55 Burning Bridges Questions

55 Burning Bridges Questions

Burning Bridges is a fun and daring party game designed to test your friendships and ask each other some risky questions.

Have you ever wondered which of your friends is most likely to be homophobic? Do you feel like accusing your friend of being a hypocrite? Then this is the game for you.

To get you started on this crazy adventure, we’ve compiled a list of questions that are likely to, you guessed it, burn some bridges.

The Best Burning Bridges Questions

Who has the worst partner?

Most likely to sleep with a friend’s ex?

Most likely to falsely use a disabled parking space?

Who is going nowhere in life?

Most likely to vote republican?

Most likely to have a crush on a friend’s parent?

This person has the worst fashion sense.

Who wouldn’t be bothered to show up to our funerals?

Most likely to commit murder?

Who has the worst music taste?

This person has never eaten fruits or vegetables.

Most likely to be kicked out of the friendship group?

Who needs to be medicated?

This person is the worst human on the planet.

Most likely to be secretly gay?

Who would be the worst in an emergency?

This person shows traits of a serial killer.

Who would wear a band t shirt without knowing the band?

Most likely to kick a dog?

This person eats instant noodles for every meal.

Most likely to eat pineapple on pizza?

Most likely to join an anti-LGBTQ+ protest?

This person is addicted to dating apps

Who thinks that were ‘born in the wrong generation’?

This person doesn’t wear socks with shoes.

Who would be the worst in bed?

Most likely to try and convert a lesbian?

This person has undiagnosed autism.

Who do you think has the highest body count?

Who’s a secret virgin?

This person thinks they’re talented – they’re not.

Most likely to go to jail for a serious crime?

Who has the ugliest partner?

This person would start a fight unprovoked.

Most likely to purposely misgender someone?

Who’s a secret horse girl?

This person can’t keep a job.

Most likely to have joined the Nazis in WW2

Most likely to get (or need) a sugar daddy?

Who hasn’t showered in weeks?

This person needs to go to rehab. 

Who relies on their mom for everything?

Most likely to dine and dash?

This player would have been lobotomised in the 1950s.

Most likely to swear at a child?

Most likely to prefer KidzBop versions of songs?

This person has endless failed relationships.

Who would fake a disability for their own gain?

Most likely to show up wearing white to a wedding?

This person definitely drinks sparkling water.

Most likely to think women deserve less rights?

This person never left their emo phase.

Most likely to be a stalker?

Most likely to commit arson?

This person will die alone.

Most likely to accidentally join a cult?

Most likely to start a cult?

Enjoy burning those bridges. It’s in the name.

Becky Wiggins