40 Very Best Love Quotes For Her

40 Very Best Love Quotes For Her

I love you. Those sweet words. But what if they are not enough. You can say Ti Amo – if you like Italian. Volim te – in Serbian. Je t’aime – says French.  Aishiteru – in Japanesse. But, sometimes, no matter the language, those words can not even begin to describe the rush of feelings you have inside. If you are tired of looking through romantic books in search of a cute quote or buying cards with the same old messages over and over again, then this is the right article for you.  The following “I love you quotes” can help you tell her that she means the world to you in an original way. 


40 Cute & Romantic Love Quotes for Her

1. My favorite hobbies? Kissing your forehead. Smelling your hair. Drowning in your eyes.

2. I’ve fallen in love many times… but always with you.

3. I suspect that your hug is just my size. May I try it?

4. I thought that I needed someone to go around the globe with, but now I know that the world is in the corner of your lip, in the ray of your glance, in the warmth of your hand…

5. I’d rather spend one moment holding you than a lifetime knowing I never could.

6. Let my pocket be the one where your cold fingers can get warm.

7. Every time I see you I fall in love all over again.

8. Your name was placed on my lips the day I was born. Your fingertips were designed so they can follow the curves of my own. Your eyes are made to be my freedom. With you, I am finally home.

9. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever.

10. Wow! You are still not bored to be the most beautiful person… to me?!

11. The first thing I imagined when I saw the word ‘love’ is you.

12. You are the only one to make my heart beat faster and to force the planet to turn around slower…

13. I don’t want to be your favorite or your best. I want to be your only and forget the rest.

14. Let me forget my hand on your waist… Cheek to your cheek. Let me fail to recall that my lips are covering yours… for eternity.

15. For once in my life, I don’t have to try to be happy. When I’m with you, it just happens.

16. Zipping the dress on your back. Catching you if you misstep in high heels. Kissing in the last row in the cinema. Fighting over popcorn. Getting you a glass of water when you have hiccups. Falling asleep next to you, calm and filled with joy. That’s what I was thinking about when I first met you…

17. Your Lips? I kiss that. Your body? I hug that. My smile? You cause that. Your heart? I want that.

18. Let me get friendly with every freckle constellation on your skin…

19. When you are with me, you make me perfect. I love you.

20. I am staring at you, even if my eyes are closed.

21. I am absolutely, definitely, positively, unquestionably, beyond any doubt, in love with you.

22. While you are sleeping on my shoulder, laughing in your dreams, suddenly, getting older is not as hard as it seemed. As long as it is with you.

23. I wanna be the reason behind your smile because surely you are the reason behind mine.

24. I used to stare at constellations to find our happy ending. But stars blinded me. And while I curl myself around you, I realize that real love stories never have endings… just word forever in their essence.

25. Sometimes my eyes get jealous of my heart. Because you always remain close to my heart and far from my eyes.

26. When life paints only in black pallets… when the ache is sniffing me like a predator… when days are sunless and long nights are starless… Then I hear you. I know your step. I know your warmth. Your hug is my home.

27. I love you because I know no matter what happens, you’ll always love me back.

28. Let me tell you something, sweetheart. I didn’t fell for you. While loving you, I am rising not falling…

29. In a sea of people, my eyes will always be searching for you.

30. I love the way you suddenly happened to me and swept me off my feet and blew the dust off my life and quite rudely stole my heart.

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31. You’re cute, can I keep you?

32. You are lifting me so high, my darling. Even if I fell I would have lived thousands of lives on the long way to the ground just remembering you…

33. Ever since I met you, nobody else is worth thinking about.

34. Love is a translucent and dazzling drink that you need to consume leisurely and perpetually.

35. I wish I could turn back the clock. I’d find you sooner and love you longer.

36. I am jealous at sea… its waves are kissing your collarbone. I am jealous at wind… the insolence to ruffle your hair… I am jealous of the sun… the way it drinks sweetness from your lips…

37. Roses are red; violets are blue, I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you.

38. What do I want? All of you, all of us, forever…

39. Dreaming of you keeps me asleep. Being with you keeps me alive.

40. The first time I saw you, my heart whispered: “that’s the one.”


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