55 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

55 Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

Searching for the perfect pet name for your girlfriend is not as easy as it sounds. You have to get the balance right – affectionate without being patronizing, sexy without being dirty, loving without being sappy. 

A lot of what you choose as a cute nickname for your girlfriend should depend on your unique circumstances. How long you’ve been dating, what kind of personality your girlfriend has, and how serious you are about her, are all things you need to consider when coming up with the perfect nickname.   

If you’ve been dating for a short amount of time, certain nicknames may seem a bit too much. If you’ve been dating a long time, others may seem too casual. If she is the light of your life, then you will need a nickname to match. If she’s just someone who is making you smile for now, you’ll need something cute but which doesn’t show too much devotion. 

You also need to factor your girlfriend’s personality into the equation. If she’s not the lovey-dovey type, certain cute nicknames may annoy her. Depending on who she is, some nicknames may seem sexist, old fashioned, or condescending. But whatever her personal preferences, there is a cute nickname that is just right for her. 

Here are 55 suggestions that will help you choose the perfect nickname for the special woman in your life.

The classics never die

— Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

  • Baby

It’s simple but effective. Some may think this term of endearment is a bit outdated, but there’s a reason it has stood the test of time. It shows that the woman in your life is someone you deeply care for.

  • Babe

A variation on ‘baby’, ‘babe’ has a more casual sound about it. While like the longer nickname it derives from it’s not the most original nickname out there, ‘babe’ just does the job, showing your affection in a lighthearted, unpretentious way.

  • Sweetheart

Another truly classic nickname, ‘sweetheart’ brings up images of a wholesome, uncomplicated relationship. What it lacks in passion, it makes up for with its air of innocence.

  • Sweetie

An abbreviation of ‘sweetheart’, men have been calling their girlfriends ‘sweetie’ for centuries. It’s a straightforward and timeless way to show your affection.

  • Angel

This vintage nickname is a great way to show your girlfriend you truly cherish her. She is not just another woman to you, but someone sent down from heaven.

  • Honey

If your girlfriend is sweet but ‘sweetheart’ or ‘sweetie’ seem a bit too dated, try ‘honey’. In certain parts of the USA you may be called ‘honey’ by a waitress or someone else you’ve just met. This makes it a very casual nickname but if it fits for your relationship, go ahead and try it.

  • Honey Bunny

As immortalized in Quentin Tarantino’s classic film Pulp Fiction, this nickname has a cuter feel than the simpler ‘honey’. If you find your girlfriend totally adorable, this may be the one for you.

  • Love Bug

While actual lovebugs are a not-so-cute insect found in Central and North America, for most people this is a common and cute term of endearment that has been in use for some.

  • Darling

You don’t get more old-school than ‘darling’ as a nickname. While it may be a bit much for a casual relationship and is not very passionate, it is perfect for a comfortable, established couple.

A modern spin

— Cute Nicknames to Call Your Girlfriend

  • Bae

You can’t go too long without hearing this term these days. An abbreviation of ‘babe’, calling your girlfriend your bae is a simple but effective option, though it may only fit if you’re young, or at least young at heart.

  • Boo

While this modern term of endearment is apparently derived from the French ‘beau’, which means boyfriend, ‘boo’ can be used for both girlfriends and boyfriends. It’s pretty cute, although to some it has the connotation of being for someone who you like but are not that serious about.

  • Bootylicious 

The ultimate modern term for a sexy lady, this term has its origins in hip hop and became famous as the title of a song by Destiny’s Child. It usually means a woman with a particularly attractive rear end.

For someone who deserves to be worshipped 

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend

  • My Queen

If the woman in your life is someone who commands respect, and if you want to treat her like royalty, this may be the one for you.

  • Khaleesi 

If your girlfriend is a Game of Thrones fan, she’ll most likely love being called Khaleesi, the Dothraki term for ‘queen’. It’s just like calling her ‘my queen’ but with a bit of an added fantasy feel, with a pinch of pop culture thrown in for good measure.

  • My Goddess 

This one fits for when you adore a woman so much that ‘my queen’ just won’t cut it. It shows you’re really serious about her and that you truly revere her.

For the really romantic 

— Best Nicknames for Girlfriend

  • Sparkles

If her personality is bubbly and she lights up the room, this is a great option.

  • Turtle dove

This is a perfect fit for a gentle, loving woman.

