55 Cute Names to Call Your Boyfriend

When it’s time in the relationship for you to pick a nickname for your boyfriend, will you be ready? If you’re feeling unprepared – fear not – because this list will help you find the right cute Nickname for him. Below is a list of 55 cute nicknames for your boyfriend and what circumstances they work best.


55 Cute Nicknames for Your Boyfriend


Adonis: If your boyfriend is like a Greek God in looks or personality this one shows he would fit in with those in Olympus


Adorable: Do you have a boyfriend you would describe as cute or otherwise makes you want to say awe (whether intended or not)? Little else could describe him as well as adorable.


Amazing: If your boyfriend is fabulous, stupendous or otherwise makes you feel like you’re watching a firework everyday he is pretty Amazing. 


Amore: This means love. It may be in a different language but the meaning will come across loud and clear. Perfect if you like sounding fancy. 


Babe: If you think your boyfriend looks good, but are casual and don’t feel like bragging then he is absolutely your Babe. 


Baby: If your love for your significant other is pure and you see them as someone to protect then they could be your Baby. 


Beau: A nickname for a modern couple wanting to show their affection. 


Big Guy: If your boyfriend is bigger than you or significantly taller, then calling him Big Guy could be a cute way to show affection. 


Boy Toy: If your boyfriend gives you a lot of attention or wants you to make the decisions then he may be a Boy Toy. 


Boo: If you feel like you’re both close, like two peas in a pod, he might be your Boo. 


Bubba: Do you have a boyfriend particularly close to you or has a simple type of charm? Bubba would be a cute endearing way to show that closeness. 


Cassanova: Is your boyfriend particularly romantic and flirty, or otherwise good at sweet talk? If so he is definitely your Cassanova. 


Charmer: If your boyfriend is charismatic and is adored by almost anyone this is a fitting nickname.


Chief: If  your boyfriend is a leader or good at taking charge, he is definitely your chief.


Cupcake: Is your boyfriend sweet with loads of more good attributes on top of that? Then he is your cupcake. 


Cutie: If your boyfriend is absolutely the cutest and your ready for the world to know, calling him Cutie could be in your future. 


Cutie Pie: If your boyfriend is the cutest to the point you could just eat him up, then he is totally your Cutie Pie. 


Darling: If you or your boyfriend consider yourself an old soul – or enjoy hollywood or Edna Mode – then there’s no better nickname Darling. 


Dearest: Is your boyfriend one of the closest if not the closest person to you? Then it’d be true that they are your Dearest.


Dumpling: If your boyfriend is a bit chubby or full of good things on the inside (personality or skills etcetera) he could be your dumpling.


Fella: If you and your boyfriend enjoy flirting and have a timeless love he could come in your fella.


Foxy: This is for the boyfriends who are sexy or have loads of charisma.


Gorgeous: If you feel like your boyfriend has looks almost so good they’re almost beyond words or you can’t believe your dating – he is your Gorgeous.


Good Looking: Do you and your boyfriend both know he’s good looking? This nickname would be a goodway of reminding him and others.


Goofy: Boyfriends who like making jokes or making you laugh would get a kick out of this one.


Guy: If your boyfriend comes across as the classic hero or man the world needs that could make him your Guy.


Honey: If your boyfriend is unbelievably sweet then this will have him stuck with adoration.


Honey Bunny: If your boyfriend is unbelievably sweet and cuddly then he would be a perfect fit as your Honey Bunny.


Handsome: Does your boyfriend remind you of a movie star or otherwise have good looks? Then he is simply and classically Hansome.


Hot Stuff: If you feel like your boyfriend is too hot to handle he definitely qualifies for Hot Stuff.


Hottie: If your boyfriend is so hot he reminds you of the sun. The best name might might be straight and to the point – he is a hottie.


Hunk: Is your boyfriend good looking, charming and overall someone most people would call the ‘whole package?’ He could be your Hunk.


Jellybean: If your boyfriend is alway on the move or active jumping from task to task Jellybean can fit that active life.


King: Does your boyfriend make you feel like a Queen or otherwise treat you like royalty? If so, this nickname is a good way to remind him that doing that makes him your king.


Lover Boy: If your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic or showers you with gifts or attention then this will be a good fit.


McDreamy: If your boyfriend is fantastic to the point he makes you feel like you’re living a dream, he is your McDreamy.


Mister: Is your boyfriend classy or high brow? Mister, would be a good way of further showing that maturity and class.


Moonlight: If you have a dark relationship whether that be gothic, horror or other, the name Moonlight will give a glimmer of light in the darkness.


My Love: If your boyfriend makes you think of everything to do with love and romance, then he is your Love.


My muse: If your boyfriend inspires you to create music, stories or art this would fit him to a T – and show how important he is.


Other Half: Use this if you and your boyfriend do a lot together or often work on projects together.


Prince Charming: If you’re a huge Disney fan, fairytale fan, or otherwise a big daydreamer this nickname will cast a magic spell.


Pumpkin: If your boyfriend makes you feel like a princess all the way to midnight and more, the nickname Pumpkin might be in his future.


Romeo: If your boyfriend is a hopeless romantic or would do absolutely ANYTHING for you, you have yourself a keeper – and a Romeo.


Stallion: Is your boyfriend fast or Italian – referring to the Italian Stallian in ‘Rocky’ – then you have yourself a winner.


Stud: Does your boyfriend like showing off or just showing off how strong he is? Then he is a Stud.


Stud Muffin: If your boyfriend is strong, likes showing off and is sweet on the inside he is completely your Stud Muffin.


Sugar: Could your boyfriend give you a cavity with how sweet he is? Then, he could be your dose of Sugar you’ve been looking for.


Sugar Bear: If your boyfriend looks big but is actually a big softy he could make a wonderful Sugar Bear.


Sunshine: Does your boyfriend make everything seem better and brighter? If he does, then Sunshine is perfect for him.


Sweety: If being with your boyfriend is like your favorite candy or your favorite dessert, he might be your sweety. 


Sweetheart: Does your boyfriend have a loving or kind heart? Then he could definitely be your Sweetheart.


Sweety pie: If there is sweetness baked into everything your boyfriend does then Sweetie Pie could leave a good taste in your mouth.


Tiger: Is your boyfriend dominant or attractively fierce taking charge of situations? A name like Tiger would be perrrrfect for him.


Tough guy: If your boyfriend works out, is a body builder or otherwise strong then what’s better than calling him what he is?


A Nickname leaves a unique print on every relationship. One of these names could be just right for you and your boyfriend. Which one fits you?

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