50 Best Hinge Prompts for Guys

    50 Best Hinge Prompts for Guys

    Everyone wants love, right? Someone you look forward to coming home to and cuddle with at night.

    Now Hinge is here for you gentlemen to ease the dating process. Hinge is an online dating platform that’s sweeping the nation. With their slogan “designed to be deleted.” Their focus isn’t hookups but instead to form lasting relationships. When setting up your account you will have to pick out three prompts. This feature gives you predetermined topics to get ideas to start an interesting narrative about your suave self. These prompts can make or break your profile and when done right could help you attract women. Want to seem deep, sensitive, witty, funny on your profiles? Check out these awesome prompt ideas that do just that!

    Be funny and creative:

    Right now I’m looking for… “ my keys but finding a date wouldn’t hurt.”
    With a prompt response like this women often enjoy men with a sense of humor on your profile you will look like a fun guy with a splash of honesty will make you seem more open and vulnerable.

    My greatest strength is… “I’m an open book. You can find me at anytime book store, in the romance section, on the shelf. “
    Fun and flirty responses may make someone smile. intrigue them to want to get to know you better and keep the conversation going and break the ice.

    Dating me is like… “ getting a rescue dog that licks your face and eats all your leftovers. “
    This one is Funny, cute and paints a picture. A picture of you as a dog, because who doesn’t love a cute rescue dog.

    My most controversial opinion… “ is that pineapple BELONGS on pizza!” So pick your side. Funny but shows something you actually like takes a possibly very serious prompt and turns it witty. Makes a difficult prompt into a potential conversation starter or heated debate. Depending what side of the fence you’re on.

    Together we could… “ fall in love? First comes love? then comes marriage? Then we discuss the baby in the baby carriage?”
    Now this is a take on the childhood rhyme we all know but with a twist. We should all ask a lady before we assume anything right? Shows you’re open to commitment and that you can discuss it lightheartedly.

    I bet you can’t…”lick your elbow” or “tell me something about myself just by looking at me”
    This one’s just meant to be silly and disarming and show that you can be playful. How funny would it be if they’ve never heard this and actually try lick their own elbow. The second one is insightful and creative give her a chance to make some inferences about you. It’s fun to hear what people’s first impressions are.

    Weirdest gift I’ve ever received… “a used cat toy, and i don’t have a cat. “ this one is just funny and unique provides insight into your life. Please remember you can change these around to something that actually fits for you.

    Unusual skills… “ride a unicycle” “tie a cherry stem with my tongue” just be honest here that’s what women want for you to open up. Express yourself showing that you have something interesting and different about you. Could be funny or just unique to make you stand out. Catch the attention and then start that first conversation.

    I’m looking for… “Love in all the wrong places, looking for love in too many faces” These song lyrics that are probably factual about your life are funny. Capable of eliciting a smile maybe even a chuckle. You want to humanize yourself and show some personality

    I want someone who… “looks at me like same way as I do chocolate cake.” Who doesn’t love chocolate cake and who doesn’t want someone to love them that much. Everyone can agree that they wish someone would love them as purely as people love their sweets.

    Put yourself out there:

    My love language is… “touch. I like to cuddle and hold hands.” Take a love language quiz online to know what your love language is. This is a way to show that you’re sensitive and willing to explore your emotions and be vulnerable

    On my bucket list….” Is to take you on a amazing date. “ shows that your serious about wanting to find a relationship. It’s sweet and truthful. Statements where you reference wanting to date her will most likely increase your likes and comments.

    We’re the same type of weird… “if you sing music in the shower and car at the top of your lungs. No matter who’s around” she can imagine you in the car or even better in the shower singing like a fool. Confidence and humor go a long way with the ladies.

    The key to my heart is… “my mother” sometimes simple and true is a powerful combination. Shows you have values and place importance on the people who mean the most to you. If your goal is to find someone and start a life. Guys, you should understand that women are emotion so they want to see that you have emotionally complex relationships in your life.

    Together we could… “buy a sailboat, learn to sail, and ride off into the sunset.” What a great way to showcase a romantic yet ambitious side that will have her thinking “wow, is he serious?” How exciting and fun to fantasize about the future and how you could possibly spend it. If she comments then maybe she’s open to the adventure of a potential relationship with you.

    I’m looking for… “someone who is loyal, kind, and dances in the rain.” Everyone just wants to find that one person they can trust and be themselves around. You want to be direct but show a deeper side to yourself and what you really want out of a potential partner.

    I want someone who… “faces their fears.” Everyone has fear and honesty can be very attractive. Women want men who will persevere in hard times. Majority ofmen and women don’t feel open to share their fears. Much less overcome them. Certainly if someone wanted you to face your fears they’d be giving support and strength. Proves you want the best for yourself and your future partner.

    My mantra is… “Do good and good things will happen” Showcase your values. Be the guy they can trust and depend on. Displays that you try and be a positive member of society. You believe in being the best you can be and that goes a long way with the ladies.

    Qualities I look for in a plus one for weddings dates… “a smart and funny date that I can make conversation with, meet my mother, and kill it on the dance floor to Mambo No. 5. Simple, cute, and funny guess who might be the whole package. This guy!

