The 15 Funniest Episodes in the History of South Park

The 15 Funniest Episodes in the History of South Park

With 26 years under their belt and multiple Emmy awards, we can all agree that South Park is the boss of humor and entertainment. Parker and Stone have overstepped the line so many times with the episodes that we are sure the line is broken at this point. Nevertheless, South Park has aged like fine wine over the years, and it has just gotten better, funnier, oh and, of course, more offensive and foul-mouthed

If you haven’t seen at least a few episodes of South Park, where have you been? But don’t panic; we are here to take you on a history lesson today. No, it won’t be one of those history lessons you fall asleep to; it will be on the funniest South Park episodes in history.

With 317 episodes and counting, finding the funniest episodes was not easy, but we have made it our mission. And today, we are here to share 15 of the funniest South Park Episodes.

Is your popcorn ready? Are your tissues ready? Because today you are going to laugh till you cry with these episodes. Let’s get to it!.

Scott Tenorman Must Die (Season 5, Episode 4)

Puberty is an exciting yet scary and confusing time in any person’s life. But clearly, puberty was a lot more confusing to Cartman, who bought a handful of pubic hair for $10 from 9th grader Scott Tenorman and believed that this would make him the first to reach puberty among his friends. When he discovers that puberty means he has to grow the hair himself and that he has been conned, he starts to plot revenge against Scott.

Like a tornado, everything quickly spirals, and Cartman and Scott play pranks on each other back and forth. Their vengeful acts end with a cook-off and Cartman revealing his psychotic plot. Let’s just say it’s messy, and it ends with Scott eating his parents’ chopped-up limbs in a chili soup and Cartman licking his tears dry.

What makes this episode funny is the extent that Carman will go to get his revenge. The episode uses shock humor. It is disturbing and unsettling but funny at the same time. It also shows that the show is open to everything.

Casa Bonita (Season 7, Episode 11)

“Jealousy makes you nasty” is an excellent phrase to summarize what happened in this episode. Kyle tells his friends that his mom is taking him and 3 of them to Casa Bonita to celebrate his birthday. But Cartman is crushed when he discovers Butters has replaced him because of his hostile behavior towards Jews.

As we all know, Cartman always has a trick up his sleeve. He sees this as an opportunity to devise an evil plan for Butters not to make the trip in time.

Cartman goes as far as to convince Butter that a meteorite is about to destroy the world and that he has to go into hiding in a bomb shelter. This is part of his evil plan so that he can take Butter’s place at Casa. Everything escalates from here. Even when Cartman is confronted by the police, he still thinks his evil scheme is “totally” worth it.

What makes this episode comical is that Cartman will stop at nothing to get what he wants, even if it means to kidnap his friend. His selfishness is sad and funny at the same time.

This episode is unique because Parker and Stone purchased the real Casa Bonita to save it from closing and to pay tribute to their love for the episode and the venue. How cool is that?

Butters Very Own Episode (Season 5, Episode 14)

Excited to celebrate his parents’ anniversary at his favorite restaurant, things quickly go south for Butter. From his mother attempting to murder him because she is in such a state, from discovering her husband’s homosexual tendencies to her trying to take her own life, to both Butter’s parents trying to cover up his death.

Butter survives, thinking everything was an accident, and returns home to find that his parents are fighting about the lies to cover up his death and blame it on some “Puerto Rican guy.”

The entire episode is funny but, at the same time, sad. We feel sorry for Butter, who is now scarred for life but still pure-hearted and innocent. The episode is messed up but funny in a dark way.

Black Friday (Season 17, Episode 7)

This trilogy of episodes revolves around Black Friday with a Game of Thrones theme. The kids dress up as medieval knights and wizards, divide into factions, and start a console war over which gaming system they support: Xbox One or PS4. Meanwhile, Randy is helping the security guards prepare for the huge Black Friday Sales at the mall.

The 3 part episode pokes fun at the arguments between gamers about which console is better and also jokes about the third season of Game of Thrones.

What makes this episode comical is that you and your friends are supposed to be on the same team regarding consoles; it just makes everything more fun. It is also hilarious how the characters reference Game of Thrones and makes fun of the Black Friday sales. Now, on whose side are you when it comes to the console war?

Lice Capades (Season 11, Episode 3)

Most of us have had lice, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. As soon as one person has it, soon everyone will have it. And that’s exactly what happened in this episode. It starts with the teacher saying that there has been an outbreak of lice and that everyone should be tested. The tests are done, and we see Keith needing to visit the doctor to get his lice shampoo. He then goes home and showers with the lice shampoo.

We then see the story of the lice family unfold and everyone running for safety. After a while, you start feeling bad for the little creatures. The family of lice tries to escape, but only the father, unborn baby, and a few other lice, including the vice president, survive.

The next day Cartman is his taunting self and on a mission to find the kid with the lice. He tests everyone’s blood, an idea he got from the Movie “The Thing.” Kenny’s blood shows he had it, and he runs for it.

At the end of the day, everyone admits they had the lice and were too ashamed to speak up. And you are probably wondering what happened to the lice family. A fly rescued the dad and the unborn baby and took them to a new home. The new home is the private parts of Angelina Jolie.

