Everything You Need to Know About Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul 

Everything You Need to Know About Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul 

Have you heard the news? Jake Paul is going to fight Mike Tyson. Yes, the Mike Tyson who hasn’t fought in a professional match since 2005. How did this even become a reality? 

Jake Paul and Mike Tyson have known each other for about four years, first meeting at Tyson’s ranch in 2020. Paul’s first boxing match was also in 2020, and after he met Tyson, they threw the idea around of having a match. This match became a reality when Tyson and Paul announced they would hold a match. 

Critics were skeptical. After all, Mike Tyson is 31 years older than Jake Paul, and some people assumed the fight would be staged to prevent injury. Tyson and Paul disproved the staged fighting rumors when they registered for a professional fight with the TDLR.

Match Rules

Professional boxing matches have three minute rounds, but for Tyson and Paul’s match, their rounds will be two minutes. They’ll fight for eight rounds. 

Tyson and Paul will fight with 12 oz gloves. These are heavier than the professional standard, and will make the boxers’ punches less powerful.

In order to protect the athletes, boxing rules dictate that punches “below the belt”, in the back of the head and neck, and in the kidneys are illegal. 

Neither boxer will wear headgear, despite the risk of Tyson’s age. 

Tyson or Paul will win the match by scoring well with the judges or a knockout.

Tyson and Paul’s contracts are not available to the public, but they could be well into the millions. 

When is the Match?

The match will be held on November 15, but it was first scheduled for July 20. Why was it rescheduled?

Well, an “ulcer flareup” forced Tyson to move the match date, because his doctor said he needed to take a break from training. Tyson is back to training now, and is ready to win the upcoming match, saying “Different date, same fate. I’ma knock out Jake Paul.”

Mike Tyson Training 

Tyson talked about his training regimen in a Forbes interview, saying that he’s “training three times a day,” working on his “diet, health, agility.” On Instagram, he shared with followers training clips that give followers a glimpse into how he’s preparing for this fight.

Jake Paul Training   

Paul is also training hard for this fight. He shared on his podcast that he’s sparring heavyweights to practice fighting boxers like Tyson. Paul is also analyzing Mike Tyson’s extensive boxing career. This is an advantage Paul hasn’t had when fighting his other opponents, and he believes Tyson  “has a pretty straightforward technique to counter him.”

Where Can I Watch?

Netflix will livestream the match from AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. If you want to attend in person, the average ticket costs $248. A Netflix subscription is the cheaper option, and viewers can watch from anywhere. 


At its heart, the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul match confronts the question of whether youth or experience will win.

Sportsline analyst Brandon Wise predicts that Jake Paul will emerge victorious- he’s betting on youth, but fans are leaning the other way.

A poll on Paul’s Instagram shows that 72% of respondents think Mike Tyson will win by K.O., and 84% think Tyson will win in general. They have confidence in Tyson’s skill and experience.

 Poll from Jake Paul’s Instagram account

At the end of the day, we won’t know the results of this fight until it happens. The world waits, weighing the odds, and wonders whether youth or experience will come out on top. Tune in on November 15 to find out! 

Alayna Leestma