery but a joke. Did you laugh? We did.

Riddle #5: I Have Billions Of Eyes, Yet I Live In Darkness

The Riddle: I Have Billions Of Eyes, Yet I Live In Darkness. I Have Millions Of Ears, Yet Only Four Lobes. I Have No Muscle, Yet I Rule Two Hemispheres. What Am I?

The Answer: The human brain

The explanation: If you are a passionate member of the Batman fandom, you should check out Batman: Arkham video game. The graphics, dramatization, and characterization of the characters are brilliantly done. This puzzle is difficult for players but essential for the Riddler’s personality. It talks about what he values most – intelligence.

Riddle #4: You’ll Soon Hit Your Mark

The Riddle: Hope Shines Brightly In A City This Dark, Find The Source Of The Signal And You’ll Soon Hit Your Mark.

The Answer: The Bat Signal

The explanation: One more video game widely known among DC fans is The Arkham Knight. And while the puzzle from it is not hard to resolve, it puts the player into Batman’s shoes, which is pretty fun!

Riddle #3: See You In Hell

The Riddle: See you in hell.

The Answer: Arkham Asylum.

The explanation: First heard in the movie from 2022, this riddle sounded like a threat. Yet, the Riddler did not plan to threaten Batman, yet to call him to meet him in Arkham Asylum by simply calling the asylum hell. After all, they both fight against corrupted citizens!

Riddle #2: You Won’t Find 13 Anyplace

The Riddle: If You Look At The Numbers On My Face, You Won’t Find 13 Anyplace

The Answer: A clock

The explanation: When Jim Carrey is involved, it simply cannot be not to be funny! This riddle is evident since the clock does not have the number 13, yet one needs to think deeply to get it quickly.

Riddle #1: What Is The Beginning Of Eternity?

The Riddle: What Is The Beginning Of Eternity, The End Of Time And Space, The Beginning Of Every End, And The End Of Every Race?

The Answer: The letter “e”

The explanation: The episode from 1966, A Riddle a Day Keeps the Riddler Away, reveals to the fans one of the most challenging riddles, yet the most obvious. The point is to explain closer how the Riddler function – playing with the words in the most intelligent way. Bown down to him!

The bottom line

If you have carefully read all the puzzles, it will surely be easy for you to solve one yourself. Riddle me this: Smarter than a bee, heavier than a joke, and fast as a bat. Who am I? Yes, you are right! The one and only – the Riddler.

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