This episode is ironically funny how Cartman wants to taunt and embarrass everyone while he also has lice and keeps quiet about it. The new home of the lice is also amusing as we expect to see the teacher’s head being the new home of the lice, but instead, it is a famous celebrity’s private parts.

The Coon (Season 13, Episode 2)

In this episode, Cartman dresses up as a superhero with a costume resembling a raccoon and goes by the name “Coon”. He is all about saving South Park from criminals. But no one pays attention to his hard work. One night Cartman meets Mysterion, who is a much more successful vigilant than him.

Everyone wants to know who this mystery kid is. Cartman wants to take down Mysterion with the help of the alter egos of Butters and Dougie. At the end of the day, Mysterion reveals himself, and everyone is shocked. He is then sent to jail, and now Cartman thinks he is the town’s superhero. He even believes that every town should have someone like him.

The episode is funny because Cartman goes from being a superhero to a supervillain. Cartman’s big-headedness and ego are hilarious, and the way that he thinks he is helping out and making a difference, but actually, he just makes everything worse.

Butter’s Bottom B*tch (Season 13, Episode 9)

Butter is excited to get his first kiss. But his first kiss soon transforms into a business venture of starting a kissing company. Soon he has a team of girls working for him. He views himself as a pimp and calls his girls his “btches.”

But the tables turn when the girls in the real business want to move to Butter’s company because they hear he treats his girls well. Sergeant Yates at the South Park Police Force realizes they need to find the reason for the rise in prostitution. But we can all see that he enjoys this hunt much more than he should.

Sergeant Yates finally discovers Butter’s business and asks to join, but undercover. But things turn funny when Sergeant Yates’ ex-pimp pitches up, asking him back and proposing. Butter leaves the business and tells the girls to take the money for themselves. And if you wondered what happened to Sergeant Yates and his fiance, let’s just say someone got busted after their anniversary.

This episode is funny because it is so ironic. It’s funny to think how innocent and naive Butters is because, till the end, he was still under the impression that the business was a kiss-selling business. But it is nice to see Butter’s naive and shy character evolve in this self-assured one.

The other part that makes this episode hilarious is that Sergeant Yates enjoys the hunt too much, becoming a prostitute himself. This episode has a lot of unexpected turns, which helps make it even funnier.

Make Love, not Warcraft (Season 10, Episode 8)

In this episode, the four friends love playing a multiplayer online role-playing game called “World of Warcraft,” But a high-level player kills everyone in the game that he comes in contact with. This prevents the boys from enjoying the game. They start to play the game every day for hours on end to stop him. Even the executives get involved at the end to reward the boys with the “Sword of a Thousand Truths” on a 1GB memory drive.

The boys end the high leveled player, and many World of Warcraft players celebrate the defeat.
This episode is considered funny but, at the same time, very cute and genuine because the friends went to a great extent just so that they could play and enjoy the game.

Medicinal Fried Chicken (Season 14, Episode 3)

Cartman is devastated when he finds that his favorite chicken restaurant has become a medical marijuana dispensary. But Randy couldn’t be happier. After discovering that he needs to be sick to be prescribed weed, he does everything he can to get cancer, from eating processed foods to microwaving his dangling bits.

When he wakes up the following day and sees something is majorly wrong down there, he goes to the doctor to find out that he has, in fact, got testicular cancer. Instead of being sad, he is over the moon and goes to the marijuana dispensary right away.

Meanwhile, Cartman is illegally dealing not with drugs but with KFC. Randy influences many men to do the same as he did to get free weed. And in the end, we can see many men jumping around on their dangling bits. The conclusion people in the episode form is that since KFC has closed down, the number of testicular cancer has risen, meaning KFC is healthy.

This episode is funny in the sense that it shows some people will hurt themselves or make themselves sick just so they can get stuff for free. The same goes for Cartman with his KFC addiction. It is funny but sad at the same time to see what people will do to satisfy their addiction.

Awesom-O (Season 8, Episode 5)

In this episode, Cartman disguises himself as a robot named Awesome-O, hoping to uncover some secrets of Butter. He is delivered to Butter’s house, and Butter is super excited to have a new friend he can do anything with.

Cartman finds out that Butter knows one of his secrets. The episode skyrockets from Cartman having to come up with title names for movies to a shootout at a military base. It goes even further with a man holding his own intestines and Awesome-O’s true identity being revealed because of his bottom burp.

What makes this episode hilarious is the fact that Cartman is always making fun of everyone, but in this episode, he was the one that got made fun of multiple times. It is so satisfying to see Cartman finally get what he deserves, and it makes us love Butters even more, won’t you agree?

Good Times with Weapons (Season 8, Episode 1)

In this episode, the four friends are at the park country fair. They discover the Material Arts Weapons of the Far East stall. Stan gets the idea that each of them should buy a weapon, and then they can be like real ninjas. They become ninjas and take on an anime appearance. Butter wants to join their group, but they leave him out as usual.

