50 Halloween Pickup Lines

    50 Halloween Pickup Lines

    Looking for Halloween pickup lines? Halloween only comes round once a year, but that makes the occasion all the more thrilling. This is a time for getting dressed up in costumes designed to frighten, but also excite. Witches in fishnet stockings … Zombies with red eyes blazing with lust … Trick or treating has never been so charged with the potential for close encounters of the erotic kind!


    Here are 40 chat-up lines to inspire you to start flirting.


    The Best Halloween Pickup Lines

    halloween pickup lines

    1. I wish we really were vampires … the thought of nibbling your neck is irresistible! 

    2. If I was a werewolf I wouldn’t wait for the full moon. I’d ravish you anytime. 

    3. You must be a powerful witch. I sense the potent love spell you’ve just cast over me. 

    4. Let’s watch a horror movie, snuggle together, then wait for the jump scares to leap into each other’s arms. 

    5. Imagine being Egyptian Mummies entombed together. We’d have the bandages ripped off each other within 5 minutes.

    6. If I was Frankenstein’s monster, I wouldn’t need an electrical storm to burst into life. I’d just imagine the sparks we could create.

    7. Have you seen Candyman, who appears when his name is repeated three times? Invite me to your bedroom. Say Randy man, Randy man, Randy man. Then see what happens.

    8. Trick or treat? Forget the tricks, let’s treat ourselves to a wild night of passion.

    9. If we were vampires, I wouldn’t fear the sunrise. I’d insist we stayed hidden under the duvet.

    10. Vampires spread the curse by biting each other’s tender places. I want you to curse me all over!

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    11. Do you believe in love at first sight? I prefer the idea of lust at first bite!

    12. Are you looking for spine-tingling fun? Let’s try spine massaging instead … then move way past the spine …

    13. This is the night everyone screams with fright … Why don’t you and I aim for screaming with passion?

    14. You give me goosebumps all over. If you don’t believe me, we could find somewhere private and I’ll show you.

    15. If you were a witch, I’d love to share your broomstick … I’d hold on really tight.

    16. Halloween is a time for having fun in costumes. We could have even more fun once we’ve wriggled out of them.

    17. Tonight’s the night for horny red devils. Let me know the moment you’re feeling horny, red, or devilish.

    18. I’d like to make like a spider and wrap you up in my web … then unwrap you again … very slowly …

    19. I can’t wait for it to get dark. We’ll have the perfect excuse for getting especially touchy and feely.

    20. I wish I had a crystal ball. I’m sure I’d see you and I in there. Enjoying breakfast tomorrow …

    21. Halloween is associated with howling at the moon … at least that’s what the neighbours might assume is happening …

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    22. I’ve not crept into many crypts lately, but I wouldn’t mind tip-toing into your bedroom …

    23. I don’t care if you look undead. Your figure is unreal and you’ve got right under my green skin …

    halloween pickup lines

    24. I think animal rights is a worthy cause. So let’s unleash our inner beasts …

    25. Cannibals are obviously creepy. But would you mind if we at least sucked each other’s lips?

    26. You bring out my inner Dracula. When I see exposed flesh, I have to count to 10 to resist the urge to sink my fangs in.

    27. If we were to spend the night in a haunted house, I’d suggest finding the master bedroom … a four-poster bed would take our mind off ghosts …

    28. Ghouls relish the taste of human flesh. Can I add you to my menu?

    29. The Day of the Dead is a popular festival in Mexico. Let’s start our own version. The Night of the Passionate.

    30. Come to my door when you’re trick or treating. I’ll prepare a trail of candy for you to follow … all the way up the stairs … into my bedroom.

    31. Female vampires are supposed to terrify. Plunging necklines and ample cleavages. Insatiable desires and driven by lust. Sounds more like a turn on!

    32. That look you’re going for? The walking dead? More like the walking drop dead gorgeous …

    33. We’re supposed to have an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other. Let’s give our angels the night off and let our devils make all the arrangements.

    34. You know the saying, ‘see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?’ Tonight I see spooky costumes, hear lots of partying, and boy do I want to talk dirty to you!

    35. Let’s cosy together in the darkness until the sun rises. Your lair or mine?

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    36. I don’t care if your witch’s potion contains eyes of bats and tails of newts. If it’s a powerful aphrodisiac, I’m in …

    37. I sense blood when you’re near … I don’t want to drink any … I’m just loving the way you make my blood pressure rise.

    38. They say the full moon drives people ‘loopy.’ I don’t need any celestial object to make me mad for you!

    39. How about opening your book of spells at G? G for guaranteed to make someone fall madly in love with you!

    40. Let’s form an unholy trinity. You. Me. And a bottle of blood red wine to toast our fiendish union.

    41. You drive me wilder than a werewolf who’s just singed his fur.

    42. I want to serenade you by moonlight. And I promise I’ll put a smile on your face until daylight.

    43. According to myths, humans can turn into many different creatures at Halloween. But all you do is turn me on.

    44. You’ve got my heart beating faster than a belfry full of frantic bats.

    45. Werewolves can only be stopped by a silver bullet. If I was one, a silver machine gun couldn’t keep me from ravishing you.

    46. Because vampires don’t cast a reflection, they have no need for mirrors. You don’t need one either – but that’s because you couldn’t look any more perfect.

    47. If a witch cast a spell that transformed us into frogs, you could hop onto my back and we’d find a secluded pond and make tadpoles.

    48. Halloween comes around but once a year. How about we kindle a romance that lasts until the next one?

    49. You’re dressed to kill tonight. I’d like to volunteer to be your willing victim.

    50. How would you like to gatecrash a Halloween party at my place? I promise I’ll give you my full attention – I haven’t invited anyone else! 

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