100 Very Best Music Trivia Questions

100 Very Best Music Trivia Questions

Albeit Pop-music, Rock, Jazz, Classical or even EDM; strictly speaking, all music is the arrangement and manipulation of sounds over time. Like Jean-Michel Basquiat said, “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time”. 

But music is so much more, and music has been with us since before recorded time – as a carrier of ancient culture and an expression of that which inspires us most, like love. In fact, love is the heart-beat that gives life to almost sixty percent (60%) of the music created in our modern era, with well over one-hundred million songs that have been written about love. 

So, we’ve decided to share our love of music with you by putting together one hundred funtastic music trivia questions and answers, to flex your beautiful brain your impressive music knowledge prowess. 


Funtastic Music Trivia Questions (and Answers)


Question: What was the original name of the popular Punk-rock band ‘Green Day’?

Answer: Sweet Children


Question: There was a very famous singer who was John Lennon’s hero, but John was disappointed when they finally met; name the singer?

Answer: Elvis Presley 


Question: Which band accused Led Zeppelin of stealing the opening riff of their megahit Stairway To Heaven?

Answer: Spirit


Question: How many instruments could the late Prince (Artist formerly known as Prince)?

Answer: 27


Question: Which band, group or artist is credited as the Best-Selling Artists worldwide?

Answer: The Beatles


Question: What is the name of the Rapper who does a featured guest appearance in Justin Bieber’s “Baby”?

Answer: Ludacris


Question: Which DJ co-wrote and produced Kelly Rowland’s song ‘Commander’?

Answer: David Guetta


Question: The world-renowned House Music DJ and Producer known Black Coffee has a band, what is the name of his band and what does the name mean?

Answer: Shana (Simply Hot And Naturally African)


Question: Which Rap Artist was speculated to have earned approximately $20 per second in 2014?

Answer: Dr. Dre


Question: Other than being the King Of Pop, what is the lesser-known skill that Michael Jackson had a talent for?

Answer: Painting

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Question: What is the name of the band who wrote the song that inspired Lady GaGa’s Stage name?

Answer: Queen


Question: Who is the spokesperson for Cover Girl Cosmetics that has her own line of cosmetics call The Queen Collection?

Answer: Queen Latifa


Question: What was Willie Nelson’s job before he became a famous Country & Western singer?

Answer: Bible Salesman


Question: In which country did Kanye West live when he was ten years old?

Answer: China


Question: Before his illustrious solo career, Peter Gabriel was the lead singer for which band?

Answer: Genesis


Question: Which DJ is rumoured to own a collection of over 10 000 pairs of sneakers, including a range of Jordan Sneakers that have been designed in collaboration with this DJ?

Answer: DJ Khaled


Question: Which female Pop-star starred in the movie Hustlers and is the voice of Lydia in the animated feature called Ugly Dolls? 

Answer: Lizzo


Question: What is the name of the rap Artist who has won four Grammy Awards as well as receiving nominations for five Golden Globe Awards and two Academy Awards?

Answer: Will Smith


Question: Which Country & Western singer/ songwriter was awarded a special posthumous Pulitzer Prize in 2010 for songwriting?

Answer: Hank Williams


Question: Renowned Rap Artist Warren G. has a stepbrother who is arguably even more famous than Warren himself, who is this stepbrother?

Answer: Dr. Dre


Question: What is the name of the DJ who included an inflatable animal at least five-foot high, as part of their backstage, Technical Rider requirements?

Answer: Deadmau5


Question: Who wrote the songs All Along The Watchtower (performed by Jimi Hendrix & U2), Make You Feel My Love (performed by Adele) and As Long As the Grass Shall Grow (performed by Johnny Cash)?

Answer: Bob Dylan


Question: What is the name of the British DJ who has produced remixes for Madonna, U2, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, The Cure and Massive Attack?

Answer: Paul Oakenfold


Question: Which famous lead singer’s stage name is derived from the word Bonavox; Latin for ‘Good Voice’, that was originally the name of hearing-aid store located near the neighborhood in which the singer grew-up?

Answer: Bono – from U2


Question: What song by Whitney Houston was the late Saddam Hussein’s Presidential Campaign Tune?

Answer: I Will Always Love You


…staying with Presidential Campaign Songs… 

Question: Which past President of the United States of America used Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA as his Presidential Campaign Song?

Answer: Ronald Reagan 


Question: What is the real name of B-Real, from the rap Super Group Cypress Hill?

Answer: Louis Freese


Question: Which rock artist played drums for Nirvana, founded the Foo Fighters, and toured with Queens of the Stone Age:

Answer: Dave Grohl


Question: What is the name of the American Rock duo that is rumored to have recorded their first two records in only two weeks? 

Answer: The White Stripes


Question: Where were Biggie Smalls’ (Notorious B.I.G.) parents born?

Answer: Jamaica


Question: How many members in the English ska band MADNESS?

