The 40 Very Best Quiz Round Ideas

The 40 Very Best Quiz Round Ideas

Since lockdown began playing quiz games with our friends and relatives has become a crucial part of our everyday life. The only thing that makes us keep in touch is online meeting platforms like zoom, google meet, messenger facetime, etc. Even though playing quizzes is the only way to make ourselves feel better and have a good belly life, sometimes they get boring. We’ve tried all general enlightenment, history, geography quizzes, but they aren’t interesting anymore. Quizzes with unique rounds are more enjoyable and most likely to give us a good giggle since they truly challenge participants. Whether it’s identifying funny celebrity sounds or challenging them to name that movie, the sillier, the better!  

If you are out of ideas, we have done hard work for you. We have picked 42 alternative quiz round ideas to sparkle up your virtual conversations. You likely could be recognized as the most creative host in family ancestry. 


1. Name the reversed song

There are bunch of reversed songs or else you can play it backward by yourself and ask your friends to name the famous song. 


2. Name movie by a minimalistic poster

There are bunch of minimalistic posters that are kind of hard to guess. For example, famous fangs of Graph Dracula. 


3. Finish the lyrics

You can sing some part of the song and ask your friend to end it. You can make this game harder by telling the lyrics not singing. 


4. Name the Christmas movie characters

Maybe we’ve already watched them thousand times, but why don’t you remember the names of Kevin’s sisters and brothers from Home Alone. 


5. Logo round

Show your friends famous logos without titles and initials and ask them to name the company. 


6. Guess the voice.

You can search for interviews of famous people and play the audio where it’s just them talking. 


7. Song associations

You can choose any word for example “socks” and players have to sing part of the song with that word in it. For our example, it can be “When you walked around your house wearing my sky-blue Lacoste and your knee socks” (Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys). 


8. Childhood pictures

You can collect bunch of childhood pictures of famous people/celebrities and ask your friends to name the person from the picture. 


9. Picture timeline.

Players have to sort images by date from oldest to newest. It’s even a great idea for birthday parties and some other holidays. 


10. Guess the movie/TV series by sets

You can search pictures of empty sets of famous tv shows and players have to name the movie/series. For example, sofa scene in Friends or broken elevator from The Big Bang Theory.

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11. Famous eyes

Search celebrities’ eyes or crop them from pictures and let your friends name the person. There are bunch of famous eyes for example Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, David Bowie, etc. 


12. Which logo

You can show players 1-3 fake and just one original logo and ask them which one is real. 


13. Speed it up

Play speeded songs and let players guess them. 


14. Name the makeup tools

Sometimes it’s really funny how people who aren’t into makeup and beauty products call them weird names. 


15. Actors who’ve played Santa

We are all obsessed with Christmas movies, but do we really remember actors who played those amazing roles of Santa Claus? Let’s see. 


16. Famous covers

There are bunch of song covers that are way better than the original one. You can play the cover and let your friends name the original song’s performer. 


17. Who said it?

Players can choose a TV series or movie so you can say famous lines and let your friends guess which character said them. 


18. Name historical event

All you have to do is name a year like 1939 and let players name the famous event which happened that year. For our example, it’s the beginning of WW2. 


19. Spelling contest

Let’s go back to school. You have to give players hard words to spell, for example, Chiaroscurist. 


20. Guess the movie

You can find movies described with emojis. players have to guess the movie by emojis sorted in order according to plot or the title. For example, 🔎🐠– Finding Nemo.

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21. Color associations

All you need to do is name color and let your friends name movies with the color in the title. For example, Green Street Hooligans and The Green Mile for color green. 


22. Guess the chocolate

Remove wrappers, cut the bar in half and let players guess the chocolate. 


23. Name siblings

Show 2-3 photos of celebrities and ask your friends to say how they are connected. For example, if they are siblings, cousins, etc. 


24. Finish the Christmas song lyrics

“I don’t care about the presents underneath ________”? 


25. Name the celebrity

Rules are easy, players have to name celebrities born on Christmas Day. 


26. Sort by age

Knowledge and lots of intuition are all you need. Put numerous celebrities in sequence by age from younger to older. 


27. Guess the country

Show the flags and let your friends name the country. 


28. Name the country

The rule is: you name 1-4 colors and players have to name countries with listed colors in their flags. 


29. What’s the connection?

You name 2 subjects and let your friends say what do they have in common (funny but logical answers only). 


30. What’s missing?

Remove one word from lyrics or famous quote and players have to guess what’s missing. 


31. How many legs?

You name the animal, insect, sea animal, etc., and let them say the number of legs they have. 


32. Name the product

You play the tune from an advertisement and players have to guess the product from the advertisement. 


33. One word description

You have to choose any word (object, place, etc) and describe it with only one word. You can say only first initial. Players have to guess the word you are describing. 


34. Guess the celebrity

You have to show just the look/clothes from Met Gala and let players guess who wore them. 


35. Guess the soundtrack

Players will hear the soundtrack and they have to name the movie.


36. Legal age

Players just need knowledge of the law. They have to name the legal age for some countries about different restrictions. 


37. Guess the voice

You have to imitate a famous character’s voice and make your friends guess who you are trying to be. 


38. Real or fake

You tell law and your friends have to guess if it’s fake or not. 


39. Album cover

There are bunch of photoshopped album covers without titles and artists on them. Ask your players to guess the album. 


40. Name the book by map

There are plenty of books you can use for this game: Marauder’s map, GOT map, and others. But to be honest some of them are really hard to recognize. 


41. Intros

Pick a song and let your friends listen to a few seconds of the intro. Challenge them to name a song. 


42. Guess the zodiac

You have to name just 3 characteristics and let players guess which zodiac sign is described.

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