50 Taylor Swift Puns

50 Taylor Swift Puns

We all know and love Taylor Swift for being a Mastermind with a pen and paper. Her lyrics are as creative and thought-provoking as a songwriter’s songs could be, and she never ceases to catch us off-guard. Taylor Swift can blow people away with her words, so why not try to do the same? If you are a lover of the Bejeweled pop star, and puns that make you laugh ‘til you’re a bright shade of Red, then this article is for you!

Dear Reader: get ready to go on a punny-funny, fun-filled journey through the discography, lyrics, and iconic moments of Taylor Swift! We hope these puns Hit Different, but if they don’t – well, You’re On Your Own, Kid!

Best Taylor Swift Puns Made For Swifties

What do you call the worst time of the year for Swifties? Cruel Summer!

How come Taylor Swift isn’t called Taylor Slow? Because she and Ed Sheeran love to Run!

What do Swifties say when they break up with their partners? “You’re Losing Me.”

What are you most likely to find on a pop quiz about 1989? A Blank Space!

How would Taylor start the Love Story of her and Travis? “He was eighty-seven; I was eighty-nine.”

What time of day did Taylor write her seventh studio album Lover? During the Daylight!

Is Taylor Swift good at taking care of plants? Yeah, she’s basically covered in Ivy!

What is the darkest set during Taylor’s Eras Tour? Midnights!

Was Taylor Swift shocked by the new Hunger Games movie? Oh yes, her eyes were wide open!

What does Taylor do when she’s cold? She puts on a cardigan!

When did most Swifties enter the armed forces? Probably during the Great War!

What do you call a song after Taylor Swift sings it at karaoke night? Taylor’s Version!

Why doesn’t Taylor talk more about her exes? Because she forgot that they existed!

What do Swifties say when they are trying to get picked in kickball? “Me! Me! Me!”

Who is Taylor Swift’s favorite character in the book she’s reading? Probably the Anti-Hero!

What did Taylor say when she surpassed Kanye West in musical awards won? “Look What You Made Me Do!”

How come Taylor never wears scarves? I think we know All Too Well!

What was Taylor’s favorite birthday? Definitely 22!

Did you know Taylor Swift is afraid of getting older? Yeah, it’s Nothing New!

What does Taylor Swift say before starting any game? “Are you Ready for It?”

Why was Taylor broke this past summer? She bought too many shiny toys!

What do you call Taylor Swift when she is spinning and dancing in her shiny dresses? Mirrorball!

What is Swifties’ favorite day of the year? Probably New Year’s Day!

What happens when Taylor and Travis hold hands? Sparks Fly!

Why is Halloween Taylor’s favorite holiday? Because she loves Haunted houses!

“Taylor, what did that sign you just pass say?” “Welcome to New York!”

Why are Swifties religious? Because they have that good girl faith!

What pet name did Taylor call John Mayer when they were together? Dear!

Why does Taylor Swift root for the Anti-Hero in movies? Because she likes their Vigilante Sh*t!

What do Swifties write to one another when they feel sick? “Soon You’ll Feel Better!”

Why couldn’t you get into the Reputation Tour? Because your name was in red and underlined!

Who is Taylor most likely to not tell her secrets to? Inez!

What would a Swiftie say if they were accused of murder? “No body, no crime!”

Why were the folklore and evermore album covers taken in the forest? Because Taylor wasn’t Out of the Woods!

What is Taylor’s favorite kind of movie to watch? A Love Story!

What happened when Taylor started dating Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce? She left her Eagles t-shirt hanging on the door!

What Shakespeare play is most likely written by Taylor Swift? Romeo and Juliet!

How does Taylor respond when someone apologizes insincerely? “You’re Not Sorry!”

What did Taylor do when she went to London? She drove around on her scooter!

What song do Swifies play when they are setting up a fancy dinner? Tolerate it!

Why did Lavender Haze start the last set of the Eras Tour? Because she prefers to meet at Midnight!

What does Taylor say when she leaves a party? “It’s Time to Go!”

Why are Swifties so brave when doing something Treacherous? Because they are Fearless!

What is a Swifties’ favorite tree? A Willow!

What did Taylor write on her Christmas card this year? “‘Tis the Damn Season!”

How does Taylor introduce herself? “It’s me, hi! I’m the problem, it’s me!”

How did Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift find each other? They followed the invisible string tying them together!

Why is Taylor’s 8th studio album folklore so special to her? Because writing it gave her so much Peace!

Why is Lewis Carroll Taylor Swift’s favorite author? Because she loves getting lost in Wonderland! 

What did Taylor Swift say on New Year’s Day? “It was the end of a decade, but the start of an age!”

Liz Homick