35 Funny Ohio Jokes

35 Funny Ohio Jokes

If you live in Ohio you will love these jokes and be given another reason to never leave the state, or maybe some reasons to leave. You can tell these jokes to your fellow buckeyes at the water cooler. People from Michigan are not allowed to read these jokes. Get a laugh and spit out some tomato juice.

Ohio is home of the Rock and Roll hall of fame, right next to it is the inflated ego hall of fame

The first police car was used in Ohio which led to the first bull-shit ticket being given

Neil Armstrong was born in Ohio, he had to get out of Ohio so bad he left the planet.

Wright Brothers invented the plane in Ohio, or if you are stupid North Carolina 

Ohio comes from an Iroquois word, it means “This land was stolen”

Ohio state beverage is tomato juice, that’s why there are so many rednecks in Ohio 

The world’s largest drumsticks are in Ohio. My Aunt has the biggest thighs in Ohio 

The capital of Ohio is Columbus, but people from there have to say they are from Indigenous Peoples, Ohio

Ohio has the largest Amish population in the United States, and also the most ugly people with beards

Ohio county is in West Virginia, but nobody goes to West Virginia

There are so many ladybugs in Ohio that farmers love them because they eat pests on their farms, including their wives 

The U.S Air Force Museum is in Ohio, but nobody cares 

The Superman comic strip was created in Ohio, too bad Superman can’t save people from living in Ohio

The NFL was founded in Ohio, and so was concussions

The amusement park, Cedar Park, is in Ohio and is the second oldest amusement park, their slogan is, “Horrible accidents have been happening here for 150 years!”

The Ohio state bird is the cardinal which is actually not native to Ohio, just like all the white people that live there

The Ohio state flag is not rectangle, another reason not to live in Ohio

Ohio is a swing state, meaning it dates a lot of other states at once

Lots of Paw Paw fruit is produced in Ohio, can’t trademark them though or else other states that produce them would give some law lawsuits

7 US presidents were born in Ohio, most of them died while in office. That’s a coincidence or the universe saying people from Ohio are not suppose to be leaders 

Ohio is nicknamed the buckeye state, if you look at some of the people it could be nicknamed the bug eye state

The population of Ohio is 11,780,000. The whole population is also related to each other 

Everybody loves Oklahoma the musical, but nobody would want to see Ohio the Musical

Ohio is the 17th state to join the union and 1rst state to have a brother marry his sister

Lots of things were invented in Dayton, Ohio except a good name for the city 

 What do people in Ohio love more than their kids? Football

What is the scenery like in Ohio? There is none

What are Ohioans favorite pastimes? Drinking beer and hating Michigan 

Why are the 3 biggest cities in Ohio start with the letter C, because the sentence, Can’t get out of Ohio starts with C 

What happens when you hit a deer with your car? The Ohio State Buckeyes lose a game

A lot of people never leave Ohio because it is a great state to sit around and do nothing 

Wendy’s and Arbys was founded in Ohio, so was heart disease 

Stephen Spielberg is from Ohio, but unlike E.T. he never wants to phone home

Ohio is the duct tape capital of the world because anybody that says they want to move to Michigan gets there mouth duct taped shut 

There are 75 state parks in Ohio, but nobody goes to them because they are at a buckeyes game

Dakota Freeman