The 50 Very Best Disney Jokes

The 50 Very Best Disney Jokes

This doesn’t even need an explanation… Disney! Everyone’s favorite in every society, in every family. The most special thing is that it’s not only kids favorite, sometimes (shhh… always) adults enjoy watching it too. Each movie is he purest thing you will ever see, filled with love and kindness. How can you not love watching Disney movies after tiring and busy day?

Of course, they are pleasing… but what about jokes based on animations and movies that Disney has gifted us? Lovely plot and knowledge of every little detail make these jokes even funnier. Today we have a huge list of kid-friendly Disney jokes. So, if you are obsessed with Disney, you will understand all of them. I promise you will get a good belly laugh and great satisfaction as well. Keep reading for a marvel-ous journey in Disney world.


The Best Disney Jokes


Which Disney princess is the funniest?


What’s Olaf’s favorite food?


Which fairy says no to showers?


What does Mickey’s wife drive?
Minnie Cooper.


Which Disney character is the scariest?
Poca-haunt us.


Guess what you get if you cross Donald with whale?
Moby Duck.


Why has no one seen the Peter Pan’s house?
Because every time planes fly past it, they see sign that says “Never land”.


Why did Sleepy lie next to the fireplace?
He wanted to sleep like a log.


How does Mickey feel when Minnie is angry at him?


Guess which restaurant is Peter Pan’s favorite?
Of course, Wendy’s.


Why did Mickey want to become an astronaut?
So, he could see Pluto.

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Which princess is the cow’s favorite?


What would be the name of the movie if I was Belle?
Beauty and the Feast.


Where did captain Hook go to change his hook?
Second-hand store.


Who do you ask to fix something?
I don’t know, Fix-It Felix? NO! Tinkerbell.


Cinderella is a proof that new pair of shoes can change your life.


what’s Buzz lightyear’s favorite snack?
Marsbars and Milkyways.


What’s Hercules’ least favorite car?


Why did Elsa’s credit card get rejected?
He accounts were frozen.


What does Alladin say when he sneezes?


What would you call Hercules if he was scientist?


What does the white rabbit eat at the Easter?


Why was King Triton mad at Ariel?
Her grades were under the C.


How do you get the Queen of Hearts’ attention?


Why does Snow White hate twitter?
She only has 7 followers.


The next Pirates of the Caribbean movie will have more violence in it. I guess it will be rated “Arrr..”


What font does the mermaid use for writing?


You know why did Ariel’s boyfriend break up with her?
Because she was selfish lover.


Is your name Ariel? Because we are mer-made for each other.


What did Woody say to Buzz Lightyear?
A lot. There are 3 movies.


What do dwarfs call Snow White as a nickname?


If Tinkerbell had Latina sister, what would you call her?
Taco bell.


Why is Cinderella bad at sports?
She is always running away from ball.


What is Mowgli’s favorite Christmas Carol?
Jungle bells.


Why people watch Disney movies?
So they can get a little goofy!


What do you call a Dalmatian thief with headache?
Cuella Ad Vil.


Voldemort: so, you’re saying you just have to lie?
Pinocchio: Yes!


What is Dumbo’s least favorite band?
“Cage the Elephants”.


Why can’t Dalmatians hide?
Because they are always spotted.


Have you ever heard about the Hunchbag of Notre dame?
He rings a bell.


Nobody talks about Dumbo anymore
He’s irrelephant.


How cold was it at Disney?
Donald Duck was wearing pants!


What do you say to Simba if he is walking too slowly?



In movies when people go underwater, I hold my breath to see if I would survive. I died at Finding Nemo.


What music does Buzz Lightyear like the best?

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