    I’m looking for… “Somebody to hold my hand during the scary parts of the movie.” Cute and humbling that a man would admit he’s afraid of scary movies. Most women find that very endearing that you would go to her for comfort when afraid.

    I bet you can’t: “ look at men the same after meeting me” this prompt shows confidence and can be intriguing. What about you is so much different than other men? Her curiosity can be piqued.

    I want someone who… “calls me out when I’m wrong” or “stands up for others“ prompts when answered like this display that you actively strive to be the best version of yourself. Always being honest about yourself is important. Everyone needs a little constructive criticism to grow.

    A Green flag I look for… “ a good relationship with your dog.” Clever yet has deeper meaning. Dogs are good judges of character. They’re also a big responsibility. Is her dog is happy, well taken care of, and behaves?This could also bring some insight into
    what kind of person she is when she responds to this.

    Clever and unique:

    A shower thought I had recently…”does calling it a button up shirt instead of a button down make me optimist” When doing these prompts try to find ways to make you seem likable and that you put some thought and effort it’s important to remember that being positive and confident never hurts.

    Biggest date fail… “date went well, we go to kiss goodnight and I tripped and headbutted her in the mouth.” Sharing an embarrassing moment can make you seem more approachable and authentic.

    Worst idea I ever had… “tried to swat a bee while driving down the highway.” Similar to the last prompt on our list it’s kind of embarrassing but more funny. She can imagine you have a sense of humor if that’s the worst idea you’ve ever had.

    Worst fad I participated in…” jelly bracelets. So many jelly bracelets.” This one is just plain funny and relatable if you were born in the 90s then you probably would remember those silly bracelets everyone wore.

    I’m weirdly attracted to… “women with book collections” it’s better to use something non-physical so that you don’t seem superficial. Beauty is important but what’s inside is most important.

    The most spontaneous thing I’ve ever done… “went skydiving on a whim.” Let them know you like to try new things. Highlight your fun and adventurous side.

    One thing I’ll never do again… “go skydiving on a whim.” If you pair this prompt with the last one it’s sure to elicit a smile at the very least. You can like to try things that scare you some.Seeing someone face their fears is attractive.

    This year I really want to… “Go on an all expenses paid cruise with you” She can imagine what an generous and doting man you’ll be in a relationship.
    Take the initiative to make her think how cool her life could be with you in it.

    A fact about me that surprises people… “I have a sixth toe” find something about yourself that is unique or something you don’t think anyone would think you’ve done or do.

    The dorkiest thing about me… I can tap dance well my mother made me take classes when I was younger. Tap dancing is dorky but do you know what’s not? A confident man who is comfortable enough with his masculinity that he can tell potentially embarrassing things about yourself upfront.

    I won’t shut up about… “global warming and renewable energy .” Simple and direct response to tell something you’re passionate about whether it be the planet or your favorite sports team make this specific to you and your passions.

    My self care routine is… “ Wake up. Brush your hair and put a little make up. Hide the scars to fade away the shakeup.” Just to be funny and unique threw this one in there. It’s the lyrics to a rock song but they might not catch it at first so it’s clever.

    A quick rant about… “when McDonalds will bringing back the McRib again. It’s been forever and I miss it so much. Why McDonald’s! “ Rants really aren’t cool unless it’s a joke or witty sarcasm. You can make her laugh and get a comment with this original prompt. Spice it up however you like.

    I’m convinced that… “We’re really an alien species that was dropped off here 200,000 years ago and left as a social experiment. “We can use prompts like this one to say something about yourself. So whether they’re being serious or joking the prompt makes you think. You might start an interesting conversation.

    I recently discovered that: “Adult cats only meow at humans, not other cats. Kittens meow to their mother, but once they get a little older, cats no longer meow at other cats..” Fun facts can make you seem knowledgeable and interesting. You can also use this prompt for self discovery. “I recently discovered that the man who raised me was not my father” this shows emotional insight into your life.

    Teach me something about… “your zodiac sign, I’m curious to see if they align with you.”This allows you to show curiosity and a willingness to learn, which can be quite attractive qualities. It also encourages the reader to engage by sharing their own knowledge or expertise.

    Two truths and a lie… i once had dinner with a celebrity, I’ve been skydiving seven times, I’ve lived in the same house my entire life.”This prompt is one of my favorites and let me tell yo why. This prompt gives so much information and it’s super interactive. A fun little game to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Definite conversation starter.

    We will get along if… “you love the outdoors.” When making your profile you want to chose prompts that tell a little about yourself. Women love when men know what they want and like. This prompt can help you find someone with similar interests.

    When making your hinge profile it’s important to make sure that the prompts you pick end up doing the work for you. There’s Two categories of prompts that are more successful: those that help you find what you’re looking for, and those that help you express yourself. Take your time and really think about your answers. This could be how you meet your soul mate eventually. It’s best to just be authentic and have fun with it. If you’re a funny guy then use your humor. If you’re more sensitive then use it. Play to your strengths. Use your weaknesses to show strength by being candid about who you are.