The 65 Very Best Pizza Puns

The 65 Very Best Pizza Puns

Pizza: Italians and Greeks have long fought over the origin of the word – some say it originates from the Greek for ‘pita’, others think it came from ‘bizzo’, meaning bite.

Either way, pizza is delicious, and we think you can have a lot of fun with the word. Below are some of the funniest pizza puns we could dream up. Too cheesy for you? Trust us, you can’t top these pizza puns.

Best Pizza Puns

Tasked to write some true Italian classic puns? That’s a pizza cake!

Then again, it might be a challenge. I’m happy to accept it, dough!

I can do this, my puns cannot be topped.

You think puns aren’t funny? Sounds like you’re not much of a funghi.

Sorry for getting off on the wrong start – there’s not mushroom here for bad puns.

You thought this couldn’t get any worse, but this page is peppered with pizza puns.

We’re the pesto ‘round as far as puns go. Seriously.

Back to pizza: I love pizza from my head tomatoes.

Know what you are if you don’t like pizza? A weirdough.

It may sound cheesy, but pizza is kind of my thing.

You knead to know that I’m always going to love pizza.

Every pizza me loves every pizza you (kidding, every pizza me loves every pizza pizza. Hold it, I’m dizzy!)

The yeast you could do is smile at these puns.

Come on, pizza puns are grate.

I mean, you do have to be mature to get these. (Just like you should get a cheese pizza.)

Hey, it ain’t easy being cheesy!

Cut me some slack. I’m writing these because I knead the dough.

What did the pizza toppings say to the mixer: Dough it, dough it!

If life knocks you down, you just rise up again – yeast’s in your nature.

I know, I’m a-dough-rable, you dough not need to tell me twice.

Like I said before, my love for pizza goes onion on.

Adding breakfast foods to pizza? You’re bacon me crazy!

I mean that pizza Hawaii is looking mighty pine to us.

While that meatfeast pizza is looking ham-some as well.

But it’s the cheeseburger pizza that’s the only bun for me.

Some say, vegetarian pizzas really turn up the beet.

‘Tis the season to be cauli – unless you’re a cauliflower pizza base, then no thanks.

And if you have food allergies: Mind and say a cheerful Gluten Tag to your pizza!

Or really spice up your life with a super hot pizza.

What are those peppers doing on your pizza anyway? Oh, they’re just chillin’.

No matter how you slice it, this food is awesome.

I want a pizza that delicious food right now.

That non-Italian pizza is a serious impasta!

It’s pre-pasta-rous, but some people actually add spaghetti TO their pizza.

We’re more about the standard pizza. It’s gouda-nough for us.

Greek pizza? You feta believe it’s possible!

Folded pizza? It’s not pocket science! (It is though, it’s exactly that.)

What did the pizza pocket say to you, fresh out of the oven: Ooooh, you just got burned.

You can easily burn 800 calories in 30 minutes. Just forget your pizza in the oven.

No don’t do that, don’t go baking my heart.

If you’ve always made pizza in the microwave, then switch to an oven, the status dough really changes.

What we mean is, when it comes to pizza, you should take some whisks.

Not too many though, adding too many cruciferous vegetables to your pizza does not make it broc ‘n’ roll.

Having a coffee with your pizza? Brew can do it, but it’s a bit weird.

What’s popcorn to pizza on movie night: Its butter half.

Mexican pizza: It’s bean a minute, but we’re here for it.

Adding gherkins to pizza pickles my fancy (but then again… no.)

The pizza pocket to the margherita: I have fillings for you.

Popeye, when he shares a pizza with his sweetheart: Olive it.

The spinach pizza, to Popeye and his muscles: I beleaf in you.

I really loaf overcooked pizza dough.

Pizza toppings on bread instead of a standard base are seriously on a roll.

When you order pizza instead of spaghetti at a restaurant, you may as well say pasta la vista, baby!

If you prefer pasta to pizza, I’d give a penne for your thoughts.

When your pizza doesn’t crisp up properly in the oven, it’s because it didn’t quite pan out.

There’s one pizza that really likes a cocktail. We call it a margherita.

Meanwhile pizzas can have other interests, trains for example. Ever heard of quattro stagioni?

This pupperoni pizza has gone to the dogs.

The pizza to the pizza cutter: Thanks for cutting carbs!

Let’s face it, even one slice of pizza done well can be a cut above the rest

Chef, will my pizza be long? No, it will be round.

We’re going to wrap up on the pizza puns – but it’s been nice to meat you.

Above all, we hope you have a slice day!

For us, it’s been love at first bite.

Seriously dough, give pizza chance!

Julia Gallacher