208 Fantasy Football Team Names

208 Fantasy Football Team Names

With Superbowl Sunday fast approaching, you may soon be in need of some new names for your fantasy football team, because nothing is more embarrassing than having a bad name for your team. Well, maybe Justin Timberlake during ‘that’ halftime show. Check out some of the names below for your next season.

Funny Fantasy Football Team Names

The Superb Owls

Murphy’s Lawyers

Fresh Kicks

Balls Out

The Not So Beautiful Game

The Commercial Breakers

Kings of The Couch

Cheerleader Boards

I Feel Tailgreat

The Calm Before the Score

Friday Night Fights

Forte year old-virgin

Demaryius Targaryen

Lovin’ Ain’t Easley

Just Paytonic Friends

The Nickelbacks

Boyds II Men

The Stalemates

Points Per Prenup


Chardie MacDennis 2: Electric Boogaloo

Team Updog

Not Your Average Cricket League

The Humble Fumblers

The Frendzone

Indistinct Praying

The Locker Room Shockers

Mo’joe Mixon

Wide Right Click

Tight Isobars

Mondo. Overkill. Battalion

Waiting for Goedert

Forgetting Terrace Marshall

Diggs Out for Harambe

CeeDeez Lungs

Attempted Koo

Covid Dakcine

My Beautiful Dak Twisted Fantasy

To the Windowwws; to the Waller

The Kardashian Future Husbands

Ruggs not Drugs

Love Hurts, Mooney Heals

Certified Lover Boyd

Powell To The People

LaFell On Hard Times

Forgive & Fournette

Ain’t No Gaskin It

Kansas City Master Chiefs


Electric Defence

Creative Fantasy Football Team Names

The Campers

I Pitta the Fool

Get Out Micah


You Shenault Pass

Hasta Laviska Baby

Certified Lover Boyd

The Hendecagons

Fear and Loathing in Jacksonville

Grin and Barrett

Largent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club

The Green Day Snackers

Can’t Touchdown This

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers

Bishop Sycamore

The Greendale Human Beings

Habitual Line-steppers

Savage Patch Kids

The Van Buren Boys

The Kneelers

Nacho Average Team

Turn Down for Wyatt

Straight Outta Left Field


Our of Your League

20000 Leagues Under

The Confused Soccer Fans

A Good Offense

The Huddled Cuddlers

The Yard Guardians

The Ballroom Chancers

The Lee Endfields

The Local Recruits

#1 Couch


Beats By Dre

Not a Washington Football Team

Mahomes is Where my Heart is

A Tuel with no Manuel

In Herbert I Trust

Boswell That Ends Well

Neville Wears Prada


Cooper’s Trooper

Mixon it Up

Kuppa Joe


Robert Krafts Day Spa

A.B CeeDee

Football is Life

Inappropriate Fantasy Football Team Names

The 1869ers

Jackin’ for Cleats

Unsolicited Dak Pics

Kicks Out for Harambe

Sleeping with Cousins

CeeDeez Nutz

The Concussives

The Enigmatic Enemas

Splooge City Creamers

The Nip Slips

Touchdown Syndrome

The 2004 Controversy

The Kosher Pigskins

100 Sticky Yards

The Quick Releases

The Ice Bath Shrinkers

The Ball Tossers

Cunning Stunts

Sofa King Cool



Tua Girls, One Kupp

2 QBs, 1 Kupp

Tee Baggers

Hot Chubb Time Machine

Unsolicited Dak Pics

Kareem Pie

She Diggs my Chubb

Chubb-y Chaser

Mark Chmura’s Babysitting Club

Juwan CeeDeez Nutz

Bye Week

Mrs. Potato Dick

The Panty Droppers

Wet Ass Puss-Zeke

The AstroWorld Pancakes

Touchdown in Ukraine

Dak Lives Matter

The Deadskins

Washington Redskin Potatoes

The Touch Down-Theres

The 49ers Plus 20

The Ben Dovers

Slap My Tanny

I Love Dix

The Golden Showers

Daks Off

Life’s a Mitch

My Wife’s a Mitch

Sutton My Face

Player Fantasy Football Team Names

Tom Brady

The Brady Bunch

Brady or Not

My Fair Brady

The Brady Bombers

The Shady Brady’s

Slim Brady

Brady and the Champ

No Brady, No crime

Brady Gaga

The Bradyfield

Jerry Rice

The Jerryatrics

The Rice is Right

The Rice Girls

Rice, rice baby


Miami rice

The rice trade

The rice to beat you

Far Rice

The Ricicles

Davante Adams

The Adams Family

Who Gives Adams?

Adams Tackle


Adams Hussein

Adams Handler

The Adams Apples

Adams and Eve

Adams in the Sky

The Atomic Adams

Aaron Donald

The Donald Top Trumps

The Donald Duckers

Aaron at a Time

Aaron Ate Donald

Don Balleone

A – A – Ron

First AD


The Darnolds

Make Aaron Great Again

Tyreek Hill

King of the Hill

Not My Hill to Die On

Over the Hillers


Time to Hill


Hill Streak

The Underhills

God’s Hill

Hill of the Hunt

Saul Kemack