20 Fun Pangrams

20 Fun Pangrams

Did you know a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet is called a Pangram.

Sometimes the letters may appear more than once however, every single letter will appear at least once. Pangrams are often used to teach people how to write or type as they demonstrate the speed in which someone can find the letter or how they form them in handwriting. One of the most well-known Pangrams is ‘the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog’ however, this article is going to offer 20 alternative options for you to use.

Puffing wizards amaze quirky elves.

This is one for all the magical fans who are waiting for their Hogwarts letter to drop through their letter boxes.

Zigzagging through the maze the squirrel runs.

An excellent tongue twister if you try and say it quickly as many times as you can.

Cozy cabins offer a relaxing escape.

None of us can argue with this one, everyone wants a night in a cozy cabin to escape the realities of the world.

The zesty aroma of fresh lemons fills my kitchen.

Nice, fresh smell to fill your kitchen.

Hopping bunnies organise zany pillow fights joyfully.

Do you think this is what rabbits do at their sleep overs?

Vexed ogres frequently sneeze glitter and rainbows.

I do not remember seeing an angry Shrek do this but it would have been great if he did.

Moonlit mermaids serenade jovial pirates with kazoos.

A funny thought that uses several letters more than once however they are all included at least once.

Fuzzy walruses juggle sixty jars of jam with ease.

Now who wouldn’t want to see a walrus juggle jam?

Jumping jellybeans party in fizzy soda pop fountains.

This is something that we can all imagine and would be great at a kids party.

Fluffy kittens pirouette on piano keys.

Aristocats eat your heart out!

Pizza, waffles, and tacos join forces for lunch.

This sounds like a great feast to us.

Five quirky robots dance the macarena.

We have all busted out the macarena at a party or two, I am sure the robots would love to join in.

Bewildered penguins attempt bungee jumping.

We think anyone who tries bungee jumping would be bewildered.

Disco llamas sambar with glittery flamingos.

This is a party we all want to be invited to, dancing llamas and extra flamingoes. What is there to not like?

The funky DJ mixes beats with dinosaur roarz.

If a paleontologist was allowed to drop beats.

The quick god jumps over a lazy brown fox..

A different take on the well known quick fox jumping over dogs.

Whiz-kid juggles five colorful balls.

Quick, get that kid into the circus.

Quick, grab the juicy kiwi and enjoy it.

You do not want someone to get the kiwi before you.

Buzzing bees sip nectar from the wildflowers.

Everyone knows bees are the hardest working creatures, they can even feature in pangrams.

Bouncing kangaroos play hopscotch on Jupiter’s moons.

We haven’t sent a man to Jupiter but there seems to be a court of kangaroo’s playing games.

Ziz Brown