  • Gorgeous

If your girlfriend is especially beautiful to you, this nickname is one way to let her know that’s how you feel.

  • Sunbeam

This one’s a great way to let her know she lights up her life.

  • Moonbeam

If her vibe is sultry, or if she prefers the night to the day, moonbeam could be the one.

  • Cherub 

A variation on ‘angel’, this one shows absolute devotion.

For a girlfriend who is as beautiful as a flower

Nothing says romance like a flower, so why not try one of these floral nicknames:  

  • Sugar blossom 
  • Tulip
  • Waterlily
  • Rose petal

For a girlfriend who is so cute, you could just eat her up 

There is something so cute about an edible nickname. What kind of food does your girlfriend remind you of? Is she sweet like a lollipop or does she have a Mediterranean vibe like an olive? Choose the food-inspired nickname that’s right for you:

  • Lollipop
  • Sugarplum 
  • Cookie
  • Cupcake
  • Cherrie 
  • Jellybean
  • Bonbon
  • Sweet pea 
  • Sprout
  • Bean
  • Olive
  • Pumpkin 

Nicknames that match your special lady’s features

— Pet names for Girlfriend

  • Dimples

If her dimples drive you crazy, this is one way to let her know.

  • Brown eyed girl

A nickname with romantic connotations because of the classic song by Van Morrison, it’s a good one for a woman with beautiful brown eyes.

  • Blue eyes

If your girlfriend’s beautiful blue eyes are one of her best features, you can’t lose with this simple nickname.

  • Red 

If your girl is a redhead, this could be the one. Sure, you could come up with something less simple, like ‘cherry’ or ‘ember’, but there’s something direct and cool about just ‘red’.

  • Blossom butt

Just like ‘bootylicious’, this one adds some sexiness to your relationship by letting you know that she has an amazing behind. You could go with ‘bubble butt’ or ‘sweet butt’ or any number of variations. Whatever option you choose, this is only for a woman who doesn’t mind a nickname that singles out a very specific, sexualized physical trait. 

Nicknames from around the world


There is something so automatically romantic about the French language, giving these nicknames an instantly loving feel.

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend in French

  • Ma choupinette

Literally meaning ‘my little cabbage leaf’, this is a popular term of endearment in France.

  • Ma cheri

This simply means ‘my darling’, although it sounds much more romantic in French.

  • Mon Amour 

Simply meaning my love, this one is a classic.

  • Ma poupee 

This literally means ‘my doll’, and is a perfect option for a girlfriend who doesn’t mind being treated like a lady.


The Spanish have a reputation for passion, so why not bring some Latin flair to your relationship.

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend in Spanish

  • Media naranja 

Literally meaning ‘half an orange’, this is the perfect way to let her know she completes you.

  • Cariño

While in Spain this simply means ‘love’ or ‘darling’, not the most passionate nickname, something special happens when you use it in English.


What is it about the Latin languages? Italian nicknames are just as passionate as their Spanish counterparts.

— Cute Names to Call Your Girlfriend in Italian

  • Tesoro

Meaning ‘treasure’, this one shows you truly value her.

  • Angelo

This simply means ‘angel’, but is a bit more exciting than the English version.

  • Bella

Simply meaning ‘beautiful’, this option is lovely.

  • Cucciola 

If you are experiencing puppy love, try this one. Meaning ‘puppy’, this one is perfect for that girlfriend who is extra cute.

  • Dolcezza 

Is your girlfriend sweet? That’s what this nickname means, and it certainly has more pizzazz than ‘sweetie’. 


— Cute Name to Call Your Girlfriend in Arabic

  • Habibi 

Meaning ‘my love’, this middle eastern option has a nice ring to it.


— Cute Name to Call Your Girlfriend in Hebrew

  • Motek

This is slang for “sweatheart”


— Cute Name to Call Your Girlfriend in Dutch

  • Poepie 

While this one’s literal meaning, ‘little poop’, may seem like the last thing a girlfriend would want to be called, there is something undeniably cute about this nickname from The Netherlands.

While choosing a cute name to call your girlfriend is not simple, you also shouldn’t overthink it. For many men, a pet name for the woman you love will come naturally and instead of you choosing a nickname, the nickname will choose you. If that hasn’t happened in your relationship, though, don’t despair. I hope the suggestions in this list will help you find a nickname for your girlfriend that fits perfectly. 

Daniel Friedman