Butter then transforms into his evil alter ego, “Professor Chaos.” But instead of having a “good time with weapons,” it turns into a bad time as Butters gets hurt. The friends go on a mission to get Butters’s help without getting themselves in trouble.

This episode is funny and ironic because the truth reveals itself at the end, but the boys don’t get in trouble. The parents are more worried about the “sex things” than the violence.

This episode is funny but true simultaneously because people focus on the less important things and ignore or forget about the things that matter.

Fishsticks (Season 13, Episode 5)

This episode is hilarious and features a celebrity called Kanye West. Jimmy comes up with a joke that says if you like putting fish sticks in your mouth, you are a gay fish. The joke spreads like wildfire across town and soon becomes a hit nationwide.

The episode’s primary focus is Cartman, who wants to steal the shine of Jimmy’s Joke, but that’s not the part of the episode that everyone is raving about. It is the part where Kanye West misunderstands the joke and thinks people are offending him and calling him a gay fish.
It is one of the funniest celebrity parodies of the show.

This episode is painfully funny because Kanye West tries very hard to understand the joke, but he doesn’t and gets very offended. The joke even offended Kanye in real life to such an extent that he references it in three different songs.

Le Petit Tourette (Season 11, Episode 8)

Cartman always takes the opportunity to be an absolute douchebag if it’s for his own benefit. In this episode, Cartman sees a boy in a game store who has Tourette’s and sees this as an opportunity to pretend he has it too. This way, he can say what he wants without any consequences. But the fun of faking tourettes soon becomes not so fun when he starts to blurt out his real secrets.

It’s hilarious how Cartman acts, saying what he wants, but it becomes even funnier when he has no control over his words anymore and starts to blurt out his secrets. This episode is offensive, but at the same time, it also brings light to the fact that not many people are educated about Tourette’s syndrome.

Interestingly South Park was actually praised by the Tourette Syndrome Association (TSA) for giving the public accurate info about Tourette’s, which we think is incredible!

The Jeffersons (Season 8, Episode 6)

In this episode, Michael Jackson moves to South Park but hides his identity and goes by the name “Jefferson.” The episode revolves around Jefferson wanting to play with his kid, Blanket, and play and have slumber parties with other kids. Meanwhile, the police force is on a mission to frame a rich black person for molestation. They have their eye on Jefferson. But they can’t pinpoint why it says Jefferson is an African American, but he doesn’t look like one.

In one part of the episode, Jefferson’s face almost completely falls off, and he calls his plastic surgeon in a panic. The episode ends with the police wanting to arrest Jefferson, but Cartman tells the police that he is innocent and only wants to play with kids because he was never a kid.

Stan then says that even if the allegations are untrue and that the police just wanted to frame a wealthy black man, it still doesn’t make up for him being a terrible father to Blanket. Jefferson then says he will give all his money away, get a regular job, and be a good father.

What makes this particular episode funny is that South Park indirectly pokes fun at the molestation allegation of Michael Jackson that happened in real life. They also indirectly joke about his plastic surgery, with the police not being able to see that he is an African American and that his face starts to fall off at one point in the episode.

The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers (Season 6, Episode 13)

Randy rents a porno for him and his wife to watch in this episode. He sends the boys on a quest to deliver the Game of Thrones DVD to Butter’s house. When Randy and his wife start to watch the “porno,” he realizes he mixed up the DVDs, and the boys are, in fact, taking the porno to Butter’s house.

Butter starts to watch the “Lord of the Rings” and thinks it is the best film ever. Randy sends the boys back on an even more extensive quest to retrieve the “Lord of the Rings” DVD. But on their way home, they realize that the videotape holds some high power because Butter is acting weird, their parents are acting strange, and now the sixth graders want to steal it.

The sixth graders all form a group to hunt the boys down while the boys instruct Token to see what powers the film holds, and he is traumatized, the poor boy!

The boys then decide that the film holds too much power and go on a quest to return the movie to the video store. Meanwhile, all the parents are freaking out that the boys have watched a pornographic film.

The episode ends with the boys returning the film by dropping it in the drop box with Butters, who didn’t want to give it back. The parents get to the video store and start describing the adult activities to their sixth graders while the boys stand there in shock because they haven’t seen the film.

What makes the episode hilarious is that the parents were so worried that their innocent children would watch the DVD before they got to it. But at the end of the day, they assume the kids watched it and start explaining the adult activities, leaving the boys who did not watch the movie in shock.

The funniness of the episode lies in the irony of the parents being worried about their children watching the porno to them actually explaining the pornographic activities to them in the end.

Final Thoughts

South Park never fails to make us laugh with its absurd, offensive, and hilarious episodes. They have entertained us for decades, and we know they will continue to do so in future episodes.
We hope you enjoyed our guide to the funniest episodes in South Park history.

What South Park episode did you find the most comic? Let us know in the comments below.

Sure, South Park might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and some people may find it highly offensive, but if you look closely at each episode, you will see the creativity and intelligence each episode has been crafted with.

One thing is for sure somewhere along the lines, even if the lines have been crossed, you will laugh your heart out. We encourage you to go watch these episodes, South Park will not only grow on you, but you will become addicted.

Christine Kent