Answer: Seven (7)


Question: What birthday was Elvis Presley celebrating when he received his first guitar as a birthday gift from his mother?

Answer: Eleventh (11th) 


Question: Which Korean Artist’s Video became the first to reach one billion views on youtube?

Answer: Psy (Gangnam Style)


Question: What is the name of the band who released the #1 Selling Album Ever in the USA?

Answer: Eagles


Question: Snoop Dogg’s real name is?

Answer: Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr.


Question: Who officially became the Female Artist with the Most Grammy Awards in 2021?

Answer: Beyonce


Question: Rock group ACDC has had more than one lead singer, who was the first?

Answer: Dave Evans


Question: What is the name of the band that composed and performed the South Park theme song?

Answer: Primus


Question: What the name of the white rapper who had a one-hit-wonder in the 1990’s called ‘Informer’?

Answer: Snow


Question: What is the name of the movie starring Vanilla Ice as the leader of a motorbike gang?

Answer: Cool As Ice


Question: The Rise and Fall of Bossanova is the longest recorded piece of music in history; at thirteen hours, twenty-three minutes, and thirty-two seconds in length. Who composed and recorded this song?

Answer: Michael & Kelley Bostwick


Question: Name the band that is credited with releasing the shortest song ever (1,316 seconds long) known as You Suffer?

Answer: Napalm Death


Question: What band is said to have the most number 1 hits of all time?

Answer: The Beatles


Question: The smash-hit song Milkshake by Kellis was first offered to another pop star who turned-down the offer, what is the name of this pop star?

Answer: Britney Spears


Question: What is the name of the artists who released a parody of Michael Jackson’s Beat It, called Eat It in 1984?

Answer: ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic


Question: Before he became well-known as Fatboy Slim, Norman Cook was the bass guitarist in an 80’s indie rock band, what is the name of this band?

Answer: The Housemartins


Question: What is the name of the beach in Rio de Janeiro that hosted a staggering 3,5 million attendees for a Rod Stewart concert in 1994, and 1,5 million fans for the Bigger Bang Tour in 2006?

Answer: Copacabana Beach


Question: According to the Guinness World Records, the largest Free Rock Concert clocked a record-breaking 4,2 million in attendance, who was the featured performing artist?

Answer: Rod Stewart


Question: Who won the inaugural Pop Idol contest in 2002?

Answer: Will Young


Question: K-pop is an Asian music phenomenon that has had a massive impact on Pop Music globally, what does word K-pop stand for?

Answer: Korean Popular Music

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Question: What is the name of the artists who holds the Guinness World Record for the First Live Concert Broadcast To Space, in 2005?

Answer: Paul McCartney


Question: What is the name of Def Leopard’s ‘one-armed’ drummer?

Answer: Richard John Cyril Allen


Question: Which independent record label ran the famous nightclub called The Hacienda, and released artists such as Joy Division, New Order, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark (OMD) and James?

Answer: Factory Records


Question: What American Country song became the first single, ever to achieve Triple Platinum status in Australia?

Answer: Achy Breaky Heart, by Billy Ray Cyrus


Question: Which Miley Cyrus song mentions Jay-Z and Britney Spears?

Answer: Party In The USA


Question: Still Feel Like Your Man by John Mayer is rumored to be a song relating to one of his ex-girlfriends, which one?

Answer: Katy Perry


Question: What is the name of the American Chicano Rock star who was most famous for his song La Bamba, that was also the title of the movie made about his life?

Answer: Ritchie Valens


Question: Which female Pop music Star is re-recording her first six albums to gain ownership and control of her music?

Answer: Taylor Swift


Question: What is the name of the singer known as the youngest in the world to ever release a professional album; at the age of three?

Answer: Atithi Gautam K.C.


Question: Who is the youngest singer to win four major categories at the Grammy Awards?

Answer: Billie Eilish


…staying with the incredible talents of O’Connell family… 

Question: Billie Eilish has a brother who is also a celebrated, Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, what is his name?

Answer: Finneas O’Connell


Question: In 2021, the two most expensive artists to book for live performance share the top-spot, and they are The Rolling Stones and Rihanna, can you guess how much it would cost to book either of them for your event?

Answer: At least $8 Million


Question: Which American singer-songwriter; also known as Sugar Man has been compared to the likes of Bob Dylan, but was only popular in South Africa and Australia for the first few decades of his career?

Answer: Rodriguez


Question: What is the name of the late Italian composer who not only wrote more than 400 scores for film and TV, such as the Mission and went-on to win the Oscar for his score to Tarantino’s Hateful Eight, but also influenced the likes of Metallica, Dire Straits and Radiohead?

Answer: Ennio Morricone


Question: Which actor sings, plays guitar and piano under the pseudonym Baby Goose in a band called Dead Man’s Bones?

Answer: Ryan Gosling


Question: What is Sir Elton John’s real name?

