20 Of The Very Best Sure Signs a Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

20 Of The Very Best Sure Signs a Girl Likes You But Is Hiding It

It’s possible a girl likes you but hides it from you. Yep, you heard that correctly! Dating and romance can be confusing sometimes, and there are many reasons a girl might conceal her feelings for you.
One of the most common reasons is fear of rejection.

Another possibility is that she’s unsure of her feelings and doesn’t want to make any moves until she’s sure you feel the same way, or maybe she’s already dating someone else and doesn’t want to cause any drama. Yikes.

Whatever the reason, it can be hard to tell whether a girl is into you even at the best times, but don’t worry! There are usually some tell-tale signs that give it away. Here are some common signs that a girl likes you:

She laughs at your jokes

Have you ever noticed that she laughs at all your jokes, even if they’re not necessarily funny? This means she likes your sense of humor and wants you to feel good about yourself and your joke-telling abilities!

Usually, we find the people we are most attracted to extra funny and try to catch their attention by showing it, so this is a good sign she’s into you!

She makes eye contact with you often

From my experience as a girl, when I like a guy and want him to know it, I will make direct eye contact with him as much as possible. Direct eye contact shows that you are interested in the person and what they have to say to you. And if she sees that you are returning her gaze and holding it for an extended period, she will interpret this as a sign that you are interested in her too. Prolonged eye contact is a way of flirting or sending a signal of interest, and we tend to stare at things or people we find pleasant or attractive, so she may find you quite physically appealing!

She finds ways to touch you

If you notice a girl takes any opportunity she can to touch you, and I mean any opportunity, whether it be hugs, handshakes, or even a pat on the shoulder, she may have some feelings for you. By touching you often, she could be trying to send you subtle signals that she is interested in you and would like to take things further, maybe even physically. Or she may be a naturally affectionate and tactile person! Whatever the reason, it’s worth paying attention to as it could signify that she indeed likes you.

She always seems happy to see you 

Do you notice that she’s always in a good mood around you whenever you see her? If a girl always seems happy to see you, it means you amplify her spirit and make her happy. We often feel “butterflies” and extra flirty when we begin to like someone,  which could also account for her happiness when she sees you. 

She remembers the small details you tell her

When we like someone, we tend to pay closer attention to them and their words. We want to know everything about them, so we remember the little details that most wouldn’t consider.

If you notice that she always seems to remember the important things, it shows that she cares about you and your interests and wants to build a connection with you.

You see her everywhere you go

If you find that she always turns up at the parties you’re invited to, this could be a sign she wants something more than just a friendship with you! She’s likely trying to catch your eye by frequenting the same places you do and hoping you two get a moment alone together at these parties. She may want to get to know you better to see if there is potential for a romantic relationship as well as spending extra time with you lets her show off her positive qualities to impress you even more.

She makes her time available for you, no matter what

Has she ever said she’s busy, only to flip back to saying she’s free the moment she knows you are too? This means she’s likely trying to signify to you that she’s available, preferably for a date! When a girl likes you, she wants to spend as much time with you as possible. She sees you as someone who makes her feel good, and she wants to continue that feeling by spending more time with you. Additionally, making herself available shows her interest in you and that she wants to take things further. Win!

She’s nervous or clumsy

When I start to like a guy, I want to impress him so much that I become really nervous around him, afraid to mess anything up! If a girl is continuously nervous or clumsy around you, it’s possible that she really likes you and feels shy or awkward around you as a result.

Now, this can happen for a few reasons – she might be worried about what you think of her or whether you like her back. She might also be afraid of rejection or of saying or doing something that would make her look silly in front of you. She’s probably overthinking things and getting herself worked up, leading to nerves and clumsiness. But this is undoubtedly a sign that she could be into you.

She always wants to know what’s going on in your life

If you find that she always asks you about what’s happening in your life, she likely wants to get to know you better. This is especially true if the two of you don’t often talk or don’t have much interaction until now. If you’re regularly sharing details about your life with her, it shows that you trust her and are comfortable confiding in her. This can be a significant sign of interest for girls, as they often feel more secure when they know they can rely on someone. When girls have feelings for someone, we want to know everything about them so we can get to know them more quickly. It’s a sure sign of interest!

She dresses up for you

Now, if you notice that she’s always looking top-notch when she’s around you, she most likely wants to look her best to impress you, make a good impression and catch your attention.

Or it could be that she enjoys dressing up and feels more confident when she looks her best. Whatever the reason, it’s a sign that she cares about making a good impression on you and wants you to think highly of her.

So, if you’re into her, there’s no harm in returning the favor and dressing yourself up! I’m sure she’ll appreciate the effort, and maybe it will even lead to something more.

