150 Best Ice Breaker Questions

150 Best Ice Breaker Questions

More than cubicles and telework keeping you apart? We know how hard it can be to bond with your coworkers and supervisors, so we’ve come up with 150 questions, scenarios, and more to help your office foster communication, break the ice, and build rapport in your own professional setting. We hope these ice breakers help your team connect in more ways than just on LinkedIn.

Work-Themed Ice Breaker Questions

Do you have a mentor? If so, what is your relationship like? And if not, would you want to have a mentor?

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10?

What skill are you most proud of having?

What skill do you want to work on/build?

Are there any personal values you think dictate the work you do?

Do you prefer team-based or independent work?

On a team project, what role do you take?

Have you ever been a mentor, or caught yourself mentoring someone?

What does good communication look like to you?

Would you prefer a position with more responsibility and less guidance, or more guidance and less responsibility?

Do you prefer telework, onsite work, or a mix of both? Why?

Describe the best supervisor you’ve ever had. What made them so great in their role?

Are there any personal development opportunities you’d like to pursue?

Say you’re meeting up with a colleague. Would you rather go out for morning coffee or lunch?

Share a time when you stepped up to the plate at work, and how you grew from this experience.

Do you prefer online meetings with cameras on or off?

What does a good team look like to you?

Describe your dream job.

How do you manage your time at work?

Would you rather do a 5 day – 8 hour workweek, or a 4 day – 10 hour workweek?

How do you handle making mistakes at work? 

What is more important in a coworker – honesty, timeliness, or being good spirited? 

What office bonding events would you like to see the office partake in?

Have you ever switched professions/careers?

What do you normally eat for lunch?

How would you describe yourself as an employee?

Do you like to take notes by typing or by hand?

Do you prefer in-person or online meetings?

What’s your commute to work like?

How do you like to sign off your emails?

Holiday-Themed Ice Breaker Questions

What holiday do you most look forward to?

What is the holiday dish you wait for each year?

Who do you like to spend the holidays with?

What are your favorite holiday activities?

Do you spend the holidays out-of-town, or at home?

Get-To-Know-You Ice Breaker Questions

Who inspires you?

What inspires you?

Do you have a favorite quote?

What is your favorite personal item/artwork/etc. on your desk?

Movie marathon or binging a tv series?

Cozy blanket and a movie from your couch, or buttered popcorn and going to the movie theater?

What is your favorite meal?

Do you speak more than one language? If so, what are they?

Pie or cake?

What is your favorite way to spend time after work?

Have you ever stayed up for 24-hours before?

Do you have any pets? 

Do you have anything you’d like to improve about yourself?

What is your favorite artist and/or songs?

Spa or hiking day?

Share a time when you believe you were your best self?

How many siblings do you have, if any?

Have you ever faced a fear of yours, and if so, what was it?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

What is your favorite quality about yourself?

Do you have any advice you’d give to your younger self?

How do you like to spend your weekends?

Dogs or cats?

An expensive dinner and cheap breakfast and lunch, or three equally priced meals throughout the day?

Have you ever gotten lost before? 

Do you have any kids?

What is your favorite book or movie?

Have anything you are afraid of?

Summer or winter?

Are you creative?

Would you describe yourself as clean and tidy, or a little messy?

Do you like to try new things?

Autumn or spring?

What are you most likely to do – plan ahead or be spontaneous?

Would you want to change anything about yourself?

Zoo or aquarium?

Fruit or vegetable?

What is your favorite time of the day?

If you could live inside the world of any book, movie, or video game, which one would you live in?

Soda or tea?

What does “family” mean to you?

Are there any social justice or world issues that you hold near and dear to your heart?

What time do you like to wake up in the morning?

Do you have a favorite day of the week?

Do you have any plants or a garden at home?

How would your friends describe you?

Is there anyone famous you’d like to meet?

What is your most prized possession?

Are you more introverted or extroverted?

Do you have any goals for this year?

At what age did you get your first credit or debit card?

What would you rather be called – adventurous, kind, intelligent, or funny?

How do you like to celebrate your birthday?

What makes you happy?

Is there an item/purchase you’d recommend to everyone?

What is your preferred form of contact – writing, calling, texting, emails, or video chatting?

Do you have a favorite memory from your childhood?

Microsoft Office or Google Suite?

If you were going to hide from everything and everyone, where would you go?

What makes you you?

Answer-the-Scenario Questions

The work week ends. Where are you going first?

You catch someone clocking out of the office for the weekend and accidentally leave their laptop on the desk. What do you do?

Imagine you are the newly promoted boss of your office. What would be your first actions in this role?

You won the lottery. What are you doing with the money?

You get locked inside an empty room for 3 hours with only a landline phone, a blank journal, and a pen. How are you spending that time?

You can time travel, but only once. Would you want to see your future, or warn yourself in the past?

The zoo has a “Take Home an Animal” adoption event. Which zoo animal are you adopting?

Your cousin calls you saying she’s pregnant with twins (a boy and a girl), and you get to pick the names. What are you naming them?

You can only eat one meal the rest of your life starting tomorrow. What is it?

Imagine you have become famous overnight. What did you get famous from?

Vacation-Themed Ice Breaker Questions

What does the perfect vacation look like to you?

Lakes or beaches?

Waking up early or sleeping in late?

Do you have any fun plans coming up, or that you’d like to schedule soon?

What is your dream travel location?

What is your preferred mode of vacation travel – bus, train, plane, or boat?

A quiet vacation, or a loud and fun one?

Do you prefer traveling with others or solo traveling?

Theme parks or museums?

What do you most look forward to on trips – the food, the sights, or the people?

Rollercoasters or water rides?

How do you plan for a trip? Do you do any research, or do you prefer to learn as you go?

Window, aisle, or middle seat on a plane?

Do you get carsick or seasick?

What is the best trip/vacation you have ever taken?

Carry on or checked bag?

Do you like to buy souvenirs? If so, what kind?

Do you like airport food? Do you like airplane food?

Have you ever been pickpocketed?

What is the best meal or food you’ve had on vacation?

A long flight or multiple short flights?

Do you pack light or overpack?

What country or location would you love to revisit?

Do you take a lot of pictures when you travel?

Would you ever book a one-way ticket somewhere?

Tropics or tundra?

Camping under the stars, or swimming with sea turtles?

Have you ever left a vacation wanting to move to that location? If so, where was it?

Share your favorite travel story.

Have you made any friends while traveling that you still keep in touch with?

Laugh-About-It Questions

Would you rather have feet for hands, or hands for feet?

Do you have any pet peeves?

Is there a food you cannot stand? 

What is more embarrassing – something in your teeth or on your shirt?

Who makes you laugh the most?

Health-And-Wellness Questions

Do you like to exercise? If so, what do you like to do?

What do you do to take care of your mental health?

Do you consider work/life balance something you prioritize?

How do you relax after a stressful day?

What steps do you take to take care of your physical health?

Do you prefer alone time or quality time with others when you are in a bad mood?

What recharges you?

Do you meal-prep your food for the upcoming week?

When do you feel the healthiest?

Do you sleep well?

Liz Homick