The 20 Very Best Hobbit Riddles

The 20 Very Best Hobbit Riddles

As Bilbo once famously said, adventures are ‘nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things’ that make you late for dinner! That was until he changed his mind! Soon, he was racing over the grassy hills of the Shire shouting, “I’m going on an adventure!” We think you’ll feel much the same about our delightful hobbit riddles – you might find them just a bit tricky at first, but you’ll soon find them to be an adventure. Read on to see how many you can solve – can you get all 20?

Q: I am round and only made of one line. Circle is much too lowly a name for me, though many have stood around in awe. I can only be broken the same way I was created. I have destroyed many. What am I?

A: The ring of power.

Q: You cannot see me, you can’t smell or touch me, can’t hear or feel me. I fill every hole and consume every soul. I’m at the beginning and end of all things, kill laughter, but also bring joy. What am I?

A: Time.

Q: I am known as the friend to birds and my name once meant the same. I travel the forests and can speak to the wind. You may see me, but you’ll need to squint. Who am I?

A: Radagast the Brown.

What is part of very minute, twice even of a moment, and never appears in 1,000 years?
The letter ‘m’.

Q: I’ve been called a woman, sometimes I cry, sometimes I flutter wildly like a winged creature, yet I have no wings of my own. I lift others and can just as easily destroy. I am known to bite without fangs, and speak with no voice. What am I?

A: The wind.

Q: Creature, creature, creature am I, destroyed by my mind at a long ago time. I’m no friend to anyone, not even myself, and I loathe every hobbit, every human and elf. Who am I?

A: Gollum.

Q: I guard gold and riches but am not a powerful king. I have jewels and my eyes shimmer in the light but I am not his beauteous queen. Sometimes I have wings, sometimes I guard towers, sometimes I am just crafted by your imagination, other times, I am real. Who am I?

A: A dragon.

Q: I help Santa craft toys – but not in this world. I am colourful and bright – but not in this world. I bring sweets to good children – but not in this world. What am I?

A: An elf.

Q: Who is taller than a short person but shorter than a tall person?

A: A hobbit on a chair.

Q: I am the keeper of the Woodland Realm, but I am no sorcerer or hobbit. I am not an animal, and I have led my people for many moons. Who am I?

A: Thranduil.

I can cut through anything on Earth and would be lethal through even the strongest armour – yet many value me more than gold. What am I?
A diamond.

Q: I’m small and my feet are covered in hair, but I am no animal. I live in the countryside and make my home in a hole, but I am no animal. I love to run across fields and eat many meals a day, but I am no animal. What am I?

A: A hobbit.

Q: I’m a box of sorts, but have neither hinges, key, or lid. I contain golden treasure, but you cannot use it to pay for any earthly goods. What am I?

A: An egg.

Q: You never see my face yet you must not meet my gaze. I may destroy, but I cannot touch you if the one ring is no longer. Who am I?

A: Sauron.

Q: I’m alive without breath and as cold as the death, I never thirst and never drink, am clad in mail, but never clink. I drown on dry land, but revel in water. What am I?

A: A fish.

Q: I may be a tree, but oh I can see! I have roots, but can walk, and take a long time to talk. What am I?

A: An Ent.

Q: I have roots that run deeper than any tree’s, roots that nobody sees. Sometimes I have foliage, but it is never my own, and I’m taller than trees though I often associate with them. Up, up I go into the skies, yet I only grow smaller with time. What am I?

A: A mountain.

Q: My name is smart, but I am known more for my loyalty. I am a true friend and hero, but not the hero. Who am I?

A: Samwise Gamgee.

Q: Thunder rolls beneath my skin, all that fall will die within. My lightning fire flares above, once I burst all must run thereof. What am I?

A: The volcano of Mount Doom.

Q: I am not above and not below, and to those that know me I am the dearest place on this planet. What am I?

A: Middle-earth.

Julia Gallacher