35 Barbie Jokes

35 Barbie Jokes

The world has officially gone Barbie mad. With the doll originally launching on March 9th, 1959, the hype around Barbie has continued to grow. Margot Robbie has now embodied the famous doll and she has given us an insight into the life of being the pink-tastic figure.

Barbie has been a figure of modern society for nearly 65 years and we do not see her popularity changing anytime soon.

Here we have 35 Barbie jokes, that we think are pun-tastic. You can use to impress your friends and family.

The Funniest Barbie Jokes

Where do plastic dolls get their hair cut?
A Barbie-Shop

What is a chick-ken?
Barbie doll

What came before Barbie?

Why did Barbie never do well in school?
She couldn’t count past Ken.

What is Barbie’s favourite type of sweet?
Ken-dy Cane

Why did Barbie become a motivational speaker?
She was a Ken-fidence booster.

Why did Barbie become a chef?
She wanted to create Ken-noisseur meals.

Where do dolls go to eat and play?

Why does Barbie still look so good at 64 years old?
Plastic Surgery

Why did Barbie never go to art class?
She was already picture perfect.

What is Barbies favourite animal?
A Glam-ingo.

Why did Barbie bring a ladder to the fashion show?
She wanted to climb the style ranks.

What did Barbie say when she won the plastic talent show?
I guess I am pretty good at ‘mold’-ing after all.

Why did the male doll fall apart when he split up with Barbie?
Because he was bro-ken.

What do you call Ken after a nap?
A woke Ken.

What did Barbie use to keep her horses in the field?
Barbie wire

What do you call a plastic doll wearing a shrimp?
A shrimp on the Barbie

Did you hear about the doll that went to law school?
She became a Barbieaster

What did Barbie put on her burger?
Barbie-Que Sauce.

Why did Barbie and Ken go to the gym?
They wanted to keep toned.

What did Barbie say to Ken when he asked if she was proud of him?
‘You are my ken-stant source of pride.’

What is Kens job?

What do you call a line of Barbies?
A Barbie-Queue

What is Barbies favourite part of the gym?

What do you call a group of plastic dolls?
A collectible ensemble

Why did the plastic Barbie get a promotion?
Because she had unbreakable determination.

Why did Barbie become a painter?
She wanted to make the world pink-tastic.

What is Barbies favourite body part?
Her pinky finger

What happens when Barbie has a thought?
She is ‘Pink’-ing.

What is Barbies favourite car?
A Ken-vertible

Ziz Brown