You catch her gazing at you when she thinks you can’t see her

If you catch her continuously staring at you when she thinks you can’t notice, there are usually a few reasons for this.

First, she may admire your appearance and secretly hope you’ll notice her back. Another possibility is that she’s trying to gauge your interest level by seeing how you react when you catch her looking at you. If you react positively and smile at her, this could signal to her that you are interested.

Of course, there could be other reasons she’s staring at you too. She may be lost in thought or daydreaming about something else entirely; we’ve all been there before! But if you happen to catch her looking at you on more than one occasion, it’s worth considering that she may have feelings for you and find you lovely to look at.

Try smiling or making eye contact if you see her staring at you. This should let her know that you’re open to talking with her, and hopefully, she’ll take the opportunity to approach you.

She makes an effort to contact you when you’re away

Have you ever been at home alone only to check your phone and see multiple messages from her? If you find that a girl always texts, calls, facetimes, or anything you when you’re away from her, it may be because she misses your company and wants to stay in touch as much as possible.

She wants you to know that she’s interested and wants your attention. She may also be trying to gauge your level of interest in her – if you’re responsive and engage in conversation, she’ll likely take that as a good sign that you’re interested too, and maybe even ask you out!

She tries to make you jealous

Has a girl ever shown signs that she’s interested in you, only to turn around and talk to another guy? Maybe she’s trying to test your interest in her or see if you’ll pay more attention to her when she’s around other people.

If she sees you get jealous when she talks to other guys, you must like her and care about what she does. It could also be that she’s feeling insecure and wants to know that you still like her even when other people are around.

Whatever the reason, it’s always best to ask for clarification to avoid any extra drama.

She confides in you when she’s sad

If a girl always reaches out to you when she’s sad or going through a rough time, it’s because she feels like she can trust you with her feelings and that she can rely on you for support.

She likely sees you as someone who cares about her and wants to help her through tough times, and when we like someone, we want to be close to them during those times more than anyone else. She may see you as a trustworthy confidante whom she can rely on for support and understanding.

Additionally, she may feel comforted by your presence and find it easy to open up to you about what she’s going through. No matter the reason, she likely feels something towards you, and tough times can bond two people together.

She gives you her undivided attention when you speak to her

If you notice that a girl always gives you her full attention when you speak to her, it’s a good sign that she likes you. She’s trying to show you that “hey, I’m interested in you and everything you have to say” and trying to make a good impression. Alternatively, she may feel nervous or shy around you and wants to ensure that she’s giving off the best possible vibes!

She tells her friends and family about you

The only times I’ve told my friends and family about guys I like is when I really think he’s something special and can see a possible relationship with him. So, if a girl’s friends and family positively know about you, this is an excellent sign that she has feelings for you!

The reason why a girl might tell her friends and family about you is that she wants to gauge their reaction to see if they approve of you. Their opinions likely matter much to her, and she wants to see how they respond.

She may seek advice from them on how to proceed with the relationship, or she may be excited about you and wants to share her good news with those closest to her.

She compliments you a lot

f you find that she compliments you regularly, even out of nowhere, it’s probably because she likes you and wants you to know it. Compliments are one way to do that, and she may hope you’ll reciprocate the compliments and build a mutual admiration between you. She’s attracted to you and wants to let you know!

She makes it clear to you that she’s single and available

Has she mentioned that she’s so very single around you more than once? If a girl always talks about how single she is, how lonely she is, or how she’s always free on the weekends, it may be because she wants to test your interest level and see if you’re interested in dating her. She may be worried that you’re not interested in her because you’re unaware she’s available.

Or she may want to let you know that she’s open to dating you, so there’s no confusion down the road. If I were you, I’d take this as an opportunity to ask her out and see what she says!

She’s comfortable around you

Now, only some people are shy or clumsy when they like someone (like me). Sometimes if a girl likes you, she will feel incredibly comfortable around you because you make her feel safe. She knows that you are someone she can trust and that you will never hurt her. If a girl likes you, she will probably be more comfortable around you than someone she doesn’t have those feelings for. This feeling of safety is essential in any romantic or platonic relationship, so this is a great start!

She asks for your help with easy tasks

Has she ever asked you for your help, again and again, for what seems to be the simplest of tasks? If a girl consistently asks you for help with tasks you know she can do herself, she likely wants to spend more time with you. By asking for your help, she is creating an opportunity for conversation and bonding between you two.

She may test your willingness to help her out, as this might be a quality she searches for in a potential romantic partner. If you are happy to comply with her requests, it will signal that you care about her and are interested in being there for her.

Whatever the reason, if a girl asks for your help, it is always best to lend a helping hand!

Kiara Taylor