Answer: Reginal Kenneth Dwight


Question: Which one of the members of the 90’s pop group Take That claims to have seen UFO’s?

Answer: Robbie Williams


Question: What is the name of the female Mega-Pop Star who keeps two beehives, with 80 000 bees, as a hobby?

Answer: Beyonce


Question: The lead singer of Iron Maiden, is also well known for his piloting skills, what is his name:

Answer: Bruce Dickinson


Question: Who is said to have discovered the Violent Femmes, after he saw them busking on the street?

Answer: James Honeyman-Scott of The Pretenders


Question: In 2002, Slash from Guns N’ Roses joined forces with the late Scott Weiland to form the Grammy award-winning band known as Velvet Revolver. What was the name of the previous band that Scott Weiland was most well-known for?

Answer: Stone Temple Pilots


Question: Which Hip-hop artist’s stage name is inspired by robber in Brooklyn from the 1980’s known as Kelvin Martin?

Answer: 50 Cent


Question: Which American actor has been nominated for eight Academy Awards and has won two Grammy Awards for the soundtrack to the film that he also produced, directed, and acted in, and he is the voice of Marvel’s Rocket Raccoon?

Answer: Bradley Cooper


Question: What is the name of the song that Funk-rock band Wild Cherry is best known for?

Answer: Play That Funky Music White Boy


Question: What is the name of the rock band behind the theme songs for Nickelodeon’s Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and Disney’s Phineas & Ferb?

Answer: Bowling For Soup


…and just because we all love a catchy theme-tune…

Question: The Barenaked Ladies wrote and performed the theme-song for which television series?

Answer: The Big Bang Theory


Question: What was the first music video that MTV aired?

Answer: Video killed the Radio Star, by The Buggles


Question: Which member of Seattle-based Pearl Jam was a night attendant at a gas station in the 80’s, before the formation of the band?

Answer: Eddie Vedder


Question: Which female singer has been nominated for fourteen Grammy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards and cited nature-show host Sir David Attenborough as her biggest musical influence? 

Answer: Björk


Question: Who did Dua Lipa collaborate with on her 2018 single One Kiss, that went-on to win the 2019 Brit Award for Song Of The Year?

Answer: Calvin Harris


Question: What Dutch Dance Duo was behind the 90’s floor-fillers Get Ready For This and No Limit?

Answer: 2 Unlimited


Question: Who are the original members of the Wu-Tang Clan?

Answer: RZA, GZA, O.D.B., Method Man, Raekwon, Ghostface Killah, Inspectah Deck, U-God & Masta Killa


Question: Which Mega Popstar donated the $250,000 that she won playing the lottery in 20212 to build a school in Malawi?

Answer: Madonna


Question: Which Famous composer’s music is said to have an enhancing effect on one’s IQ and spatial-temporal performance of cortical and cerebellar parts of the brain, within a few minutes of listening to his music?

Answer: Mozart – this is known as the Mozart Effect, with particular reference to his Piano Sonata in D Major


Question: Who recorded the first song, ever?

Answer: Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville


Question: What is the name of the British actor who plays guitar, drums, piano and saxophone, has released an acclaimed Blues album and stars as Dr. House in the hit medical series HOUSE?

Answer: Hugh Laurie


Question: Who was the first artist to be signed to Virgin Records in 1973?

Answer: Mike Oldfield


Question: What musician was the first to have an album released on Compact Disc (CD), in 1982?

Answer: Billy Joel (52nd Street)


Question: Who is considered to be the First Female Rapper or emcee?

Answer: Sha-Rock (Sharon Green)


Question: Who wrote the Austen Powers theme-song, also known as Soul Bossa Nova?

Answer: Quincy Jones


Question: Which group had the most viewed videos in 24 hours on Youtube in 2020, with 101,000,000 views?

Answer: BTS


Question: Who is the record producer behind Hit Me Baby One More Time (Britney Spears), It’s Gonna Be Me (NSYNC), and I Want It That Way (Backstreet Boys)?

Answer: Max Martin


Question: What are the names of the duo known as Daft Punk?

Answer: Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo & Thomas Bangalter


Question: Trent Reznor is the lead vocalist, musician and main songwriter for which Industrial rock band?

Answer: Nine Inch Nails


Question: Who wrote the song Titanium originally for Alicia Keys, but ended-up singing the song herself on the David Guetta smash-hit?

Answer: Sia Furler


Question: Which South African female rapper received global exposure with her song featuring John Cena?

Answer Sho Madjozi


Question: What musical key are the most popular songs written in?

Answer: C Major & G Major


Question: Yusuf Islam is better known to the world as Cat Stevens, what name was given to him at birth?

Answer: Steven Demetre Georgiou


Question: Which popular male R&B, Retro-Pop artist is unofficially the youngest Elvis impersonator on youtube – at the tender age of four? 

Answer: Bruno Mars


Question: What is the name of Jay-Z’s record label?

Answer: Roc Nation


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